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How to integrate a design floor lamp into your interior decoration

Design floor lamp is one of those lights that can be intimidating. How can you be sure that you will choose a model that you like, but that will also please your guests, friends, relatives? How to choose a style that will harmoniously add to your interior decoration? Is it a good idea to choose a designer lamp? One thing is certain, your design floor lamp will add an original touch to your living or commercial space. Here are our tips to guide you during your purchase on our online store.

What is a design luminaire?

Generally speaking, a luminaire is categorized as design when it has a minimalist appearance. Its appearance, modern, clean and elegant brings a feeling of luxury. As for the name "floor lamp", it refers to a light source supported by a vertical pole or rod mounted on a base to be placed on the ground. Finally, it projects direct or diffused light from above. You can also choose a tripod lamp!

Returning to the base of the lamp post, there is no shortage of materials:

- Metal ;

- Fiber ;

- Glass ;

- Ceramics ;

- Crystal ;

- Plastic

Whether you want to place it in your living room, dining room, or even your office, the design floor lamp contains an innovative, artistic touch, all confirmed by a careful finish. Imagine the effect that a beautiful wood design lamp or black design lamp could have on your guests!

Designer Tripod Floor Lamp

The different types and styles of floor lamps

Nowadays, the floor lamp comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. Among them, you will find your design floor lamp or LED design street lamp, of course. The most popular products we can find here are ..:

Traditional floor lamp: this kind of lamp is equipped with a lampshade and the whole is mounted on one stand.

Work Lamp: It is flexible, so it can be adjusted according to your needs. It is usually used for reading, working on a computer, etc.

Swivel Arm Lamp: Its flexible arm can be adjusted and positioned at different angles.

Design Arch Lamp: This model comes with a long curved arm attached to the base. It can also contain several other arches that can reproduce the effect of a ceiling lamp.

The modern mid-century floor lamp: this interior lighting fixture features clean lines and design.

The minimalist floor lamp: contemporary model par excellence, it is presented with neutral colors. It is appreciated for its great functionality, while its appearance is rather discreet.

Floor lamp torch: this table lamp provides upward lighting. It is used as ambient lighting or accent lighting.

How to buy a design floor lamp?

Here, the real question is "how to buy a designer living room lamp properly". Here are the elements to take into consideration to buy your light on our online store:

- Brightness: choose the bulb of your indoor design floor lamp by referring to the number of lumens delivered, this information is automatically indicated for each product.

- Its dimensions: the base, the stem and the lampshade. Use the filters on our website to find the perfect design lamp!

- Variability: with or without switch, dimmable or not.

- The shape: with or without shade, cylindrical, round, tube, again, use our filter!

Where should I place my design LED street lamp?

The design indoor floor lamp can be used in almost any room of the house! Living room, dining room, bedroom, reading corner, office, add a modern, clean and artistic touch without losing the aesthetics of your home!

Before buying your design lamp on a stand, check out its use:

- For ambient lighting (the general lighting of a room) ;

- Work lighting (reading or using a laptop) ;

- Accent lighting (highlighting a work of art or a specific part of your living room)

Our professional advice

Attention, in general, floor standing lamps should not be used in wet areas such as bathrooms, terraces, balconies, etc.

Designer pedestal floor lamp

What is a good size of design living room lamp?

The resulting lighting will depend on the height and dimension of your design floor lamp.

Thus, for ambient lighting, your design floor lamp should be high enough, so that the lighting is evenly distributed.

For work lighting, choose a floor lamp with adjustable rigor, so that the height of the base can be lowered when necessary.

How many lamp post per room?

In very large spaces, you can put two or more lamp posts at either end of the room. Don't hesitate to distribute your design lamp posts until you get the desired effect.

Fill up unused space in small rooms, for example, the bedroom, with a floor lamp!

Whether you are looking for salon design lamp, Italian design lamp, or cheap design lamp, our staff is ready to answer all your questions. By phone, email, we are here to help you find the perfect living room lamp!