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The industrial floor lamp, a raw, vintage and modern luminaire at the same time!

The working class world of the early 20th century has not said its last word. So much so that it inspires designers of interior decoration. The industrial floor lamp was born directly from this movement, recognizable by its raw materials and sober colors. A true plunge into the past, this interior lighting fixture has a raw, trendy and modern charm at the same time.

What is industrial style in general?

The industrial style describes a decor with millimetre lines, without frills, reminiscent of warehouses, factories and other industrial structures. It is stripped down to bare brick, metal and wood, as well as reclaimed and recycled materials such as thick shipping ropes.

Today, as environmental preservation has become everyone's business, furniture has gained in popularity. Resistant to wear and tear, they include a large portion of recycled materials. Thus, your industrial floor lamp will create an atypical, customized, unique interior decoration.

industrial floor lamp

5 good reasons to choose an industrial floor lamp

An element of interior decoration in its own right

The industrial floor standing lamp is atypical enough to have a significant impact on the visual appearance and atmosphere of a room. It finds its place by being the center of attention in the space, be placed in a dark corner or light up by being placed next to a sofa in the living room or an armchair.

Our online store offers you to discover a wide range of street lamps of this particular style to customize your interior and get off the beaten track! The trick is to choose a lamp in accordance with the style or color of your furniture or the layout of the room to be lit. For example, you will choose a wooden lamp for a marine spirit decor or a black and gold metal design for a lounge atmosphere.

To soften the lighting in the room

By choosing, for example, an industrial-style floor lamp with a lampshade, you will be able to create soft, practical lighting, for example, in the living room when watching TV. This way you can leave it on, since it won't dazzle!

As a reading lamp

By lighting down, your industrial floor lamp will provide localized lighting, perfect for reading. Place it next to an armchair or sofa, lampshade at eye level for comfortable reading.

To improve lighting in dark areas

The industrial floor lamp is a playground for designers, so much so that some models are expressly delivered without lampshade! These models are ideal for lighting the dark corners of a room with an unusual shape! Such lighting will enlarge the space while creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To participate in the luminous mesh of a room

Optimal lighting is composed of several layers, and industrial floor lamp can be one of them.

Small reminder of the three main layers of lighting :

- Mood lighting (for general brightness) ;

- Task Lighting (to illuminate you while you perform certain tasks) ;

- Accent lighting (more focused on the aesthetics of the area)

Consider the industrial lamp as an extra layer of lighting to brighten up the room. It will, for example, complement a light source focused downwards in a work area.

The industrial lamp on stand, a timeless luminaire!

It can be difficult these days to find a light fixture that is different enough to compose a personalized interior design, original enough to stand out from the standard designs found everywhere. The industrial luminaire is the perfect light source to not only illuminate, but also beautify a room. In the same spirit, it is solid enough to last without losing its aesthetic and visual appeal.

More importantly, it finds its place in the living room as well as in the dining room or even the bedroom, by choosing the right model.

Industrial floor lamp

Easy to adjust industrial floor lamp

There is a tendency to believe that the industrial style luminaire is a fixed luminaire, difficult to adjust when it allows it. However, in reality, designers have made sure that this lighting source is on the contrary easily manipulated.

So if you want to temporarily adjust the height, for example, to use it as a reading lamp, simply unscrew the nuts on your luminaire. The same applies if you wish to tilt your luminaire, which can be done in just a few seconds, if you wish to focus the lighting on an area or an object.

Are there industrial LED street lights?

Buying an industrial floor lamp doesn't mean you have to accept that your electricity bill will skyrocket! Just buy the right LED light bulb to enjoy your light with peace of mind. There are enough models here, too, so you can enjoy efficient light output without compromising the aesthetics of your special design street lamp!