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45 € - 3630 €

Luminous flow

124 lm - 4750 lm

Remote control provided


2 w - 302 w


5 cm - 215 cm


60 cm - 400 cm


9 - 110


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Showing 1 - 46 of 46 items

LED Floor Lamp: the modern and energy-saving version of a timeless lighting fixture.

The LED street lamp is a pure product of technological innovations that we enjoy so much in our daily lives. This lighting fixture is also versatile enough to fit into most rooms in the home or even office. LED floor lamp, LED reading light, wood street lamp, with modern design, there is no lack of styles and shapes to add a unique touch to your interior decoration! Zoom in on this economical light source equipped with a lampshade, which certainly doesn't lack charm.

Living room LED floor lamp

Advantages of Stand LED Light

You are currently looking for the model of indoor lighting fixture you are going to buy on our online store and in front of the multitudes of options, you may be a little intimidated. Why not bid on a LED street light? This light source has many advantages:

Efficiency: LED technology is known to be economical, with power consumption reduced by 90% compared to an incandescent bulb. So it is only natural that your electricity bill will drop, even if you rely on a powerful LED street light!

Longevity: a LED light bulb can last up to 60,000 hours, compared to 1,500 hours for a standard light bulb. What if we tell you that your indoor LED street light can be used constantly for 7 years without needing to be replaced?

Solidity: LED lights are solid! Indeed, they are made from semiconductor material, which is much stronger than filament or even neon gas. Instead, your floor standing LED lamp comes with a bulb equipped with a tiny chip which is in turn inserted into an epoxy enclosure.

Safety: who has never burned their fingers by touching the surface of a traditional light bulb? As for the LED, it generates almost no heat, even if your LED stand light stays on for several hours at a time.

Environment: Being made of non-toxic materials, LED is also recyclable and its ultraviolet and infrared radiation is extremely low, so it is good for the environment!

Color: LED light bulbs are available in various colors, which can add a personalized touch to the interior decoration.

Versatility: LED provides focused lighting, perfect for specific tasks, such as reading, safety light in the toddler's room (think of LED dimmable street lamp), accent lighting, amplify general lighting, relax, create islands of light, and so on.

Comparative table of bulb longevity :




Compact Fluo


Service life

1000 hours

20,000 hours minimum



Number of months between each replacement at 4 hours of use per day





Time to consume 1 kWh

27 hours





What is the indoor LED street lamp used for?

Task Lighting or Spot Light: Whether you choose an inexpensive LED street light or a model with a higher budget, your light will create a soft and comfortable atmosphere. Whether you want to read in the evening or relax in your living room, you will appreciate its adaptability.

Easy installation: buy your design LED street lamp from our online store, mount it by following the instructions, and plug in! There is no need to call a certified professional, make holes in your wall and move it if you feel like it with a simple gesture.

A wide range of models are available: living room LED street lamp, LED street lamp with reading light, LED street lamp with dimmer ... choose the model that suits your needs and don't forget to play with the filter to find a model that suits your needs.

Aesthetic object: Indoor LED street lamp is undoubtedly a decorative element in its own right. Make room for creativity in your interior decoration by choosing an original design, for example, chrome steel or retro style.

An illusion of space: the indoor LED lamp being high up, it creates a sensation of elevation that virtually opens up the room. Since it illuminates at eye level, it balances and complements the brightness offered by wall and ceiling lights.

Inexpensive LED light: LED street lamp is a light that is inexpensive to purchase, install and maintain. In addition, its technology can make significant savings on electricity bill and is good for the environment. Generally speaking, LED lights have a significant impact on our habits while providing efficient lighting.

How to integrate a halogen street LED lamp into its interior decoration?

Indoor LED street lamp can be used almost anywhere in the house, except perhaps the bathroom. Here, it is about preserving everyone's safety, and for more information, please read our article on IP Protection Rating! As for the other rooms of the house, here are our tips :

Living room: imagine a designer LED street lamp, which will serve to brighten up the room. Place your light source in one of the corners of the room or next to the seats. If you want to illuminate a reading corner, provide enough space to place your LED lounge lamp next to a chair.

Dining Room: In this room, it is important not to obstruct the traffic around the table, so your street LED lamp should be placed in a corner. It will provide more general ambient light and help define the atmosphere.

The bedroom: In the bedroom, the floor lamp alone can provide ambient lighting, or it can be used as task lighting. If you like to read in bed, please consider the LED street lamp with reading light, which frees up the bedside table!

In the office: In the office, you need good general lighting while creating a more formal work environment. The LED street lamp perfectly fulfills this function, and at the same time, it is a pleasant, no-frills decorative element.

In the other rooms of the house: the lamp post may be versatile, but be careful to use it appropriately. For example, it will not go in a small laundry room, kitchen or hallway! Feel free to browse our online store to find other types of lighting fixtures that are more appropriate.

LED floor lamp

Our advice from the pros!

In the bedroom, make sure your floor lamp is at shoulder height so that you are not dazzled when you go to bed.

In the living room, choose a corner that does not impede free movement, especially if it is a tripod lamp. Ideally, place it near the sofa, in one of the corners of the room, or between the furniture, to add subtle but present lighting.