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Design Ceiling Lamp: buy this light online!

If you're looking for a designer ceiling light, why not buy it online, without leaving home? At Côté Lumière, we offer you a wide range of these unique, modern, creative and resolutely out of the ordinary lighting fixtures. Find the model that will catch the eye and embellish your interior decoration!

How to recognize a designer ceiling light?

Many models are presented under the heading "design ceiling light", but what exactly are they? How to recognize them?

Far from being a "bling bling" luminaire, this type of ceiling light is recognizable by the following features :

- Its sober design ;

- Its usefulness, as it is a light source that can be used in any room of the house, as illustrated, for example, by the living room design ceiling light ;

- Its durability, thanks to the use of noble and solid materials, such as the design wood ceiling lamp

Is there a design LED ceiling lamp?

Designer Ceiling Light

Good news if you are looking for both designer ceiling light and energy saving light: now, thanks to LED technology, you can combine the two! In fact, it is also thanks to LED technology that we can now find linear and refined ceiling lights, which could be called futuristic.

In which room should a designer ceiling fixture be installed?

The designer ceiling light is a relatively versatile indoor lighting fixture! Living room, bathroom, bedroom, it can be installed in the rooms where you spend the most time.

In the living room: imagine a beautiful designer living room ceiling light as a main lighting guide. In such a case, consider installing at least two other fixtures, one as task lighting and one as accent (or decorative) lighting. This will create a balanced light grid in which your design ceiling light will act as a decorative element.

Our professional advice

The light intensity will also depend on the design of the housing. For example, if it partially covers the bulb, it will reduce the lighting. Please take the time to choose your design LED light from our online store to purchase the perfect light source!

In the bedroom: After the living room, the bedroom is probably one of the preferred rooms to accommodate a designer LED ceiling light. To add an intimate touch, why not opt for a beautiful designer ceiling light with a fabric shade, which will soften the lighting naturally by delivering warm white light? For a more refined and modern atmosphere, you can also choose a beautiful Italian design ceiling lamp.

In the bathroom: here, in addition to the design ceiling lamp model that you will choose, take care to respect the protection zones of this humid room! As this is a damp room, the electrical installation and the lighting fixtures must comply with current safety standards. Therefore, you should choose a designer bathroom ceiling lamp with a minimum protection class (IP) of IP44, i.e. protected against solid objects larger than 1mm and protected against splashing water in all directions. This protection rating will increase as your fixture gets closer to the bathtub or shower enclosure.

Our article "IP protection in detail" tells you all about it!

Design ceiling light in the office

This type of luminaire definitely has its place in the office! To add a minimalist touch, opt for a very sober model, which literally embodies the term "design". Choose a neutral white light to match the professional atmosphere.

Read our article "What are lighting color temperatures? "to create the perfect atmosphere with your LED ceiling light according to your desires, needs or interior design!

Which design ceiling light model should I choose?

In front of the multitude of models, it is quite normal to feel a little intimidated. Here are our tips to help you choose:

Choose a designer wood ceiling light if you want to create a warm colonial atmosphere and a decor in the same spirit. Be careful, wood can also bring a Nordic touch in the Scandinavian style, minimalist and modern at the same time.

Choose a design LED ceiling lamp with glass shade if you opt for a minimalist decoration. This type of light is very suitable for the kitchen, especially if the room is equipped with stainless steel furniture and the latest appliances.

Go for a golden design if your interior design tends towards lighter tones. The matte metal of the stems brings a touch that could be described as rustic without looking like industrial style!

Is the design LED ceiling lamp reliable?

If you are still hesitating between halogen or incandescent design ceiling lamp and LED model, the LED model has many advantages:

- Actively participates in the preservation of the environment, as it is more sustainable and highly recyclable ;

- A lower power consumption compared to conventional bulbs, without losing brightness;

- Unparalleled durability ;

- No warm-up time for the bulb, so immediate lighting;

- High quality lighting that can be modulated to create the atmosphere you want for your room.

Is the design ceiling light dimmable?

Ceiling light manufacturer

Often you want to be able to increase or decrease the lighting according to your needs, your mood or the activity in a room. Good news once again, there are dimmable design ceiling lights, i.e., they can be dimmed.

Remember to check if this option is present before buying your ceiling lamp on our online store. To help you find it quickly, simply use the filter on the left side of the page!

Important: If you choose a dimmable model, also consider buying a dimmer, to be installed in place of the original switch.

Côté Lumière will accompany you before, during and after your purchase!

Any further questions about salon design ceiling lamp, black design ceiling lamp, or any other model? Our team assists you by phone and email to answer your questions about models, manufacturers, dimmability of products sold on our online store!