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Tips for buying an industrial ceiling light online

If you are looking for information on how to purchase your industrial ceiling lamp, you have come to the right place. In general, industrial lighting is appreciated by those who love the simple and robust designs of factories and other industrial spaces of yesteryear. Made from strong and durable materials, these fixtures can be integrated into modern interior decorations, as well as country or marine environments.

How to recognize the industrial style?

Industrial style

Originally, industrial luminaires had only one vocation: to be functional. If today they are integrated into our interior lighting systems, they were certainly not intended to be eye-catching or even intentionally durable.

Traditionally, the industrial style in lighting leaves a lot of room for steel, but also for wood with dark shades. It is also recognizable by this impression of unfinished or reused. Add to this the often exposed or caged bulbs, metal elements, visible and screwed connection points without embellishments, as were the machines of the time.

What is an industrial style ceiling light?

The industrial ceiling light is characterized by its rounded or hat-shaped lampshade. It also displays matte or patinated colors or finishes. While the term "industrial" may raise some questions, this style generally fits many interior styles, from the chic country look, to the purely industrial style, to the Nordic interior design, where it will interrupt the general atmosphere in a nice way.

Advantages of industrial ceiling light vs. industrial spotlight

If you hesitate between, for example, a beautiful wood industrial ceiling light and a suspension lamp, here is why the first light can be a relevant choice:

- The industrial ceiling fixture is fixed to the ceiling, which is space-saving, for example, compared to a floor lamp ..;

- The largest model can measure up to 40 cm in height against 20 cm for non-industrial models ;

- You will not see any suspended wire coming out of your ceiling, this type of ceiling light was fixed directly to the ceiling ;

- If you or the members of your household are tall, don't be careful not to hit your head with your light source!

- As for the industrial spotlight, it is embedded in the ceiling;

- It requires that you drill a hole in which you will integrate the body of the spotlight.

Can a wood industrial ceiling light be used as main lighting?

The three luminous layers

Each room must have a minimum of three light sources:

- A main ceiling light to illuminate the whole room ;

- Task lighting, which will focus on the work areas ;

- Atmospheric lighting, for example, to create a pleasant atmosphere.

The industrial ceiling light can be used as main lighting!

Contrary to what one might think, the ceiling light is a powerful luminaire, capable of illuminating the room homogeneously for several good reasons:

- It is fixed to the ceiling, so it dominates the room;

- This type of luminaire is generally open, allowing a better distribution of light in all angles;

- Without a lampshade, it can light over a large radius.

Thus, you can perfectly use it for the main lighting of your bedroom, kitchen or living room, dining room, etc. You can also opt for a beautiful industrial bathroom ceiling lamp, provided of course that you comply with the safety standards for wet areas.

For the bathroom, choose a specific ceiling recessed LED spotlight. You guessed it, it is waterproof, corrosion resistant and less likely to create short circuits over time. Our article "IP Protection Rating in Detail" will tell you more about it!

Is the industrial ceiling fixture a design fixture?

In spite of its raw, matt appearance, this type of luminaire does not lack charm, far from it! A true decorative element, it is generally an eye-catcher. Imagine the effect that a vintage industrial ceiling light or even a black industrial spotlight could have on your guests!

Where to fix an industrial spotlight?

When it comes to the ceiling light, there is no size rule, either in height or width: it can go in any room of the house! Industrial kitchen ceiling lamp, industrial bathroom ceiling lamp, the range of models is wide enough to find the model that will dress your interior in all elegance, without overdoing it.

Go further by choosing this light source for your hallway, stairwell, entrance, etc., areas where chandeliers, wall lights and pendants can hinder passage if they are too narrow!

How to buy an industrial ceiling light online?

Industrial Lighting

At Côté Lumière we have thought of everything, including those looking for a specific industrial style ceiling light. Simply look at the left side of the page to find our filter. It allows you to choose your light fixture by sorting by color, price, material, base, switch, dimmability, shape, number of bulbs, diameter, manufacturer, etc...

Don't miss the "Advanced Search" option to scroll through other criteria!

Are there industrial LED ceiling lights?

Looking for the industrial black ceiling light of your dreams, but in LED version? Good news, this technology is available for this type of lighting fixture. Indeed, since the decision of many countries to phase out incandescent bulbs and halogens in particular, LEDs will eventually become the standard.

Remember that LED technology is advantageous in many ways:

Efficiency: this technology is undeniably economical thanks to a power consumption reduced by 90% compared to a filament bulb. Your future black industrial ceiling light will lower your electricity bill quickly!

Longevity: LED light bulb can last up to 60,000 hours, compared to 1,500 hours for an incandescent bulb.

Solidity: LEDs are made from a semiconductor material, much stronger than filament or even neon gas.

Safety the LED generates almost no heat, even if your LED lamp is left on for several hours at a time.

Environment: The absence of toxic materials makes LEDs recyclable. In addition, its ultraviolet and infrared radiation is extremely low, so it is good for the environment!

Color: LED light bulbs are available in various colors, which can add a personalized touch to the interior decoration.

Versatility: LED provides focused lighting, perfect for specific tasks, such as reading, safety light in the toddler's room (think of LED dimmable street lamp), accent lighting, amplify general lighting, relax, create islands of light, and so on.

Côté Lumière answers all your questions

Questions about the black industrial ceiling light of your dreams? Need information about the industrial spotlight ramp? Côté Lumière's team will answer your questions before, during and after your purchase on our online store! By phone or email, we are here to assist you!