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Showing 1 - 60 of 546 items

Order a modern ceiling light online

A modern ceiling light is essential if you want to complete your new interior design or add a contemporary touch to your home. This luminaire is generally appreciated for its ability to serve as general lighting, taking care to complement it with other lamps for task and mood lighting. While waiting for you to find the model that suits you on our online store, Côté Lumière's team will guide you for a successful purchase.

In which room should a modern ceiling light be installed?

Adopt without hesitation the modern ceiling light for all the rooms of your home! Whether you are looking for a ceiling fixture for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, children's room, toilet, hallway or dining room, many models are available on our online store.

Since we are in the modern world, please let us convince you of our modern LED ceiling lamp. Durable, it provides maximum lighting while saving on your electricity bills. In addition, LED technology actively contributes to environmental protection by being highly recyclable.

Special note for wet rooms such as the bathroom. The safety standards require the use of specific fixtures for this type of place, so you will take care to choose a modern bathroom ceiling light with a minimum IP44 protection rating. This value increases as you get closer to direct sources of humidity, here is a table that will help you better choose your modern light fixture :

The first number expresses the level of tightness against solid bodies.


Zero protection


Protects against solid bodies larger than 50 mm


Protects against solid bodies larger than 12.5 mm


Protects solid bodies larger than 2.5 mm


Protects solid bodies larger than 1 mm


Protects against dust deposits


Dust proof


The second number expresses the level of tightness against liquid bodies.


Zero protection


Protected against falling water drops


Protected against waterfalls for a maximum inclination of 15°.


Protected against water falling in rain (maximum inclination of 60°)


Protected against water splashes


Protected against water jets


Protected against the sea


Protected against temporary immersion (up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes)


Protected against prolonged immersion


Protected against high pressure cleaning and steam cleaning


The description of each product in the category "modern ceiling lamp" contains an IP value that is important to consult!

Our article "IP protection in detail" tells you more about it!

How to fix a modern ceiling light to the ceiling?

You intend to buy a beautiful modern living room ceiling light or a modern kitchen ceiling light, but you are not comfortable with DIY or even electrical work. At Côté Lumière, all our lights are delivered with an assembly manual, which also indicates the dimensions.

In case of doubt or hesitation, don't hesitate to call upon a certified professional, who will not only take care of the electrical installation, but also the fixing of your contemporary ceiling light with a turn of a screw!

Is it necessary to drill a hole in the ceiling to fix a modern ceiling light?

Secure your modern ceiling light by fixing it securely to the ceiling with screws! To do this, yes, you will need to drill through the ceiling. Adhesives and other fixing products, including professional ones, are not designed to support this type of object over the very long term. We strongly advise you to choose the first option, which is to drill holes in the ceiling.

Which bulb for a modern ceiling light?

Will your future modern design ceiling lampor modern crystal ceiling lamp need a specific bulb model? We have thought of everything at Côté Lumière! Look for the word "base" in the description of each ceiling light on sale in our online store.

What is the best material for modern living room lighting?

Contemporary ceiling light

This question actually concerns any kind of modern ceiling light and we offer enough textures, materials, colors, shapes for you to find your happiness on our online store.

For an optimized purchase, use the filter located on the left side of the page and click on the "Materials" option to discover ceiling fixtures in aluminum, wood, ceramic, textile, glass, brass, etc...

Our advice from the pros

Prefer glass if it is a modern kitchen fixture.

As for textiles, they will find their place in dry rooms.

Wood can be a chic alternative to metal if you are looking for modern living room lighting.

Contact us!

At Côté Lumière, we strive to make your online purchase of modern ceiling lights a pleasant experience. If during your search you have any questions, need advice on choosing the right ceiling light, please contact us by phone or email and we will help you choose the perfect product!