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Wooden ceiling light: to create a warm and rustic atmosphere

The wooden ceiling lamp is the perfect light if you want to add a warm and rustic touch to your interior decoration. Be careful, the wood luminaire has not failed to follow the trends to be declined in contemporary models, with industrial, geometric designs, pure and beautiful lines at the same time. Make way for this material that will bring nature into your home, in any room of your home!

What are the different styles of wooden ceiling light?

Wooden ceiling lightLighting manufacturers do not lack imagination as you can see on our online store. Two concrete examples to give you a good idea of the question:

- The Scandinavian style wooden ceiling light is sober and very modern at the same time. With its natural and elegant spirit, it integrates perfectly into an interior decoration.

- As for the industrial wood ceiling light, it will create a contemporary, dynamic and rich atmosphere at the same time, without falling into the "old-fashioned" effect.

Where to install a wood luminaire?

Even today, wood is still considered a noble and trendy material. Given its natural origin, it brings an authenticity that may be missing in the modern interior design of an apartment or house.

If in the past wood occupied a practical position in the home, today, thanks to the many techniques developed by manufacturers, it has become a decorative element in its own right. Let's take the driftwood ceiling light as an example: with its rustic appearance, fixed to the ceiling, it will interrupt the general atmosphere to literally bring a sea breeze and make the eyes and imagination travel! The observation is the same for the rattan or bamboo ceiling light, which promises a total change of scenery without moving from your home...

Now imagine the wooden ceiling light in a general way and visualize the peaceful and cosy atmosphere that it will be able to create by simply being fixed, for example, in the middle of your bedroom, living room or dining room. Whether you opt for bamboo, raw or oiled wood, or whether you have a preference for an industrial wood ceiling light, this luminaire deserves all your attention!

Is it possible to install a wooden bathroom ceiling light?

Yes, there are compatible models for the bathroom, as they meet specific safety standards for wet areas.

In fact, for humid rooms such as bathrooms, safety standards require the use of luminaires with a minimum IP44 protection rating, protected from solid bodies larger than 1mm and protected against water splashes.

The higher the protection rating, the more the luminaire is sealed against external elements that could compromise the safety of the users of the premises!

More information in our article "IP protection in detail".

Electrical safety zones in the bathroom

Where can I find black and wood LED ceiling lamp online?

At Côté Lumière of course! Find the black and wood ceiling light in LED version. This technology owes its popularity to its many advantages:

- It will save you a lot of money on your electricity bills;

- It is very low consumption (up to 60 to 90% compared to conventional lighting);

- It has a long life span (more than 15,000 hours!) ;

- It has a very good resistance to on/off cycles;

- It is recyclable;

- It does not contain mercury, therefore, perfect for the preservation of the environment;

- There is no warm-up time to obtain maximum brightness;

- It is available in variable brightness format (also called dimmable, requiring the installation of a dimmer).

What is the difference between wood ceiling light and wood-look ceiling light?

Wood and metal ceiling lightLet's take the example of the wood-metal ceiling light: it will be mainly composed of natural wood and metal. Concerning the wood-look ceiling light, it will undoubtedly be a ceiling light whose surface has been covered with a layer imitating wood.

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