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Black Ceiling Light: Interior Design Ideas

Buying a black ceiling light online can be a source of apprehension, and that's perfectly normal! Indeed, how can this light, as beautiful as it is, fit into your interior decoration? How to fix it in such a way that it does not break the harmony between the furniture, the color of the walls, the floor and the objects scattered here and there? Is there a model with LED bulbs? Our advice to include this soft black light in your home.

How to integrate a black ceiling light in its interior decoration?

Ceiling light color black

Black is too often associated with negative feelings and events, so the choice of a black ceiling light can cause a lot of astonishment and questioning. Going beyond the usual clichés, we realize that this color is also synonymous with elegance. It is capable of creating a chic and modern atmosphere, even serene, if you have adopted a Japanese interior design.

Imagine the effect that a beautiful industrial black ceiling light or a black and wood ceiling light could have in your living room or even in your bedroom with its modern, uncluttered decor. This little dark touch will bring an elegant and controlled balance that you might not have thought of.

Matt, lacquered, shiny, if you choose for example a black metal ceiling light, your light will naturally match with warm tones, bohemian chic, geometric decorations.

For the kitchen, this same luminaire will serve as a graphic piece with a vintage spirit.

If you have decided to redo the lighting system in your room, it will elegantly interrupt your sober and cosy decor.

A black light for which style of decoration?

If your interior decoration is largely inspired by ethnic chic style

If your interior decoration is largely inspired by ethnic chic style, the black and wood ceiling light will add a soft and warm bohemian touch. The delivered lighting will then be soft, subdued and cosy, which will not distort the spirit brought by all your furniture and accessories.

The black ceiling light will allow you to draw attention to your carpets, furs, geometric prints, laces without playing the troublemaker.

If your interior decoration is inspired by Scandinavian style

If your interior decoration is inspired by Scandinavian style, this type of light will add character without imposing itself. Pure, with lines that are sometimes frank or mixed with wood, it will soften the sometimes hard edges of this style.

If your interior decoration is inspired by industrial style

It is undoubtedly in this style of interior decoration that this modern ceiling light will be able to play the biggest role of its existence! Contemporary as you wish, it will bring continuity to the different textures of the room as well as to its furnishings. Use our filter to find the perfect industrial black ceiling light!

How to fix a black ceiling light?

The answer is simple: just like any other ceiling light! It can be fixed to the ceiling, directly against the wall or suspended from a hook.

The necessary tools:

- One meter,

- A drill,

- A screwdriver,

- A stripping pliers,

- Cutting pliers,

- Rocking pegs

Steps to follow :

1.       Turn off the power in the room where you are going to work.

2.       Using the drill, make one or more holes (depending on the ceiling model), without going too far with the drill bit.

3.       Clean the dust off and drive in one rocker pin per hole. Ask a salesperson for advice on choosing the right toggle for the weight of your fixture and ceiling material.

4.       If you have chosen a model to hang, screw on the metal hook or the metal stud delivered with your black ceiling light.

5.       5. Open the wire access cover, then use the drill to drill the second hole into which you will insert the shank of the junction box.

6.       Pull the cable and cut it to the correct length according to the light source model and put the sheath into the housing.

7.       Strip 5 to 10 millimeters of the conductor wires and push them into the connectors.

8.       The color code is the following and standard: blue to indicate neutral and red to indicate phase. As for the yellow wire (the ground connector), it must not be connected to anything!

9.       Put the cover back on the box.

10.   Turn the power back on and test the installation.

This type of work requires practical knowledge of DIY and electricity. In their absence, entrust the installation of your ceiling light to a certified professional.

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Black ceiling light

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