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Outdoor spotlight, how to choose the right model of lamp to plant?

The outdoor spotlight is undoubtedly one of the easiest to use luminaires! Once unpacked, just plug it in (if required), plant it and use it: the garden spotlight works wonders. Zoom in on this light source that can be electric or solar, but above all it can be moved around as you wish in your outdoor space!

What are the safety standards for outdoor lighting?

Intended to equip the outside of your accommodation, each garden spotlight will have to scrupulously respect the official safety standards. It is therefore important to check the Protection Index (IP) of this type of material, which must be waterproof to solid and liquid bodies, as you will do for the lights in your bathroom. Discover our complete article on the Index of Protection (IP)!

How does an outdoor picket spot work?

The picket spot enjoys an unparalleled reputation among garden owners. This light source specially designed for outdoor use has many advantages:

- It beautifies the garden in the evening;

- It increases the level of safety for people by lighting paths and alleys;

- It features plants, trees and other decorative elements;

- It provides warm and welcoming lighting, perfect for summer evenings in the garden;

- It brings out the terrace by framing it with pretty luminous accents.

Are there outdoor LED spotlights to be connected to electricity?

Planting lamp

Yes, there are LED planter and plug-in lamps available, but they will tend to limit your movements in terms of garden design. It is imperative to have an outdoor plug and a cable long enough to reach it. Before purchasing your outdoor LED spotlight from our online store, please take the time to measure the distance between the area where you are going to plant the spotlight and the electrical outlet. This type of lighting fixture is perfect if your garden has a majority of shaded areas.

Are there solar powered outdoor LED spotlights?

Yes, there are models of solar-powered outdoor spotlights! These lights allow you to express all your creativity by placing them according to your desires and needs! However, take care to place them in non-shaded areas, so that their battery can recharge during the day.

Are there garden spotlights with motion detectors?

This option is perfect if you're looking for a light that only goes off when you pass by. Attention, not all models are delivered with this option, so we take care to indicate it on the products that are equipped with it.

Thanks to the motion detector, you will save energy while increasing security in your outdoor space.

Which bulb to choose for an outdoor spot?

Without hesitation, we advise you to choose a LED light bulb, which will save you money on your electricity bill, without losing in lighting quality!

Advantages of LED technology?

- Light comes from electrons that circulate to create photons.

- It does not create heat,

- Requires much less energy to illuminate as much as a traditional light bulb,

- Shock and vibration resistant,

- Is available in different colors,

- Has a longer lifespan: almost 50 times longer than conventional bulbs!

How many lumens LED bulbs?

Depending on your needs, choose a higher or lower luminous flux:

- 1300 - 1400 lumens equivalent to a 100 W bulb

- 920 - 1060 lumens equivalent to a 75 W bulb

- 700 - 810 lumens equivalent to a 60 W bulb

- 410 - 470 lumens equivalent to a 40 W bulb

- 220 - 250 lumens equivalent to a 25 W bulb

- < 150 lumens equivalent to a 15 W bulb

What are Kelvins?

This gradation of color temperature allows to obtain a more or less warm luminosity. For example, with 3000K, you will get a warm white luminosity, while with 4500K, it will be a cool blue luminosity :

- 5500 to 6000 kelvins - Cool white.

- 4000 to 4500 Kelvin - Neutral White

- 2500 to 3000 kelvins - Warm White

- +/- 2200 Kelvin - White pulling towards yellow

Our tips for choosing the right LEDs

For optimal use and concrete savings on your electricity bills, ensure that your LEDs have a life expectancy of more than 20,000 hours and that they are rated A+ or A++.

What is the best material for an outdoor spotlight?

Spotlight to be pricked

We recommend stainless steel, also known as stainless steel. This robust material also adds a touch of elegance while being easy to maintain. Non-corrosive, it resists perfectly well to external temperature changes.

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