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Lucide: a wide range of Interior and exterior luminaires

Since the needs can quickly evolve and diversify the market, it is important that a brand can offer a wide range of products. This principle, Lucide has held to respect since its inception in 1997. In addition to their passion for their activity, the Belgian brand professionals have gained experience in the art of meet the expectations of consumers. Each year, the company launched more than 500 new lighting models taking into account new trends and the needs of the public. The equipment and lighting systems exist in various colours and styles. Moreover, the creators have also been able to adopt the latest technology to increasingly innovative solutions.

A collection of Interior lamps made of pieces of different styles

Lighting has always been an important part of the décor. It is for this reason that, in Lucide, enthusiasts have chosen to create a complete collection of decorative and certainly functional interior lights. The Belgian brand is due mainly to offer a wide range of lamps adapted to recent trends in interior style. Among the most popular creations, you have for example the Aldgate collection table lamps. The models stand out for their original design and their beautiful finish. Parts suitable for all styles and will easily find their place on a dresser, an armoire or a TV stand. Regarding the proper lighting, creators have opted for a homogeneous light that will bring a touch warmer and friendlier to the atmosphere of Interior.

Of course, offers also fixtures for specific styles. In addition to their practical side, the lights will be used to highlight the adopted design. Industrial, retro, vintage, Scandinavian, modern or otherwise, all themes have been taken into consideration for the sake of consumers. Classic and design of the Aldgate line lights for example, will satisfy those who want to clean up their room with a reading light mood lighting. Finally, the collection of Lucide interior lighting systems also includes fixtures at the original shapes and colorful for children's rooms.

A robust and modern outdoor lights

In outdoor spaces, lighting must be primarily functional and adapted to different climatic conditions. At Lucide, brackets are designed from special materials to ensure durability. Wall lights and spots of the brand outside Belgian are renowned for the strength of their structure. In addition, professionals have also held to offer strong performance of lighting fixtures.

We can easily see these advantageous aspects through lamps of the collection Mirane. Frames have been designed for wet areas (classified IP 44 protection class). Lighting, him, is optimal because the equipment using a low-energy bulb which gives a clear and functional light. For those seeking more innovative systems, modern models as detector with classic wall lights are also available.

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Showing 1 - 58 of 58 items