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Showing 1 - 60 of 561 items

Outdoor wall lights

To improve your outdoor lighting, Côté Lumière offers you a wide choice of decorative wall lights.
Outdoor wall lights must meet several requirements. This lighting must be both aesthetic to enhance your home and practical to ensure a sufficient amount of light to secure your home.
Whether your outdoor light is placed on a facade or as a wall lamp on a terrace, this type of lamp is exposed to all weathers and temperatures. It is therefore important to provide a wall lamp that can withstand various weather conditions and has a sufficient protection rating (IP).
The geographical location where the lamp will be placed is also important, do you live by the sea?
Pay particular attention to the material of which your wall light will be made.

What bulb predict that your wall from outside?

You may have noticed, today, most of the outdoor lights are equipped with a bulb or LED module. The goal is to reduce energy consumption.
The reverse of lighting for the Interior of the House, lamps that you will place on the outside will enlighten any longer. In general at the beginning of the night and sometimes until dawn.
It is therefore important that these lamps consume much less energy.
The LED bulb, in relation to the formerly used, halogen bulbs will allow you to use up to 90% less than electricity.
The power that will give the LED bulb or the integrated LED module is more a problem. The technology has evolved and this type of bulb has now reached the same equivalence light than our old bulbs halogen or CFL (economic bulb), more, life is considerably longer. Some LED light bulb illuminates up to 30,000 hours before seeing their luminous efficiency decrease of 30%. Finally, if you experience a problem with your led light source, no problem, most manufacturers offer interchangeable embedded modules, which means that if you stop operation of the LED, it is replaceable.

Wall mounted design or industrial wall?

Regardless of the style you are looking for, classical or design the desired lamp, side light we are trying to have as much choice as possible.
Hundreds of models of outdoor lights are available. Looking appliques to light a house entrance, or a terrace, we are able to offer outdoor lighting for your needs.
To facilitate your choice, it is better to refine your selection according to the specific characteristics you're looking for by using the facets filter on the left side of the page.
Browse our range of wall and you will be spoilt for choice as to the forms, materials and colours; the form or the number of bulbs you want.
You have needs our help to browse our catalogue? We are at your service to answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

What atmosphere do you want?

Depending on where you plan to place your applies, the choice of the beam and the temperature of the bulb color may change.
On a terrace rising appliques that generate rather hot temperature outside lighting will bring a cozy and friendly.
In front, the outdoor lights offering a top-down light and/or double direction with adjustable beam will bring a stamp and will highlight the style of your home.
At the level of form, everything is possible, you can discover square, round, tubular, cylindrical models, into a ball, gooseneck... And, for the matter, you can choose between different metals: aluminium, stainless steel, steel galvanized plastic or glass.
For a touch of decoration, feel free to adjust the color of your wall sconces at the external façade or the color of the chassis of your home. For a modern and sophisticated rendering, you can opt for the Matt anthracite grey or chrome look.
On the other hand, if for you outdoor lighting especially has a practical purpose, you will not be outdone. You can discover models of lamps with motion sensor for detection of intrusion in your property. Similarly, there are also models running on solar energy for a better management of your energy consumption.

 On side light, you can order an outdoor Wall lamp at more than reasonable prices. Every day, we look at the price of our competitors and we offer our lights at the best price of the market.

Invest in design or power?

This issue remains at the center of the final decisions when buying outdoor luminaires. Fortunately, we thought for you. We offer a outdoor wall light which have been designed to take into account the report style and power. It will be possible to find your happiness in a wide selection from our range of outdoor lighting.
If your choice is a minimalist wall LED, powers issues are more than history, because it is possible to link the style and light rendering. In terms of design, a range is available according to your tastes.
Today, it is possible to combine on older style homes designs lamps and conventional lamps. However, it will be important to follow a guideline at the level of the colours and materials of lamps to keep consistency on your home.
For the decorative wall lamps in height, prefer large and classic or modern style appliques, but sleek, these lights will enhance the character of your home. To add a decorative and modern touch with other bright points on your front, it will be possible to place in series and on a lower height between 30 to 50 cm, small minimalist LED lights more low-power. This bright game will allow to give a contemporary touch while keeping the character of your House.

What is the proper height for the outdoor sconces?

The position of the Wall light LED account to get sufficient lighting in the area targeting. But apart from the quantitative question the quality of lighting is another parameter to see. Because the function of the wall is both to illuminate and at the same time get a friendly atmosphere.
Whether on an alley, a terrace or a loggia, the height where the luminaire is positioned is different. Please choose the direction and angle of the light depending on the area to be lit, and the amount of lighting necessary to the location where the lamp will be placed.
A standard suggests a height of 1.80 m from the ground, but you have the freedom to adjust your wall according to the need in brightness and the adequate decoration. Do not be afraid to exceed standards. Enlighten your outside maybe one one hand put in front of your home by games of light and the other a safe need to light. In both cases, the choice of the wall, the type of beam and height to position the lamp will be different.
The choice of a more diffuse lighting is perfect to make a comfortable amount of light to the places of passages or for lighting a terrace.
There are however designs lamps that broadcast more controlled and more compact bundles for those who seek to bring their façade a theatrical game.
Thereby, the shape and the type of wall, added to the specification of the lamp significantly involve the height and location of the luminaire.
Remember that lights can also be additions of lighting or decorative bright spots, for example wall appliques projecting thin light beams from the bottom up (true up & down). The important is to identify your needs separately or simultaneously in order to choose the location and height of these sconces with subtlety.

How to avoid rust?

In areas where moisture and ambient salinity are abundant, as in the regions located on the beach, metal rust and deteriorate quickly. Would be required lamps that are made up of adequate materials to ensure a long service life.
What need you are materials that are resistant to ambient salinity, or the marine spray whose salt content is high. We offer stainless fixtures and designed to withstand corrosion. The appliques made of iron or steel should be avoided.
When you choose your LED wall lights, avoid simple metal materials, they present a fairly limited resistance to this type of aggression.
We invite you therefore to take into account two parameters to choose your fixtures located beachfront, think about materials and style of the lamps. Choose materials for strength and resistance, and choose the design for good decorate and play with Visual effect with the landscape near the sea.
To do this, choices range from stainless steel 316 which is between 2 to 3 percent of mobylene, the simple copper or brass that combines copper and zinc for better resistance and plastic. To withstand the sea, to rain, to the spray, the bulky of the kind, these materials have a longer life expectancy.
For more information:
What differentiates stainless steel 316 other metals is its resistance to corrosion, it is the material to be foolproof.
On the other hand, the plastic or polycarbonate, in addition to its life expectancy, resistant to changing temperatures.
Brass is also strong with zinc supplements.


How to light your exterior with more security?

If you're asked the question, is that probably the part you want to enlighten is a place of frequent passage around your home. The necessary equipment for this is the outdoor sconces with detectors. Side light offers a Led garden lights with sensor movement or motion detectors independent to drive simple sconces.
If you choose this solution for your facades, your awnings or on the stairs or in the outdoor courtyard of buildings, we will meet your requirements.
Regarding particularly the Outdoor LED lightsThese are very advantageous. Indeed, these are undoubtedly economic. First of all, the light from these facilities snaps when necessary, that is a good time as when someone passes or any other movement is detected. And this, in an automatic way. Then, as they are equipped with LED lampstheir life is important enough and no maintenance is required. He must know that there are some LED bulbs which work with solar energy, which is beneficial, since lighting consumes very little.
Note that motion detector lights improve the access securityboth for visitors, to discourage intrusive approaches. The price varies according to the characteristics, the luminous power, the possibilities of orientation of the system.
At the level of safety and its use, a great improvement is visible in terms of access security. Whether for foreign passers-by or visitors and intrusions, these facilities have the expected performance. There are many choices according to the specifications, the luminous power, the possibilities of orientation of the system and according to your budget.

What should I know before I install it?

The most important property is light there where it's needed. In general, the external LED lights with sensors can be directed to both. The lighting is so precise and with the good inclination, areas of passages will be illuminated as you wish. Home side light, different systems of lighting with the choice of light intensity and time of ignitions after passage with a precise time in seconds or minutes, is available.

What of the motion detector?

Outdoor LED lights with detector are very important on the luminaire and safety. Indeed, except the lighting, the presence detector reacts to each movement detected, be it an animal or human. The entire area covered by the detector is then lit. The detector is adjustable and light the lamp as soon as motion is detected. It's over the switches! Depending on the settings you have chosen, the duration of lighting and procrastination are automated as the stop of the lighting.

To sum it all, each wall type, each type of lamp, each height, each positioning you choose to its own specification, its advantages and its disadvantages. The combinations that you do depend on your tastes, the location where you live, the style of House you have, energy resources you own. The most important is yet to target your needs against your possibilities and make a coherent whole going on a style, set design. And standards that are broadcast are made to be changed, recreated, and overwhelmed by your imaginations.


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