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Exterior wall lamp: light up your facade and terrace

The lighting of your living space concerns both inside and outside. Discover on Côté Lumière's online store a section entirely dedicated to a particular product, the outdoor wall light.

The exterior sconce in the main lines

The exterior wall sconcemust meet several criteria. In addition to its contribution to the overall aesthetics of the home, it must also be able to deliver a sufficient amount of light to secure the area it serves.

Whether you place your lighting on a facade or make a wall lamp on your terrace, the exterior wall light must be able to resist the vagaries of the weather, temperature differences and the environment that surrounds it in general. To do so, you can consult the article entitled "Protection Index (PI)" on our website.

What bulb should you use for your outdoor wall sconce?

Nowadays, most outdoor lighting fixtures are mostly equipped with a light bulb or LED module. The purpose is twofold: to help preserve the environment and to save you money on electricity expenses.

Therefore, unlike lighting for the interior of the house, exterior sconces and fixtures for the exterior are durable and financially attractive.

In addition, the light power delivered by the LED light bulb or integrated LED module has nothing to envy from the models marketed in the past. So much so that some LED light bulbs can light up to 30,000 hours before their luminous efficacy is reduced by 30%.

Did you know that?

The LED light bulb, compared to halogen bulbs, reduces the power consumption of a light fixture by up to 90%. Also think about the solar powered version to be a winner in every way!

Protect your exterior wall lighting

The first point to consult before buying an exterior sconce is its Index of Protection (IP). Composed of two numbers, it indicates the degree of protection the luminaire has against two elements once installed in outdoor spaces:

  • The first number corresponds to the tightness of the luminaire to solid bodies, it goes from 1 to 6 ;
  • The second number corresponds to its tightness to liquid bodies, it goes from 1 to 9.

The higher the number, the higher the degree of protection.


In the case of the exterior sconce, here's what we recommend:

- Installation on a terrace: IP65, if you fix it on a wall - IP44 if the terrace is protected against water projections.

- Installation to light an entrance and on the other facades of the house: IP44 minimum

To know before installing your exterior wall light

Whether you need to install an outdoor wall light with sensor or a basic outdoor LED light, it is important to have a little notion of DIY and electrical installation to proceed. In the absence of these, we strongly advise you to get in touch with a licensed electrician.

Our additional recommendations

  • Remember to turn off the power before beginning installation work, this is an essential safety measure;
  • Carefully mark the spot where you want to attach your fixture with a pencil;
  • Check the hanging pattern of your exterior wall sconce to make sure you drill the holes at the right height;
  • Provide dowels to screw your fixture in place;
  • Invest in a PVC tube that will protect the electrical wires;
  • Make sure to connect your sconce to a separate earth leakage circuit breaker;
  • Study the color codes before proceeding with the fixing work;
  • In the case of a wall light with motion detector, agree on the lighting time, the time of activation of the detector and the angle of detection.

Create an atmosphere that suits you thanks to your outdoor wall lights.

Depending on where you plan to place your exterior sconce, the choice of beam and the color temperature of the bulb may change. Two concrete examples :

- On a terrace, you will opt for rising wall lights, which will generate outdoor lighting at a rather warm temperature, creating a cosy and friendly atmosphere.

- In facade, the exterior wall lights will offer a downlight and/or double direction with an adjustable beam. The set will bring a cachet and will highlight the style of your home.

When it comes to design, anything is possible! Let the decorator in you speak by choosing among our square, round, tubular, cylindrical, ball, gooseneck, etc. models. The same goes for the material, the range of materials being sufficiently wide: aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel or even plastic or glass.

For a decorative touch, adapt the color of your wall sconces to the outside facade or to the color of the frames of your house. For a modern and sophisticated look, you can opt for a matte grey anthracite or a design exterior wall light with a chrome look.

On the contrary, if you simply want practical outdoor lighting, it is best to opt for an outdoor wall light with motion detector. There are also solar-powered models for better management of your energy consumption.

Whatever your desires, your budget, Côté Lumière allows you to order your outdoor wall lamp at the right price.

Exterior applications: light up efficiently without compromising the aesthetics!

It is natural to think that outdoor wall lights fall into the category of practical luminaires. As specialists, at Côté Lumière, we offer you the opportunity to choose efficiency without compromising the aesthetic aspect. Our online store offers outdoor wall lights that are both beautiful and powerful at the same time!

For example, the outdoor LED wall light that can perfectly illuminate your home while adding a modern touch to it once fixed!

Our advice from the pros

We advise you to create a harmonious frame between colors and materials for a pleasant rendering.

For decorative wall lamps placed high up, prefer large sconces in a classic or modern, but uncluttered style. This type of outdoor wall light will enhance the character of your home.

To bring a decorative and modern touch with the other luminous points of your facade, it will be possible to place small minimalist LED wall lights of lower power in series and on a lower height between 30 and 50 cm. This lighting game will bring a contemporary touch while preserving the character of your home.

The right height for exterior sconces

The lighting of the targeted area will depend on the position of your luminaire. Whether it's a LED wall light, designer outdoor wall light, or sensor outdoor light, apart from the quantitative issue, the quality of lighting is a critical parameter. More clearly, the objective is to both illuminate and achieve a friendly atmosphere.

Whether it is on a terrace, in a driveway, a loggia, the positioning of your outdoor wall light will be different. Take the time to carefully choose the direction and angle of the light according to the area to be illuminated and the amount of lighting required at the location where the lighting will be fixed.

Generally, specialists suggest a height of 1.80 m from the ground, with of course the freedom to adjust your wall sconce according to the need for brightness and the desired ambiance.

A few examples

The choice of more diffused lighting will be ideal for providing a comfortable amount of light in passageways or for patio lighting.

On the other hand, there are designer lamps that diffuse more controlled and compact beams for those who want to bring a scenographic game to their facade.

Keep in mind that wall lights can be used as accent lighting or decorative light points. You've probably already come across wall sconces projecting thin beams of light from bottom to top (up & down sconce).

Protect your outdoor wall lamp from rust

Metals rust and deteriorate rapidly in areas of high humidity and high salinity. If, for example, you live on or near the waterfront, plan exterior sconces made of long-life materials. Find our stainless and corrosion-resistant fixtures!

Once again, don't forget to read the protection rating of your exterior sconce before buying it!

Good to know

Sconces made of iron or steel are to be avoided in these outdoor spaces, even if you opt for LED wall lights.

Prefer plastic, or 316 stainless steel with 2-3% molybdenum, or simple copper and finally brass, the latter being an alloy of copper and zinc.

Outdoor LED Lamp for Perfect Lighting and Safety

To light efficiently is a frequent place of passage around your home, we advise you to install outdoor LED lighting with a little extra that will make the difference. Find our selection of outdoor sconce with motion detector! This solution is suitable for facades, under awnings, in staircases or in the courtyards of buildings.

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Opt for a LED motion detector wall light! This type of product has many advantages:

- This outdoor wall light detector is undeniably economical;

- Scattered light is only switched on when necessary;

- The lighting time adapts automatically according to the movements,

- LED lights have a long service life, so you can avoid maintenance;

- There are solar powered LED light bulbs available.

But why a wall light with motion detector?

This question is quite legitimate, especially when the area concerned is very short to cross! However, the outdoor LED wall light with sensor increases the security level of your home. By lighting up, this powerful outdoor LED light will naturally deter intrusive approaches.

The subject of the exterior sconce may seem intimidating at first, given the amount of information we bring to you. Between LED outdoor lighting, Protection Ratings, materials, harmony, ideal installation height, we have made sure that each paragraph of this article guides you in the right direction once you visit our online store, for a smooth outdoor lighting purchase!