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Number of bulbs


8 cm - 70 cm


8 cm - 86 cm

Thickness - Depth

8 cm - 42 cm


5 w - 602 w


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Showing 1 - 60 of 95 items

Your cheap industrial wall light online at Côté Lumière!

The industrial wall sconce is without a doubt a luminaire that leaves no marble behind. With its chic and sober aesthetics at the same time, it is said to bring a "metropolitan" touch, a lofty cachet, i.e. sophisticated but unpretentious. Thanks to a clever mix of raw and refined pieces and clean, rough-looking lines, it delivers a timeless yet modern style.

Zoom in on this luminaire that was created to grab attention, break codes and pay tribute to a time when raw, metal and dark tones were standard.

How to recognize an industrial-style wall lamp?

Industrial wall lamp

Perfect representative of this style, the industrial sconce adapts to any room in your home. It will set the tone without taking over with its clean lines and authentic look. Heavy and sturdy at the same time, it embodies the very idea of the original wall sconce.

Also note that you can install this type of luminaire in outdoor areas, taking into account the mandatory safety standards.

Does the industrial sconce light well?

Yes, the industrial wall light can optimally illuminate and add to the atmosphere of your interior by adding a modern charm enhanced by raw details. Particularly popular in the restaurant industry, this trend lends itself to all styles of interior design. Whether you have chosen a modern, design, classic, vintage, retro or rustic atmosphere, the industrial wall light will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In which room should the industrial wall lamp be used?

If you are still hesitating to buy this beautiful original industrial wall light that you saw on our online store, don't worry, it is versatile! A few examples that will help you to choose the right light for your interior:

Optimize the use of your original luminaire by, for example, attaching a wall light on each side of the entrance door to add a dramatic touch to this fast-moving environment.

If you opt for an industrial bathroom wall light, it will preferably border the mirror to illuminate the area while enhancing the elegance of the room. Space saving, economical if you choose to equip it with a LED bulb, decorative, this style of light will bring a touch you might not have thought of to bring life to this room of the house!

If you have a large work of art or a beautiful fireplace, here again, the industrial wall lamp will gladly add to both sides of the element to be highlighted.

The kitchen also has the right to its industrial wall light! Opt, for example, for a black industrial wall light to contrast with your white furniture or an industrial style spotlight for a more concentrated lighting.

Our professional advice

Refer to the table below to learn more about the safety standards required for the use of electrical appliances in wet areas. You should also know that the minimum protection rating for wet rooms is IP44.

Are there industrial wall lights for outdoor use?

Yes, you can buy an industrial outdoor wall light! Don't forget to check that your light fixture meets safety standards, including the Index of Protection (IP) applied to this type of electrical product.

Small reminder concerning this standard and its understanding :

The first number expresses the level of tightness against solid bodies.


Zero protection


Protects against solid bodies larger than 50 mm


Protects against solid bodies larger than 12.5 mm


Protects solid bodies larger than 2.5 mm


Protects solid bodies larger than 1 mm


Protects against dust deposits


Dust proof


The second number expresses the level of tightness against liquid bodies.


Zero protection


Protected against falling water drops


Protected against waterfalls for a maximum inclination of 15°.


Protected against water falling in rain (maximum inclination of 60°)


Protected against water splashes


Protected against water jets


Protected against the sea


Protected against temporary immersion (up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes)


Protected against prolonged immersion


Protected against high pressure cleaning and steam cleaning


What material should I choose for an industrial wall sconce?

According to your desires, your tastes, you can choose among the many preferred materials that characterize the industrial style in general. As far as lighting fixtures are concerned, you can easily opt for :

- A wood industrial wall light,

- Made of brass,

- Made of copper,

- Made of steel,

- Made of aluminum,

- Made of plastic ;

- In metal

Buy your industrial wall light online with peace of mind!

Questions about our selection of industrial wall-mounted luminaires? How to choose an industrial style wall light that fits your bathroom for vintage lighting? Our team answers all your questions by phone and email!