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Showing 1 - 60 of 482 items

How to recognize a modern lamp?

Modern wall lampYou want to buy a modern light fixture, or even several, to add a little extra to the interior decoration of your home. At the same time, before you launch yourself on our online store, you need to know the difference between this style and the so-called design or even industrial one. Côté Lumière explains how to recognize a modern lamp and tells you about the criteria that allow you to categorize it this way.

What are the characteristics of a modern sconce?

The answer is simple: it's all about lighting technology, LEDs, which falls into two broad categories when it comes to contemporary wall lights.

The modern wall light with integrated LED: This LED light bulb is not replaceable, however, its very long service life makes it comfortable to use over time.

Surface mounted luminaire with replaceable LED bulb: what if you finally switch to LED? Unscrew your old bulb and replace it with a LED bulb, taking care to choose the right base.

What are the advantages of LED light bulbs?

Generally speaking, LEDs have many advantages:

- It has a lifetime of up to 40,000 hours of lighting (compared to 1000 hours for a conventional bulb and 2000 hours for a halogen bulb);

- It lights up instantly upon ignition;

- It does not heat the room it lights;

- It saves up to 90% in energy and costs compared to incandescent bulbs.

Is it possible to dim modern living room lighting?

Yes, whether it's the living room lighting or any other room in the house, it is possible, in some cases, to modulate the intensity of the light.

To learn more about dimmable lighting, read our full article on the subject: "Choosing a Dimmable Light Fixture or Not? ».

In which room should a modern wall light be installed?

To sum up, the modern wall light fits all the rooms of the house. Be it the living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, hallway: make room for modern lighting in your home.

How does a modern living room luminaire light up?

Main room of the house, the living room is the object of all the attention when it comes to interior lighting. Here, modern lighting can fulfill three functions:

- In the form of a projector, your modern living room wall light will offer a targeted beam of light;

- Some models are designed to provide indirect brightness to support general lighting;

- Finally, you will also find models capable of creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, thanks to lighting directed only downwards or upwards.

Is it possible to put a modern design wall light in the hallway and stairs?

The hallway and stairs are usually narrow spaces, but don't worry! You can definitely invest in a modern LED wall light, a modern baroque wall light or even a cheap modern wall light, provided you choose a flat profile model!

What type of modern lamp should I buy for the bathroom?

modern lamp

Attention, if you are looking for a modern wall light for your bathroom: if it is a wet room, be careful to choose a product adapted to wet rooms. The description must mention a minimum Protection Index (IP) 44. Our built-in filter will help you find the perfect light fixture and the article "IP Protection in detail" tells you more about it.

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