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Showing 1 - 60 of 414 items

How to recognize a modern suspension?

Modern hanglightWhat is a modern light fixture? If the term "modern" naturally evokes a different design than the more traditional one, here are our professional tips to choose a modern light fixture that will perfectly match your desires, but also your interior decoration.

What are the characteristics of a modern suspension light?

In the world of trends, there is a distinction between traditional and modern. However, it is important to note that today, even in vintage, industrial or even traditional designs there are modern elements. This can be in the materials used, for example, wood or glass, colors such as chrome or bright shades or even forms, often functional and going to the simplest, to minimalism.

Use the filter on the left and present in each section of our online store to choose your light: color, price, material, base, switch, dimmable, shape, number of bulbs ... The options are numerous enough to help you find the modern suspension that suits you!

Installing a modern pendant for what type of lighting?

The suspension being suspended from the ceiling, it is used for general lighting, therefore of the whole room. It is the suspension that we will light first, for example, when we arrive in the room.

The general lighting is homogeneous, allows to see and move easily in the space while creating the atmosphere of the room, generally soft.

Is it absolutely necessary to center a modern chandelier in the ceiling?

And if you let your creativity run free? Today this type of chandelier is installed according to your desires and needs! Two ideas that seduce :

- In the corner of your living room to play decorative lighting or to allow to read comfortably;

- In the room to act as a bedside lamp;

How reliable are LED lights?

Among the features that lean in favor of modern lighting is LED. This technology has allowed the world of indoor and outdoor lighting to take a giant step forward and for many good reasons. LED is the best investment you can make in lighting now:

- It actively participates in the preservation of the environment, as it is more durable and highly recyclable;

- It has a reduced power consumption compared to conventional bulbs, without losing brightness;

- It has unparalleled durability;

- No warm-up time for the bulb, so immediate lighting;

- You get high quality and adjustable lighting to create the atmosphere you want depending on the room

How high should a modern kitchen pendant be mounted?

The modern pendant light is mostly adjustable in height! However, if your ceiling is between 2.50 and 2.80m high, fix your suspension at about 2.15m from the floor if you want to light your kitchen. This rule also applies to your entrance, living room or bedroom.

Regarding the lighting of the dining room table, you can go up to 1.60m from the floor;

If the modern hanging lamp is used as a bedside lamp in your bedroom, install a light on either side of the bed and 30-50 cm above the bedside table.

What is the right diameter of a modern living room pendant?

The choice of the diameter of your ceiling fixture will depend on the shape of the room to be lit and its dimensions. In the meantime, here are our tips:

- Room of less than 10 m² - diameter from 30 to 40 cm ;

- Room between 10 and 15 m² - diameter from 40 to 45 cm ;

- Room between 15 and 20 m² - diameter from 45 to 50 cm ;

- Room of more than 20 m² - diameter of at least 60 cm

Côté Lumière accompanies you!

Modern lightingOur online store is above all your shopping space with complete peace of mind. If you are still hesitating between a model of modern suspension, a material, a manufacturer, if you have technical questions for the installation of your ceiling light, the team of Côté Lumière answers you by contact form or by phone.