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Showing 1 - 60 of 124 items

Wooden lamp : a natural and elegant light !

Wooden hanging lightThe wooden suspension is one of those lights that navigate between rusticity and modernity. Perfect to bring a touch of nature to your interior decoration, it attracts the eyes, comforts, warms the hearts. Our advice for a successful purchase on our online store!

How to choose a wooden suspension ?

If you're still undecided between natural suspension and another design, ask yourself a few simple, yet powerful questions that will help you make the right choice:

- Do you generally like wood as a material?

- Do you want to bring a touch of nature to your home?

- Does your interior design need to be "warmed up"?

If you answer positively to these three questions, all you have to do is browse through the hundred or so models offered on our online store to find the wooden suspension light that suits you.

How many wooden pendant lights do I need per room?

There's no need to buy multiple wood fixtures to warm up an interior design. Sometimes one is enough to change the atmosphere of a room, for example, in the living room or above the dining room table.

At what height should I install a designer wood pendant in my bedroom?

The rendering of your natural room suspension will depend on your objective:

For general lighting of the room, fix the suspension at 1,95m minimum from the floor.

To illuminate the area of the room where your teen is doing homework, attach the suspension about 70 cm from the top of the desk.

To replace the headboard lamps, attach each pendant 1.30 m from the top of the bedside tables.

At what height to fix a natural light suspension in the living room?

If it is a question of lighting your corner of reading or relaxation (armchair, settee), we advise to leave between 30 and 40 cm between the bottom of the luminaire and the zone to be lit.

If you need to light your coffee table, leave about 6 feet between the bottom of the wooden pendant and the top of the coffee table.

At what height should a natural wood suspension be fixed in the kitchen?

The kitchen must be effectively lit without obstructing the light, as this is important for everyone's safety and comfort. For the installation of your pendant, it should be mounted between 75 and 90 cm above the countertop or the central island of the kitchen.

At what height should a natural chandelier be fixed in the dining area?

Everything will depend on the size of your suspension, the lighting power of its bulb and the atmosphere you want to create. Generally speaking, we recommend leaving 1.60 m between the bottom of the lamp and the floor, taking care that the lighting does not dazzle people once they are seated.

How to light the annex areas of the house?

A quick aside about three areas that we don't often think about: the entrance, the hallway and the staircase:

At what height should a wood hanging be fixed in the entrance ?

Too often neglected, this area of the house must be welcoming, therefore well lit! Here, we recommend leaving about 2m between the bottom of the lampshade and the floor. Do not hesitate to add an additional lighting for an effective luminosity, for example, a wall lamp or even a table lamp, if the space allows it.

At what height should a suspension with a wooden shade be installed in a hallway?

There is no question of wasting space in an area as narrow as the hallway of a home! The wooden suspension becomes the most practical solution, even if you choose to fix several of them, all along the ceiling. As for the ideal height, count at least 1.95 m between the bottom of the light and the floor.

At what height should a suspension system be installed in a staircase?

The staircase is not an area destined to be eternally impersonal and to give it some color, the wooden suspension is probably the most appropriate option. Fix it at 1.95 m from the step that will be underneath.

What are the models of wood suspension light ?

The wood suspension is expressed through different styles to adopt according to your desires:

- Scandinavian wood suspension;

- Driftwood suspension ;

- Natural fiber suspension ;

- Wood and metal suspension;

- Industrial wood suspension ;

- Wooden suspension design ;

- Etc.

What are the available species for the wood suspension light?

The range of wood species used to manufacture this type of lighting is wide enough to customize its interior design:

- Oak ;

- Walnut;

- Birch;

- Maple;

To mention only these essences.

What are the different styles of wood lighting?

Let's focus on the three main styles that dominate the world of wood suspension:

- Rustic style;

- Design style;

- The modern style

The rustic style

Reassuring, back to basics, warm, relaxed, authentic, nostalgic, the rustic style does not lack of qualifiers. Inspired by cottages and country houses, it is presented in neutral tones and raw materials, not to say wild.

One finds thus tree trunks, used as support, supported by metal, wooden beams, wooden cages.

The design style

Who said that the design style was cold and impersonal? When wood comes into play, branches, driftwood and tree trunks are sublimated to fit into a futuristic, modern interior design. With the design style, wood is either worked to the extreme or proposed in its most original form.

The modern style

Here, the wood is rather dark and very worked. It has perfect, minimalist lines. By choosing this type of wood suspension, you will get a contemporary note, elegant, with colors generally matte, for example, a black and wood suspension.

Which bulb to choose for a wood chandelier ?

If wood is associated with rusticity, with the country spirit, it has lost no time in adapting to new technologies. We recommend that you equip your wooden pendant light with LED bulbs, environmentally friendly and particularly economical.

If the design of classic LED bulbs is peculiar, don't hesitate to invest in filament LED models! Similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, it is no less durable and economical.

Can we equip a natural material suspension with a dimmer switch?

Wood hang lightIf you want to be able to modulate the light intensity of your natural chandelier, be sure to buy a "dimmable" LED bulb.

Please note that this option requires the purchase and installation of a dimmer switch. In the absence of knowledge in DIY and electrical work, we strongly advise you to turn to a certified professional.

More information on this option in our article "Choosing a dimmable light or not? ».

Côté Lumière helps you to buy your wooden suspension !

Can I install a wood and metal pendant in the living room? What type of base should I choose for the bulb of my white and wood suspension? The Côté Lumière team will help you before, during and after your purchase on our online store. Contact us by email or by phone !