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Showing 1 - 60 of 246 items

Glass suspension: a modern and elegant light

Glass hanglightThe glass suspension is the perfect light to bring a touch of elegance and modernity to its interior decoration. Although glass is a fragile material, it has the ability to diffuse light evenly in every direction.

What are the advantages of a glass suspension?

If you're still undecided between a glass chandelier and a ceiling fixture to light one or more rooms in your home, here are the many advantages of the former, as well as some design ideas:

The suspension ball glass is adaptable: far from being a fixed liminary, with the suspension, choose the height that suits you according to your needs and areas to light, work plan, top of a table for meals, coffee table, reading corner, etc.

Glass chandelier is a decorative light fixture: if you want to add an extra touch to your interior design, this type of pendant lighting is available in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

The smoked glass pendant saves space: no need to clear floor space or space in the kitchen or any other room in general to install your glass pendant! This fixture mounts directly to the ceiling, perfect for saving space and getting a sleek environment.

A 3 glass balls suspension to add lighting: if the room suffers from a certain lack of lighting, the suspension being located in height, it completes the present lighting scheme and will eliminate the still too dark zones.

Affordable vintage glass pendant lights: no need to spend thousands of dollars for a retro touch to your home. The suspension is one of those affordable lights without losing style.

A multiple glass suspension for a perfect decoration: the suspended luminaire is in general a decorative element, but also a source of accent lighting. Choose the model and the material that will add to your interior decoration while lighting effectively.

The suspension ball smoked glass to create a personalized atmosphere: by fixing a suspension in a room, you will add a certain cachet while creating a cosy atmosphere.

At what height should a glass suspension be hung above the table?

Mounting height is an important consideration, so make sure the glass shade is never too low or too high. For proper lighting, the bottom edge of your pendant should hang between 60 and 80 cm above the tabletop.

How to clean a glass shade?

For a glass ball suspension always at the top of the beauty and elegance, here are some very simple steps to follow for a regular cleaning in full safety:

- Turn off the electricity in the room where your blown glass suspension is located;

- What does the manufacturer advise for cleaning his creation? Follow the instructions to the letter, avoiding at all costs the use of aggressive cleaners;

- Turn the power back on and test the operation of your ceiling fixture.

What is the best bulb for a glass chandelier?

The glass shade is the perfect accessory to obtain an efficient and homogeneous lighting. To win on all fronts, we recommend the use of LED bulbs, whose technology has many advantages:

- Low electricity consumption;

- Virtually no maintenance costs;

- No warm-up time, so instant lighting;

- Uniform lighting;

- Ideal to participate in the safeguarding of the environment;

- Unbeatable durability

There are now LED bulbs with filament if you want to add an industrial touch to your glass suspension. Find the so-called decorative models in a few clicks on our online store!

Concerning the base of your bulb, we take care to indicate this essential information for each product, including those of the glass suspension range!

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Glass hanging lightIs it possible to install a transparent glass suspension in the kitchen? How to fix such a fragile suspension? The Côté Lumière team answers all the practical questions you may have before, during and after your purchase on our online store. Ask us by contact form or by phone !