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The arc lamp to direct the lighting according to your needs

Floor lamp arcThe arc floor lamp is one of those lighting fixtures in which we willingly invest to bring a touch of elegance to his interior design. Thanks to its adjustable base, this alternative to the suspension lamp allows you to position the lighting according to your needs, on a particular area or for ambient lighting. Here is all the useful information that will guide you to buy the perfect floor lamp on our online store!

What are the main characteristics of the arch lamp?

This model of floor lamp is recognizable by its curved base, which allows you to adjust its inclination. This way, you can, for example, direct the light beam directly over a sofa, chair or table. It is the perfect light if you are looking for direct lighting.

How to choose the ideal articulated floor lamp?

To buy the right model of arc floor lamp, determine the tilt you need. Some designs allow for a more subtle tilt, while others allow for more leeway due to the length of their stem.

For example, if your floor lamp is intended to light a large sofa, choose a model with a stem long enough to reach your goal.

What is the right height for an offset floor lamp?

Another important criterion to buy, for example, the design arch lamp of your dreams, the height. What use for your light source? Indeed, depending on whether you want a direct or ambient lighting, you will have to choose between a floor lamp arc more or less high.

To get the answer, get a measuring tape and test it in the room where your fixture will be installed.

Click on the picture of the product you like in our online store and consult its description. We have taken care to give you very detailed information, such as height, diameter, color, type of base, luminous flux, etc.

What size curved floor lamp for the living room?

Whether it's for the living room, the dining room, the reading corner or even a room with a sloping roof, here are our tips for choosing the right size offset lamp:

For a dining room or living room, opt preferably for an arc lamp whose height and range start from 2 meters. Thus, your light will be able to do its job without disturbing the passage or your guests once at the table.

To elegantly dress up your reading corner, imagine a beautiful black arc floor lamp. As for the size, it must be adjustable for a moment of reading in comfort, without being dazzled, so the range should be about 50 cm.

For a room with a sloped roof on one side, take the size of the room into consideration, as your floor lamp will need to remain unobtrusive while still providing effective lighting.

How to assemble an arched floor lamp?

Arc light fixtureThe arc floor lamp is delivered in several elements to be screwed or nested, but don't panic, it is very easy to assemble! Each product offered on our online store comes with an instruction sheet, quick to read and understand. In just a few minutes, your wooden arch lamp will be ready to be used!

Are there LED arc lights?

Good news if you want to switch to the most environmentally friendly lighting technology available today: you can fit your curved floor lamp with an LED bulb.

When buying your light bulb, keep in mind that the atmosphere obtained from the lighting depends on the color temperature. To learn more, read our article on the subject!

Are there arc lights with dimmers?

At Côté Lumière we have thought of everything and everyone! Use the filter of our online store and quickly find the models of floor lamp arc which can vary the intensity of lighting.

Note that in the case where an arc lamp is actually damnable, the dimmer is directly integrated into its switch to be placed on the ground.

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