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Where to put a floor lamp ?

Room floor lampThe floor lamp is undoubtedly the most appropriate interior lighting if you are looking for a source of lighting capable of creating a warm atmosphere and transforming your personal spaces into a real haven of peace. Find in a few clicks the perfect model of teenage floor lamp, adult floor lamp or cheap floor lamp on the online store of Côté Lumière. To help you choose the ideal bedroom lamp, here are our tips.

Why choose a light fixture to put on the floor?

The bedroom is very often the favorite place of each member of a dwelling. This room is comfortable, comforting, conducive to relaxation and calm.

The bedroom floor lamp is the perfect light fixture thanks to its flexibility. It is easy to install, move and clean. This light source is also easy to assemble and requires no special electrical work.

How to choose the right LED floor lamp?

There are various criteria to consider before buying your LED floor lamp or any other model of floor lamp:

- The place where you are going to put your lamp on the room stand to get a soft light;

- The type of lamp you want to have in your room. Do you want a sober, rather "dramatic" model, a cheap floor lamp, a very high floor lamp?

- What lighting fixtures are already in the room? If they are, for example, wall sconces, will they complement your table lamp?

- What shape of floor lamp do you prefer?

There are many criteria, so at Côté Lumière, we have set up a filter that allows you to find a floor lamp for your bedroom: by color, material, bulb base, dimmability, manufacturer, style, etc.

How to choose a floor lamp for an adult room ?

The adult bedroom lends itself perfectly to experimentation in terms of decoration. The room can be bathed in a romantic atmosphere, serene, ideal for meditation, etc.. To achieve this result, choose a light fixture that resembles you above all and why not complement it with a pair of bedside lamps?

How many bedroom floor lamps should I buy?

If you want to break the codes and be daring, why not buy three floor lamps with a similar design, but different heights? In addition to the decorative aspect, your floor lamp will provide a balanced lighting, to be spread according to your desires and moods!

How to properly position a floor lamp for a room?

In the bedroom, it is quite possible to create a muffled atmosphere without ending up in complete darkness or with unpleasant shadow areas.

By positioning your floor lamp in a corner of the room, you will get an inward and middle light. This result is impossible to achieve with, for example, a ceiling light or a recessed spotlight alone.

Where to put a floor lamp in a teenage room?

While this is a perfectly normal question, the answer is quite simple: there is no set rule as to where to place your teenage bedroom lamp or any type of lamp in that particular room. As a bedroom is a personal space, it's up to each person to choose the perfect area to make the most of their light fixture.

For safety and comfort reasons, however, be careful not to place your lamp in a high-traffic area. Also make sure that no one can hit their head against the shade if they wake up in the middle of the night.

How to match a wooden floor lamp with the decoration of the room?

Bedroom floor lampIn fact, whether it's a wooden floor lamp or a floor lamp made of any other material, take the time to look for a light fixture that matches the room's decoration. Indeed, the floor lamp is not only a lighting accessory: it participates in the general atmosphere of the bedroom.

We advise you to match your bedroom lights with the decoration, but also with your personality.

Find the perfect floor lamp for a girl's room at Côté Lumière!

Our online store offers you to discover from your home a wide range of floor lamps. From the simplest models to the most sought after, click, browse, read the descriptions quietly before placing an order in a few clicks.

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