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Andtradition: luminaires in the service of the elegance of Scandinavian design

Sober, authentic and certainly functional, Scandinavian style continues to be seduced by its exceptional characteristics. At Andtradition, the creators decided to focus all their achievements on this famous Nordic design. A choice that allowed them to get the Good Design Award in 2001. The lights of the Danish brand are distinguished by this mixture of natural materials and colored notes that make these lighting equipment of real elements of decoration. The sign is set for mission to design lamps that will bring the maximum brightness to all parts for a still more warm inside.

Refined and purified for a décor Andtradition lighting facilities

In order to highlight the sleek design and refined side Scandinavian, Andtradition insists first on the forms of its supports of lighting. The materials are reshaped and redefined in full respect of the rules of the art. The creators then select the colours most appropriate for good dress each support lighting. With respect to the light, the most advanced technologies have been adopted. The power of lighting can be adjusted according to the tastes and desires of each.

It is this attention to detail that has helped the Danish brand to create appliques to certainly Northern style as you can see with the pieces in the collection Formakami. The lamps are capped a wonderful Lampshade in rice paper. The designers were inspired by the famous paper lanterns Asian to create these original equipment which will certainly find their place in salons or contemporary living rooms. Brackets are available also in many forms and colors. The idea is to help consumers find an item perfectly adapted to their decoration.

For those looking for an even more original model, the Scandinavian design lighting by the famous creator Jaime tailgate are highly recommended. The lamps are characterized by their modern form as well as their very elegant color. These versatile pieces to the decorative aspect will satisfy the most demanding.

A timeless design

It is often said that Scandinavian design is a timeless style. Andtradition also took the trouble to highlight this very special feature of the Northern theme. To do this, the designers applied manufacturing techniques that allow them to work materials to their limits. The creative process combine traditional practices with modern methods. It's this approach that results in the very aesthetic side of each of the creations of the Danish brand.

Consumers can easily see through the Scandinavian desk lamps designed by the architect Arne Jacobsen. These facilities are similar to real works of art with their structure made up of a mixture of materials and their beautiful graceful lines. And what about hanging lamps of great Space Copenhagen? If what they witness a real know-how and a great artistic inspiration. The creators were able to combine the industrial aspect to the elegant side of the Northern style made for a certainly timeless.


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