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Outdoor pendant lighting

Do you have a pavilion, entrance porch or pergola with a certain height that you would like to illuminate?

In the universe of the Outdoor Lightsoutdoor pendant lighting that meets your expectations.

Chandelier for the outside.

If you have certainly a suspension in your living room, dining room or in your kitchen or any other room in your home, it is also possible to place a Wall lamp outside your home.

Perfectly sealed and protected from moisture, these lamps are made for outdoors and will inform your terrace, your entry with elegance. Much more than a simple decoration, these lamps will bring a decorative touch to your garden for the extension of your home.

What kind of suspension you need to hang outside ?

In front of the large amount of possible solutions with existing lamps to light up your garden, it is not always easy to find the luminaire which is most suited to your needs and your expectations and which corresponds to the colors, the style and design of your choice.

From the classic to the most modern...

We can distinguish several styles of outdoor suspensions, from the most classic to the most modern, the most often met style is a small cage open and suspended with an attachment consisting of rings. This suspended lamp is sober and can have several finishes and colors. Because of this, it is possible to have a light classical, but with a more contemporary shape and sporting a black color. This black suspension design will be perfect to judiciously bring a modern touch to your outside without distorting the style of your home.

You want to provide a cosy atmosphere to your deck and give the impression of moving your dining on your terrace. The suspended Lampshade placed over your outdoor table will create this illusion.

If on the other hand, the desired effect is to bring your covered terrace with a modern twist, the suspended ball will meet your expectation. With a simple design, the light globe will enlighten your terrace of evenly while weatherproof.

What type of bulb you choose for your suspension luminaire ?

Choosing the right bulb, enjoy in the best conditions for efficient and economical lighting for your chandelier. Attention, it is important to distinguish between the consumption of the lamp in Watts and the power of the bulb in lumen and which corresponds to the light rendering.

The power or lumen of the bulb to choose:

With the arrival of the new bulbs LED, our bearings are changing, he can't look at the power of the bulb that is expressed in Watts that correspond in reality to real consumption of the bulb, but how many lumen this bulb emits and which corresponds to its luminous flux.

For example:
A 100 watt bulb (conventional halogen) to a power of approximately 1300 to 1400 lumens.
A 75 watt bulb (conventional halogen) to a power of about 920 to 950 lumens.
The most commonly used bulbs were bulbs of 60 watts, in correspondence, need an LED bulb that will be a luminous power of 700 to 750 lumens.

The color temperature or color of the bulb:

It is important to choose the right color temperature of the bulb that you put in your outdoor suspension.
The color of the bulb will be different depending which one illuminates a porch of a house entrance or outdoor suspension of a covered terrace to place above a dining table.
For a suspended lamp placed in the entrance of your House, we prefer a neutral and white color temperature ranging from 4000 to 5000 ° K, this color temperature will bring Frank so-called light and provide better visibility.
A suspension shade placed over a dining table, the context and the desired effect will be different. It will be even nicer to have a softer, warmer light to bring to your table a comfortable atmosphere.
The color temperature of the light bulb to advocate will be 2500 to 3000 ° K.

The look of the light bulb:

If your choice is hanging lamp where the bulb is visible, such as the Calvi Astro Lighting 1306003 lamp, it will be recommended to place a decorative filament type LED bulb.
The bulb will contribute to the Look of the lamp with a vintage touch to your hanging lamp.
For a surface gloss where the bulb is located behind a frosted glass, it will not turn and it will be possible to use a simple LED bulb which the glass is white.

Looking for the outside fixture which will complement your landscaping to the first of your home, you are at the right address, because side light store e-commerce specialized in the sale of luminaires. Discover our large collection of lamps and at the best price that meet your need. This is your first order?

To facilitate your search, we have placed a search on the left of the products module, by continuing to use with this module, you can select the color, the shape... the lamp looked.

If however, you can't find your happiness in this topic, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make every effort to help you. You want to make a layout for your exterior with several products, we are at your service to make one or more offers tailored to your research centers.

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