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Where should an outdoor suspension be mounted?

Perfect for giving a cozy indoor feel to your balcony, deck or patio, outdoor hanging lights are one of the most underrated lighting fixtures for this job. How to make light after dark with this light source that can bring a rustic, classic or modern touch to your space?

How to recognize an outdoor chandelier?

As its name suggests, the outdoor pendant light consists of a chain, rod or cord, at the end of which is suspended a light source: unlike the table lamp, it must be hung from a ceiling! This design allows the light to be diffused laterally and in all directions, but also downwards.

To install an outdoor hanging system safely, it is best to place it at a sufficient height so that people can walk underneath without hitting their heads!

Where to find a waterproof outdoor suspension?

Any patio outdoor lighting must always meet strict safety standards, called Protection Rating. When purchasing your light fixture from our online store, use the filter on the left side of your screen to find a suspension style with at least an IP 44 rating! We explain why...

The IP rating is expressed in numbers that can be read separately

  • The first number corresponds to the tightness of the luminaire to solid bodies, it goes from 1 to 6 ;
  • The second number corresponds to its impermeability to liquid bodies, it goes from 1 to 9

A graduated scale

  • The higher the first number, the stronger the protection against solid intrusion;
  • The higher the second number, the stronger the protection against liquid intrusion

Some examples to familiarize yourself with the IP rating of light sources

IP69 protection rating:

  • The first number (6) corresponds to the maximum dust tightness of the luminaire;
  • The second number (9) indicates that the luminaire is protected to the maximum extent against water jets


IP68 :


  • Fully protected against dust;
  • Protected against prolonged immersion


IP67 waterproof :


  • Fully protected against dust;
  • Protected against the effects of immersion


IP44 :

  • Protected against solids larger than 1 millimeter;
  • Protected against small splashes of water from all directions


IP20 :


  • Protected against solid bodies larger than 12 mm;
  • No special protection against liquids

At what height should an outdoor pergola suspension be fixed?

If you have transformed your pergola into a dining area, the bottom of your outdoor pendant light should be about 80 cm from the table surface.

Want to play with the light around your pergola? It is also possible to hang your suspension from a large tree branch and create an outdoor living or dining area with a fairy-tale spirit. Of course, you will have to install an electrical system in the area.

What is the ideal lighting power for outdoor use?

Your outdoor hanging light should provide enough light for everyone to enjoy the moment. To achieve the desired effect, we recommend an LED bulb with a power of 1300 to 1400 lumens, equivalent to a 100W bulb, or 700 to 810 lumens, equivalent to a 60W bulb.

For a warm and subdued atmosphere, opt for a light output between 410 and 470 lumens, the equivalent of a 40 W bulb, or even less, between 220 and 250 lumens, the equivalent of a 25 W bulb

How to weight an outdoor patio chandelier?

Preserve the integrity of your outdoor pendant in windy or breezy conditions. Here's an unstoppable trick to immobilize your outdoor pendant light if the weather turns rough. Then you can release your light source.

Be sure to read the following tips before you begin work to determine if your garden suspension can be weighted.

Materials needed:

  • Two ring screws;
  • Pencil;
  • A drill;
  • Steel wire

Stand underneath the exterior suspension, hold it securely in place and make a small mark on the adjacent surface at the same height as the bottom of the light shade. Repeat across from the first mark at the same height.

Drill each mark and then attach a ring screw: the thread must be invisible.

Tie a steel wire into each ring screw and thread each end through the base of the suspension. Using pliers, twist the wire so that there is no slack left. Test the stability of the outdoor patio light by lightly pushing on it.

Côté Lumière helps you choose the perfect outdoor suspension!

Choosing the right patio lighting is a story of emotion, but that should not prevent you from asking yourself questions that may be more technical and receiving reliable answers in return. The Côté Lumière team is at your service and will accompany you by phone and email before, during and after your purchase of outdoor lighting on our online store!