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Outdoor lighting: which terrace lighting to choose?

Outdoor lighting becomes an essential element when you have an outdoor space. Indeed, patio lighting has the power to transform a seemingly simple area into an additional, albeit open, room. Our tips for a successful project!

Which outdoor terrace light to choose?

Outdoor lighting

Today, boldness is the order of the day in the world of terrace lighting. Just browse our online store to discover a wide range of lighting products designed for this particular space: terrace floor lamps, terrace recessed spotlights, terrace pendant lights, terrace lanterns, solar terrace lights... Take the time to read the description of our products in order to design a lighting plan worthy of your desires and meeting your needs.

What are the safety standards for outdoor lighting?

Manufacturers have strict safety standards for outdoor use, including patio lighting, so look closely at the Protection Rating.

The IP rating is expressed in numbers that can be read separately

  • The first number corresponds to the tightness of the external lamp to solid bodies, it goes from 1 to 6 ;
  • The second number corresponds to the waterproofness of the terrace lamp to liquid bodies, it goes from 1 to 9

A graduated scale

  • The higher the first number, the stronger the protection against solid intrusion;
  • The higher the second number, the stronger the protection against liquid intrusion

Two examples for outdoor terrace lighting:

  • Recessed spotlight for outdoor LED terrace lighting: IP 67
  • LED bollard light: IP 54

How to get a modern terrace lighting?

Everything starts upstream, perhaps even before the installation and furnishing of your terrace. Indeed, take advantage of the total absence of elements to create a diagram of your outdoor lighting on paper, in order to locate the location of outlets, but also the position of each terrace lighting you want. Think about the location of the dining area and the kitchen/barbecue area, which should be more illuminated than the living area, etc.

Do not hesitate to choose already on our online store the exact models of lights that you wish to install. They can be bollards with motion detector, pool deck lights, etc.

Which power of terrace lighting to choose?

Here, it is a question of finding the right balance between sufficient lighting, for safe circulation, and soft lighting, in particular not to participate in light pollution or to dazzle the users of the premises.

Depending on the size of the deck, whether or not there is an awning, the intensity of the light will vary. Also consider the type of outdoor patio light you want to install, for example, glass, with wood shade, steel, etc.

If you choose LED outdoor patio lighting to save money on your electricity bill, here's what you need to remember:

To choose the right LED lighting power, the power of LED light bulb is expressed in lumens and in the following way:

  • 1300 - 1400 lumens equivalent to a 100 Watt bulb
  • 920 - 1060 lumens equivalent to a 75 W bulb
  • 700 - 810 lumens equivalent to a 60 W bulb
  • 410 - 470 lumens equivalent to a 40 W bulb
  • 220 - 250 lumens equivalent to a 25 W bulb
  • < 150 lumens equivalent to a 15 W bulb

How many lights for a terrace lighting?

When it comes to a terrace, you need several lighting fixtures, all of which must be aesthetically pleasing and functional. To obtain a task, ambient and accent lighting, do not hesitate to install several types of outdoor terrace lighting!

The outdoor terrace lamp : a good idea ?

If we put the spotlight on the terrace, the outdoor terrace lamp is now a must-have for lighting this area. Indeed, this type of light source brings a touch of elegance, for example, when it is placed next to an outdoor sofa. Get inspired by the lounges of luxury hotels to get an idea of the result!

Outdoor terrace lamp

Can we install a suspension for outdoor patio lighting?

Yes, you can install a hanging light as a patio light! All you need is a sufficiently sturdy and preferably covered location to mount it. Again, this type of patio light adds an elegant touch to your space.

Can the light intensity of a patio light be varied?

Whenever possible, we recommend the installation of dimmers, including for outdoor patio lighting. Indeed, this allows you to modulate the brightness according to your needs, your mood or even the weather: a little extra that can make all the difference.

How to choose your garden light ?

Contact the Côté Lumière team to get answers about your outdoor garden lighting! By phone or by e-mail, we answer all your questions for a successful project from start to finish.