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Showing 1 - 60 of 72 items

Garden floor light

To light your outdoor area, choose an outdoor lamppost. Thanks to the wide choice of models available with side light, you will find a selection of products adapted to your tastes, your outside and your budget. Feel free to consult our catalogue to discover the different types of proposed streetlights.

For your outdoor lighting, you can opt for outdoor spot lights, recessed spots or wall sconces or any other type of products in our section outdoor luminaire. To have height lighting distributed over a large area, the floor lamp is very suitable. Regardless of the type of lamp you are looking for, we put at your disposal a wide selection of products in steel, cast iron, aluminum, of all colors and working with all types of light bulbs. Among the models available, you can also find innovative products with for example sensor movement or even the solar street lights.

Make your payment by credit card safely. Our price range varies between 40 and 4,000 euros; You can enjoy outdoor lighting that fits you regardless of your budget. See for example the most affordable model, an outside post with a height of 100 cm and a way of spreading that can easily illuminate vote garden and your whereabouts. For more fancy and a stronger design, try the Wind lamp; designed by a true creator, it consists of a Lampshade in fiber glass and a post with wheels. Finally, beyond the decorative side, to save money on your electrical consumption or to ensure your security, you can opt for the more practical models with sensor of movement that is activated to any intrusion on your property.

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