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All our lights outside to light up your gardens and terraces.

The outdoor floor lamp is the ideal luminaire to brighten up a driveway, terrace, balcony, garden, courtyard or poolside. A luminous solution that will give height to your outdoor spaces. To help you make the right choice, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a floor lamp.

What is an outdoor lamp post?

Like a bollard light, an outdoor floor lamp combines aesthetics and functionality to brighten the exterior of your home. Its powerful light will illuminate you in the dark, thus keeping unwanted visitors away. Indeed, this type of lighting is also designed to secure private or public places at nightfall. This makes it a favourite luminaire for those with a spacious garden, requiring a secure light source. At the same time, it will beautify the space, even when it is not switched on. This is why it is crucial to pay special attention to the design of this outdoor lighting.

What height for this type of lamp?

Also known as a street lamp, a street lamp is a lighting fixture mounted on a stand. Therefore, its lamp is placed at a height to illuminate a wider angle. Indeed, the height is a very important aspect that will define your choice. It should not be less than 1.50 m, which is the minimum size for an outdoor streetlight. Its size is very variable and can go up to 3.50 m depending on the model, especially for huge candelabra with several lamps.

The importance of IP class

Since a street light is a street light designed for outdoor use, the IP class is not to be outdone. It must have at least an IP 44 class in order to withstand weather factors and even bad weather. If you wish to have optimal protection, do not hesitate to choose a lamp with a higher IP.

Exceptional luminaires to illuminate your exteriors

At the entrance to your home, in the hollow of the garden or bordering a fountain, a swimming pool or the driveway leading to the main door, these are some of the places that will accommodate this lighting device. Like the interior floor lamp, it comes in different models. However, it is more waterproof and more resistant to weather conditions, hence the common characteristics of these luminaires. Depending on your needs and preferences, a multitude of styles are available. This outdoor lights can be equipped with a lampshade to shelter its lamps, or simply for aesthetic reasons. Its reflector must be waterproof to prevent possible short circuits. The same goes for its lamp. In general, the exterior street lamp has a protection rating that corresponds to external use. Moreover, the luminaires offered on our site Côté Lumière respect the standards in force on this point.

A lighting device adapted to the style of the environment

In terms of style, these outdoor lights come in a wide variety of designs. The most common model is probably the one that glows brightly with its large glass sphere as a diffuser. This classic has always been a feature of outdoor spaces. In a rustic style, outdoor luminaires are made of solid and durable materials to remain effective and functional over time. Take the case of the lantern-shaped lamp that has an industrial look. It can include one or more lamps to multiply the light sources. Depending on the model, it can be available in several colours to suit all tastes, including black and white to blend in naturally with the decor.

If you plan to install it near a swimming pool, a designer outdoor lamp will be required. It will be perfect to embellish your outdoor space. Equipped with a lampshade or reflector, this waterproof lamp fits easily in any type of environment. Sometimes, the lampshade is not sold with the luminaire, which is an additional accessory you may choose.

A luminaire equipped with a security system

It should be noted that this type of lighting can be used as a security device to alert in case of intrusion into the garden. To do this, it equips a motion detector that detects the slightest suspicious movement within the confines of your residence. Indeed, this feature will turn on your lamp like an alarm system when it detects movement in the vicinity. The angle of detection will be indicated on the characteristics of the product, a detail not to be neglected when choosing an outdoor lamp.

For economic reasons, solar lamps are very much in demand for outdoor lighting. They operate using solar energy, which saves you money on your electricity bill. These are solar garden lamps that are based on a photovoltaic system. This consists of transforming solar energy into electricity. To do this, the solar panel must be located in a sunny spot. This type of outdoor lighting usually has a sensor and a battery to be able to operate autonomously. In addition, it offers the simplest installation, with no special connections with a beacon plugged into the ground. When evening comes, these outdoor LED bulbs light up automatically. With this option, it is possible to connect a motion detector, so as to limit lighting times and save energy.

Supplementing outdoor lighting with other lights

To complete the light source that a lamp brings to your garden, it is possible to install wall lights, preferably from the same collection. For example, if you have chosen a model in the shape of a lantern, opt for a wall light in the same style. The aim is to harmonize both the lighting and the decor of your garden. At the same time, you will multiply the sources of light to illuminate every nook and cranny of your exterior.

Finally, to install your outdoor light, you must take into account that lighting at heights will be exposed to the wind. Thus, a solid installation is essential. Ideally, the construction of a concrete base will guarantee solidity to the support.

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