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What is the ideal height for a bedside lamp?

The bedside lamp is one of the most important items in the bedroom. Not only does it provide light for reading and general illumination, but it also comes in enough models to create a personalized decoration. Here are our tips in the form of questions and answers to help you choose the right interior light for your needs and desires in our online shop.

How many bedside lamps should I buy for a bedroom?

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As a general rule, one lamp should be installed for each person in the bed. If the bedroom is large or if you have a king size mattress, it is advisable to invest in two lights, whether you are the only one using the room or two.

The design bedside lamp can be used as the main lighting in the room?

A designer bedside lamp or any other model is not intended to be the main light in a bedroom, even if you install two such lights in the room. In fact, it is important to add at least one ceiling light, wall lights or a floor lamp in front of the bed.

What is the right width for a boy's bedside lamp?

The size of the bedside lamp should not be left to chance, otherwise you will end up with a model that is too small for your bedside table. To achieve a balanced result, keep in mind that the larger the mattress, the larger the bedside table.

In the same spirit, the wider the bedside table, the wider the lamp shade should be. In concrete terms, the bottom of the bedside lamp shade should measure about a third of the width of the bedside table. This rule also applies if you opt for a wall-mounted bedside lamp!

Special focus on the bedside table

As a general rule, the bedside table should be between one and two-thirds the width of the mattress.

How high should a wooden bedside lamp be?

If you are looking for a reading lamp, the height of your light source is crucial! The idea is not to have light shining directly from above your head or into your eyes. So, with a bedside table that is more or less the same height as the mattress, opt for a lamp that is no more than 10 cm higher than the rest of the bed once it is in place.

Are there any touch lamps?

Touch technology has not failed to make its entry into the world of lighting, so yes, the touch lamp exists. Aesthetically pleasing, practical, this option is great when you want to create a modern, minimalist decor.

Are there any LED bedside lamps?

LED technology is taking over, so you can now rely on it to equip your bedside lamp! Practical, economical, ecological, this alternative perfectly replaces the versions which are not.

How to choose a bedside lamp shade?

The size of the shade contributes to the balance of the bedside lamp. As a general rule, the height of the shade should be about two-thirds of the height of the lamp body, from the bottom of the lamp to the base of the bulb. In practical terms, the base of the shade should be at about eye level when sitting in bed.

The width of the shade should be approximately twice the width of the widest part of the lamp.

If you like to think outside the box and want to invest in an original bedside lamp, for example, a very slim one, the diameter of the shade should not be greater than its height.

As for the colour of the ideal lampshade, white and off-white allow light to pass through easily, while coloured products are more decorative.

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What is the trend in bedside lamps?

The designers and manufacturers of headboard lights are not lacking in imagination, so the trend evolves every month, every season, with from time to time the return in force of models that were thought to have disappeared forever.

Anyway, our online store offers you to discover a very wide range of bedroom table lamps in order to find the one that will perfectly fit with your interior design style. Whether you are looking for an industrial bedside lamp, a cheap bedside lamp, or a hanging bedside lamp, take the time to read the description of our products to discover their specificities. Don't forget to use the filter on the left of the screen to find exactly the light you need.