E27 LED Decorative Bulb 4W/30W 2700K Filament


Material(s)Aluminium | Glass
Length14,6 cm
Diameter6.4 cm
Weight0.04 kg
Number of bulb(s)1
Color temperature2700K - Warm white
Luminous flow460lm
Life time amp.25,000:

Availability: 10 to 15 days

10,07 € tax incl.

8,39 € tax excl.


Do you want to give your lighting fixtures a fresh, modern look or choose the right bulb for your new lamp? To do this, it is important to take a few useful precautions to get the right product and obtain the desired luminous effect.
When you buy, remember to check that the shape of the base of the source to be replaced is of the E27 type or large screw. The base is the part that is connected between the luminaire and its light source.
Other aspects that need to be taken into account are, on the one hand, its size. It must be certain that it can be adapted to the luminaire. The dimensions are 14.6 cm high and 6.4 cm wide and 6.4 cm in diameter. Its look may or may not matter if it is visible or completely hidden in the luminaire. Made of aluminium and glass and in transparent vintage style colours that will perfectly suit the use you wish to make of it. Power is an important factor, it has a luminous flux of 460lm for a comparative power of 30W. It does not allow to be dimmed and gives a 270° diffusion angle. Finally, this source has a colour temperature of 2700K - Warm White, this temperature will determine the ambiance you wish to create in your interior.
Thanks to its low energy consumption of only 4W, you will save energy while preserving the environment, as this product does not contain mercury. This product benefits from an A+ energy certificate which corresponds to its degree of performance and a lifespan of 25,000 hours allowing you to benefit from a quality and durable product.