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List of products by manufacturer Slide Design

Slide Design: luminous products that change and perfect spaces

Giò Colonna Romano, with 30 years of experience in the processing of plastic resins, launched his company specialising in the manufacture of lighting and luminous decoration objects in 2002. Right from the start, Slide Design creations were characterised by their clean design and colour, which immediately attracted attention. But if the Italian brand stands out from the competition, it is above all thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of its designers that it is able to offer original lighting systems adapted to all types of interiors. In addition, the brand works with many world-famous designers to accompany it in its many projects.

Out-of-the-ordinary creations for a chic and trendy decoration

The designer Giò Colonna Romano is already known for the uniqueness of the design of his household and garden articles. By applying the same principle in the manufacture of these luminous fixtures and furniture, the artist set a real trend in the world of light. Slide Design lamps and light decorating elements are renowned as being out of the ordinary. The company initially focused on chic residential lighting. However, its range quickly diversified, allowing it to make a name for itself at a European level.

Of course, designers have remained faithful to their favourite material: moulded plastic. But they have also opted for various material mixes. In any case, the fact that they have managed to create numerous innovative designs by playing with shapes and colours was a great success. Whether indoors or outdoors, the systems offered by the Italian brand have become trendy decorative accessories adopted in over 130 countries around the world.

Lamps such as the luminous star Sirio and the Light Drink Slide Design lamp are among the most popular. Currently, in addition to lighting fixtures, the brand also manufactures illuminated furniture. The Kanal light desk, for example, has been designed to create an exceptional lounge atmosphere that is perfect for both contemporary and classic interiors.

Innovation to develop ever more fascinating solutions

Slide Design reinvents the art of lighting by focusing on the main characteristics of luminaires: design and brightness. The Italian brand has been able to adopt the technological advances made in their sector in order to better highlight these two aspects. Thus, the company is constantly modernising its moulding, finishing, lacquering and assembly techniques. This evolutionary approach gives it a great advantage in the mastery of innovations.

Professionals even have the ability to create more creative production processes that optimise the quality of their creations. They have, for example, found a way to recycle and process linear low-density polyethylene in a zero-emission process. Recently, the specialists have been able to manufacture flexible and rigid polyurethane that can be easily shaped into surprisingly luminous structures such as the luminous Jombo Corner bar or the luminous Ice Bar ice cube tray.

Slide Design knows how to surround itself, here are some designers who have contributed to the success of the brand.
We can quote: Paola Navone, Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders...

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Showing 1 - 60 of 138 items