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Showing 1 - 60 of 253 items

How to install a bollard ?

The outdoor lighting bollard can be used to mark passages, alleys, access roads or to delimit, for example, a particular space. To summarize, this luminaire is beautiful, but also functional. Its low luminosity makes it possible to highlight a place without "over-lighting" the place.

Can we use a bollard for outdoor lighting?

Also known as outdoor bollard, outdoor bollard lighting can indeed be used for patio lighting or garden lighting, however, its range of use is varied:

  • Pathway lighting ;
  • Natural areas;
  • Garden Edges;
  • Exterior walls;
  • Etc.

When not a professional grade bollard light, this product stands approximately 50 centimeters tall, making it the perfect fixture to highlight the landscaping around the home.

Terrace and outdoor lighting in general: safety standards

Any outdoor lighting must always meet strict safety standards, called Protection Index. When buying your light on our online store, use the filter on the left of your screen to find a bollard with a minimum IP 44 class! Our explanations...

The IP rating is expressed in numbers that can be read separately

  • The first number corresponds to the tightness of the luminaire to solid bodies, it goes from 1 to 6 ;
  • The second number corresponds to its impermeability to liquid bodies, it goes from 1 to 9

A graduated scale

  • The higher the first number, the stronger the protection against solid intrusion;
  • The higher the second number, the stronger the protection against liquid intrusion

Some examples to familiarize yourself with the IP rating of light sources

IP69 protection rating:

  • The first number (6) corresponds to the maximum dust tightness of the luminaire;
  • The second number (9) indicates that the luminaire is protected to the maximum extent against water jets

IP68 :


  • Fully protected against dust;
  • Protected against prolonged immersion

IP67 waterproof :


  • Fully protected against dust;
  • Protected against the effects of immersion

IP44 :

  • Protected against solids larger than 1 millimeter;
  • Protected against small splashes of water from all directions

IP20 :


  • Protected against solid bodies larger than 12 mm;
  • No special protection against liquids

How to properly install bollards for garden lighting?

Light up your garden efficiently by spacing each bollard from 2.5 to 4 meters apart. Of course, this spacing is not set in stone, the distance depends greatly on the configuration of the site and the constraints of the project.

In any case, without optimal spacing between each bollard and the lighting will give a cluttered impression. If they are too far apart, you risk altering the function of this type of lighting: to guide people. Finally, avoid fixing them in a straight line and prefer a sinuous line. For driveway lighting, make sure to protect the bollards when opening car doors, for example.

What are the different models of outdoor bollards?

Find different models of outdoor lighting bollards in the Outdoor Lighting category of our online store! Round, square, with a flat or domed top, each type has been designed to reflect light differently, depending on the effect you are looking for and your needs.

How to choose a bollard ?

Some tips for choosing the optimal amount of bollards for patio lighting, garden lighting, etc.

  • How much light do you want to get in the area to be lit?
  • How to space the bollards to avoid glare?
  • If it is a professional outdoor light, will its operation be supported by the control system of a nearby building?

Special mention for individual garden lighting

LED outdoor lighting works wonders when it comes to home garden lighting. This technology delivers perfect brightness without weighing down the electric bill!

Have a question? Need an advice ? Côté Lumière answers you !

Patio lighting or garden lighting is not an exact science, so it is normal to have questions or need advice. Contact us by email or by phone and we will answer you quickly!