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Bollard light

After you have selected the wall that will highlight your façade, it is time to think in the Outdoor Lights for the entrance to your home. Place an outdoor lamppost or a series of bollards)Terminal lighting outside LED) is used to light the way to your front door or your home driveway, this light will bring you a visual comfort and more safety come evening.

A terminal must be functional to illuminate the place of passage and highlight the path to follow while avoiding the pitfalls that the darkness of the night masks (irregularity of the ground, bumps or small market).

Equipped with one or more light sources, the terminal must bring your outside a bright contribution. This fixture should be not especially powerful, but must punctuate the path to follow and give a light rhythm to your paths.

The terminal or the post isn't a high lamp, to an average size included between 30 and 60 cm, it can give two types of lighting which will be indirect and serve as tag, either at the top to illuminate 360 ° around him.
It is also possible to place certain less crowded place a terminal with motion sensor, this feature allows you to not inform that at the time where you really need.

Depending on your taste, the style of the lamp that you choose is also important because in addition to being functional, your terminal must be decorative.
Side light offers outdoor lamps for all. Ranging from contemporary and design style you will find in the Astro Lighting or SLV collection through the more classic style you will find Roger Pradier with the Heritage range.

A large collection of lamps outside with sizes and contents varied among our collection of terminals and bollards.

Light terminals exist in different sizes and in different materials, how to make your choice?
Depending on the use you want to do and the place where your lights will be installed, it is important to give special attention to these two points.

Your lamp height will depend on the function that you want to have of the luminaire.
If your lamp must have a diffuse lighting with 360 ° and bring a significant amount of light, it would be interesting to place an outdoor lamppost instead of a smaller size Terminal. The light source into a lamp post is installed high and will shed light to the top-down and don't have the unpleasant sensation of glare given by a small height with a too powerful bulb lamp.
If aesthetically or technically this is not feasible, use a terminal equipped with an Opal diffuser or opaque, light coming in will be softer and less aggressive.

The place where your terminal will be placed will be of importance on the choice of material which will include your fixture.
In edge of sea or within 15 kilometres of a coast, we urge you to place products in stainless steel 316, 318, 320 and if budget is no longer there, it is also possible to think about plastics. Although less noble and with a risk of discoloration, the plastic remains cost, interesting resistance.
These two materials are corrosion and this will allow you to avoid having a few months of very unpleasant surprises.
In General, it is better to choose stainless type aluminum products and avoid the good markets manufactured metal products unprotected.
Finally, don't forget to replace the screws by stainless screws, because manufacturers do not provide them automatically and they will not escape the risk of rust and leave ugly marks on your outdoor lights.

Passing through side light for your purchase of outdoor lighting Terminal. You get a guaranteed, secure payment and care delivery and product quality.
Trust us for the purchase of your lamps, we operate by phone and e-mail to advise you and guide you in the choice of the fixture you're looking for. If you can't find the product dreamed our site, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you with pleasure and try to respond to your research and your expectations.

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