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Showing 1 - 60 of 327 items

LED outdoor lighting: practical and especially economical!

LED outdoor light

When you have an outdoor space, whether it is a balcony, a terrace or a garden, the arrival of darkness should not prevent you from enjoying it, both during the summer and winter seasons! However, the electric bill can be a brake on your projects, unless of course you opt for LED outdoor lighting. Our tips and tricks for choosing the perfect type of outdoor LED lamp for each area.

What is the electrical safety level of outdoor LED lamp?

Essential point and not the least, the level of safety of your lights intended for outdoor use, different from that of the lamp for indoor use. Indeed, there are official standards to be respected and to be looked at very closely when buying your outdoor LED lighting on our online store. We strongly recommend you to use the filter on the left side of the screen to select the right IP rating.

Better understand the Protection Index

The IP rating is composed of two numbers that are read separately:

  • The first number corresponds to the tightness of the luminaire to solid bodies, it goes from 1 to 6 ;
  • The second number corresponds to its impermeability to liquid bodies, it goes from 1 to 9

A sliding scale:

  • The higher the first number, the stronger the protection against solid intrusion;
  • The higher the second number, the stronger the protection against liquid intrusion

Some examples to understand the IP rating of an outdoor lamp:

IP69 protection rating:

  • The first number (6) corresponds to the maximum dust tightness of the luminaire;
  • The second number (9) indicates that the luminaire is protected to the maximum extent against water jets

This standard is primarily intended for LED lights to be connected to the electrical network, but do not hesitate to check the level of protection if you choose a solar light.

What is the right protection factor for LED outdoor patio lighting?

There is no need to take the maximum protection rating for all your outdoor LED lights. Our tips for choosing from our range of products:

  • Submerged lighting, for example, in the pool: IP 68 ;
  • Recessed spots around any wet area: IP 67 ;
  • The lighting under the porch of the house: IP 44 ;
  • The lighting on the open front of the house: IP 44 ;
  • Above the entrance door: IP 44
  • Under roof LED lights: IP 65
  • Recessed spotlight for outdoor LED terrace lighting: IP 67
  • LED bollard light: IP 54

How to install LED outdoor garden lighting?

Solar lights are not installed in the same way as LED outdoor wall lights. In the first case, you just have to choose the places to light, then plant your bollards. In the second case, you will have to do some electrical work.

In the absence of skills and for the safety of all, it is essential to entrust the work to a certified professional.

LED outdoor lamp

The main types of outdoor LED lights to buy

There are three main types of lights for a perfectly lit exterior:

  • Outdoor LED light for safety;
  • Outdoor LED light to highlight certain elements;
  • Outdoor LED accent lighting to enhance the overall landscape

Which outdoor areas need LED outdoor lights?

The garden, the front door, the top of the garage door, the terrace and the swimming pool are the sensitive points to be treated in priority.

For a well-lit outdoor space, here are the main areas to focus on and the optimal type of LED lighting:

  • LED outdoor garden lighting: LED street light, bollard, post, floodlight, LED downlight ;
  • Facade lighting: exterior LED wall light, suspension light, spotlight;
  • Access Roads: recessed lamp, street light, solar powered LED light, bollard, post, outdoor LED light with sensor;
  • Outdoor LED light : bollard, post, beacon, outdoor LED light, outdoor LED spotlight, suspension
  • Pool lighting: recessed spotlight, floating lamp

What LED power for outdoor lighting?

It will depend on the use of each outdoor LED light! For example, for signage, the light intensity needed will be less than that of a light used for lighting under a pergola.

To choose the right LED lighting power, the power of LED light bulb is expressed in lumens and in the following way:

  • 1300 - 1400 lumens equivalent to a 100 Watt bulb
  • 920 - 1060 lumens equivalent to a 75 W bulb
  • 700 - 810 lumens equivalent to a 60 W bulb
  • 410 - 470 lumens equivalent to a 40 W bulb
  • 220 - 250 lumens equivalent to a 25 W bulb
  • < 150 lumens equivalent to a 15 W bulb

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