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Recessed downlight

Ideal for lighting an alleyway in a house, giving a luminous punctuation to the edge of a terrace or installing a friendly atmosphere by a swimming pool, we are pleased to present you the large family of Outdoor Lights Outdoor LED spot.
Place in addition a lamp post or wall sconces, outdoor spots can bring additional lighting and a touch of originality to your patio or garden decoration. Square shape or round, small and performing, they can illuminate your space as well as a wall projector with a high intensity.
The outdoor LED spotlight will be directly installed in the structure of the soil, so it will be important to consider during the design of the terrace and landscaping of the earthworks, electrical installation to power lamps.
Very aesthetic by its minimalist appearance, the visible part of the outdoor built-in spotlight does exceed that by a few millimetres thick soil. This characteristic implies that the technical part will be completely recessed in the ground. II need therefore, embedment depth sufficient to receive the spot. We will develop further down the two above.

How to outdoor recessed spots?

To install a built-in outdoor spotlight, take into account that it must withstand moisture and therefore your electric installation must be well sealed.
The first precaution will be at the level of your junction box. It should be filled with resin to protect your electrical connections of water which could infiltrate.
It is also possible to make your electric connections using a gland, but this second solution is less guaranteed over the long term.
The installation procedure is quite simple, each spot will be connected to your junction box by a cable of type EXVB and each cable will then be placed in a sheath of TPC 10 type. The procedure will be repeated X times the number of recessed spots that you will place.
Once your electrical connections made, it will be test your installation before pouring your resin in your junction box.

How connect (connect) an outdoor built-in spotlight?

Necessary material:

-Electric cable soft rubber of type CTMB
-Cable protection for cable type TCP 10
-Junction box

The recessed spots must be laid in a ground draining allowing a good water evacuation. During the installation of your spots, plan under the pot of imbedding of the spot a metalling of small rocks to a depth of about 30 cm. During heavy rain, water may drain more quickly.
Make the electrical connection of the spot using a flexible cable type CTMB 3 G 1.5 waterproof rubber.
Make the connection of the cable to the spot and screw the gland (sealing ring).
Place the spot into the pot of Embedment.
Beware, the spot should never be placed alone in the hole without protection, there will always a pot of Embedment. It is also recommended to place the spot on a flat or slightly raised in order to avoid any risk of stagnation of water.
To ensure even more protection, you can sheathe your power cable with a diaphragm type TPC 10 and connect it to the wall box.
Each spot can be connected to a junction box and these may be connected in series.
It is also possible to connect several spots into single gang junction box.
Once your completed electric connections and before pouring your resin in your breakout boxes, do a test to make sure that all of your connections are correct and that your spots light up.

How to change a recessed spot on the ground?

Before changing a built-in spotlight on the ground, please first check why it no longer works. Is the bulb not simply to change?

If however you wish to change this spot, the operation is not very complicated, but it will take some useful measures.
The spot is placed in the Earth, no problem, it will simply remove the spot to replace and set the new spot.
Check under this spot you have a ballast of at least 30 cm, put the pot of recessed into the ground and connect your spot to the existing power grid.
If you want to place this spot in a wooden deck, check the hole of the former spot and try to find a new spot with the same diameter.
The new spot recessed t he a larger embedment depth, in this case, it will take using a hole saw enlarge this hole.

How to choose an outdoor built-in spotlight?

Choose a built-in spot for your outdoor, to first know the utility that you want to have the spot. The markup LED Recessed spotlights are generally small, two or three centimeters in diameter, when they are expertly prepared, can brighten up a simple go, give a rhythm in your house entrance or bring points of light for prevent a walk. The small LED spot can also serve as Visual ringer, placed at the edge of a terrace when it overlooks the garden and warns of a difference in level.
Recessed said power spots have a technical function, these serve to enlighten. He can also serve as a point of light on a house or at the first terrace of entry to bring a supplementary light to your already existing lighting source.
Embedded with some power spots tend to be bigger because they are fitted with an interchangeable LED module or an LED bulb.
We must differentiate between these two types of recessed spots, their function looks identical, but rendering won't be the same.
The spot of markup so an aesthetic function and as its name suggests, it will serve to mark out your soil.
Spot recessed with bulb will have a lumen powerful, in this product category, you can choose many different options such as the orientation of the bulb which will equip the spot, if the reflector will be smoked...
These can easily illuminate a front of House giving a bright games from the bottom to the top, illuminate your garden giving a dimension to your tree or your plant beds at night.
Eventually, he will have to take into account one last important detail if your recessed spots are placed on the entrance of House and whether markup or power, the built-in spotlight to maximum load, c - d that he can bear weight, the weight of a car... This load should be calculated based on the location or you want to place your recessed spots and should be taken to not to exceed.

The different types of recessed spots:

Built-in spot round ground:
In general, the recessed spots for outdoors have a round shape. This shape with the characteristic to facilitate laying at the level of alignment of recessed spots...

Built-in square floor Spotlight:
To give a different style, it is also possible to place square LED recessed spots. As explained above, they ask for a perfect alignment.

Spot low voltage:
Your electrician will ask you to put a swimming pool of recessed spots of type low voltage. This is the standard C 15-1000 section 702 by the U. T.E (technical Union of electricity) which requires it. This institution regulates the requirements for electrical installations on the edge of a body of water (pool, pond, pool).

This standard based this on three levels.

O level:
The inside of a body of water in this area may be placed only a spot of type low voltage 12 volts or current continuous 30 volts, this spot must be a minimum IP 67 protection rating.
Level 1:
It's close to the water and plan for a distance of 2 meters to the ground and 2.5 meters in height. Cannot be placed only a spot of type very low voltage, this spot must have an index of protection of at least IP 66
Level 2:
For a distance greater than 1.5 m in addition to the 2 meters required by level 1, the recessed spots ground or wall should be in low voltage and connected to a differential circuit breaker of at least 30 my. This spot must be a minimum IP 65 protection rating.

Ceiling recessed spot:
The recessed ceiling spots used outdoor as in a bathroom must also meet minimum IP44 protection rating. Depending on where the recessed ceiling spot will be placed, this index should be more or less important.

Spot outside ground:
As explained above, there are two type of recessed spots ground, one that will serve as markup, usually small, it will give a directive line and create a continuity to your path, another said technical or power, it will function giving supplementary light to your outdoor lights and sconces already existing facilities.

Choice of outdoor LED spotlight:

By its size, the recessed spot is often equipped with a reflector type bulb. This bulb will be either a GU10 bulb for spots in 220V or spots low voltage with a GU53 bulb.
Formerly, the recessed spots were equipped with bulb GU10 or halogen GU53. It is now possible to replace these bulbs with LED bulbs.

The advantage will be double because LED bulbs are more efficient and more economical, but above all to have a longer life expectancy.

The power for an outdoor spot?

The first question that must be asked is what you expect from your recessed spots use. Must they serve as spots to mark a path or - it give light enough power to light a façade, a tree or for example a statue, in this case special searches to a spot equipped with a sufficiently powerful LED module or an LED bulb.
Most of the recessed spots use interchangeable LED bulbs. This type of bulb gives a greater than 100 lm/W luminous efficiency. For a 5 watt bulb you'll have power comparable to a +-35 watts halogen bulb 500 lm.
For the markup of your whereabouts, we recommend to use recessed with a power LED spots. Smaller and therefore more aesthetic, these will pass almost unnoticed the day and give dark a small discreet and sufficient light to delimit the space of your paths.
Based on the location or you want to place these, either on a wall or on the ground, it is possible to find spots of type markup offering different light broadcasts. For a wall, preferred the scattering of light from the sides of the spot, this broadcast can be down or up and down. It is also possible to have a fine bright jet on the four sides, guaranteed.

What colour or temperature of the LED or bulb you choose?

The recessed spot temperature will depend on the result you want to obtain and the light color of the luminaires that already equip your exterior.
We can only advise you to keep a color of uniform temperature to not distort the harmony of your exterior.
If you have not already existing constraint and depending on the effect you want to achieve.
The temperature is expressed in Kelvin, we categorize three families of color tints.

Hot white so-called temperature:
This color temperature goes from 2200 to 3000 Kelvin.
Broadcast color gives an atmosphere more cozy and warm.

The neutral white called temperature:
This color temperature goes from 4000 to 4500 Kelvin
Gives a clearer light, she does not tire the eyes and gives an impression of light said natural.

The cold white called temperature:
This color temperature goes from 5500 to 6000 Kelvin
We're talking about more cold, bluish light, this temperature can be used for a markup of ground.

Protection index (spot outside what IP)?

Exposed to the elements, it will be important for your outdoor spot to resist water and snow and foreign matter such as fine dust or dirt. This feature will require you to follow the protection class of your spots. We can distinguish two types of degrees of protection for your recessed spots either in IP67 or IP68.

IP67 outdoor lamps will be watertight to dust and the temporary immersion and spots recessed with a degree of protection IP68 watertight to total immersion.
Want to make the economy by placing spots on the ground did not meet this index of protection would be a mistake.
Only recessed spots placed in an entrance or a porch ceiling will have a lower degree of protection, we recommend the IP44 protection index.

Should my built-in spotlight be composed of matter?

At the level of the materials, you will also have the choice between the different proposed metals, stainless steel or aluminium, brass...

Stainless steel INOX 316, 318 type...
This type of alloy is strongly recommended for all ground recessed spots.
Being stainless, it is particularly resistant to corrosion of the water, sea water and different detergents.

Of matte gray aspet, this material gives a touch design and modern, weather and UV resistant, it will be essentially used for vertical built-in spots.

This material is non-ferrous, it consists of an alloy of copper and zinc.
It also has a very good corrosion resistance. To give a seaside style and a maritime touch on your outside.

What cable for outdoor spot?

Depending on the type of outdoor recessed spot you will place, whether in low voltage 12 v or 230 v, the voltage and intensity and also the cable distance.
In this case, the cable to use may be different.

For your spots in 230 volts and if they are equipped with LED bulb, the thickness of the cable will be 1.5 mm and it will be equipped with three strands. The cable must be covered with a rubber membrane. If your LED spotlights have the function to the graduation of their intensity, the cable should be equipped with 5 wires.

For your spots in 12 volts.
Take into account the distance and the voltage (charge) that will be on this cable. Indeed, at most the distance and the load will be important, as the section of the cable. In this case, should be taken into account at least three elements:
-The distance to the spot.
-Power of the spots.
-The voltage in volt.

The settings will determine the section of wire mm2
For your convenience, you will be advised to take a thickness of 2.5 mm cable

The spots cannot be reduced to the Recessed floor or ceiling, they can can also be placed in a wall or a wall. This type of spot is generally sold as a kit with wall brackets or grids of protection insulation from moisture. There are also models specially designed with water jets resistance, ideal for gardens. Others, with totally innovative technology, may be adjustable, in order to adapt your lighting as you like.

Check out our outdoor products, side light offers many spots tailored to your environment and needs, with lights sometimes warm to a cosy atmosphere and friendly, sometimes neutral white for optimum brightness. Similarly, the color of the spot itself may influence your outdoor decoration, so feel free to explore our entire list of colours available: black, white, gray, blue,...

Make your choice with ease among all the models presented. To facilitate your navigation on side light, we installed a module to search by sorting on the right side of the page. It is possible to refine your selection according to specific characteristics: colour, material, type of fixture,...

If, however, you do not find the product you are looking, please contact one of our staff and we'll help you in your search.

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