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All about the outdoor recessed spotlight

The outdoor recessed spot delivers accent lighting, but when looked at closely, it is capable of playing on several boards. For example, it can be used to create a certain atmosphere in the garden, on the balcony, around the house, to highlight certain areas or to facilitate the movement of people and vehicles. Find several dozen models of outdoor spotlights in just a few clicks on our online store!

The outdoor spotlight, more than just a luminaire

If you value your indoor lighting, there is no reason to neglect your outdoor lighting. From low voltage, the outdoor spotlight has built its reputation over the years thanks to the many advantages it offers, among which :

- Increased safety when the sun goes down ;

- Facilitates movement around the outside of your home;

- Makes it easier to find your way ;

- Creates a warm atmosphere to welcome relatives and guests ;

- Highlights interesting elements of the landscape or architecture ;

- Allows you to delimit outdoor areas (summer living room, barbaque, etc.) ;

- Allows you to make the most of your outdoor space ;

- Increases the attractiveness of your property if you decide to put it up for sale

Of course, to maximize the effectiveness of your outdoor lighting, you must choose your outdoor spots carefully and install them strategically.

Outdoor recessed spotlight

Our recommendations for choosing your outdoor spot

Prepare the purchase of your outdoor recessed spotlight

Keep in mind that there are three kinds of lighting:

- Mood lighting (for general brightness) ;

- Task Lighting (to light you up while you perform certain tasks) ;

- Accent lighting (more focused on the aesthetics of the area)

Take a tour of your house, terrace, balcony to identify areas that need to be illuminated to be highlighted or simply for safety reasons.

If you don't know where to start, here are our benchmarks for an effective evaluation of your needs: front door, pool, steps, driveway, garage door, deck, door number, landscaping, light poles and outdoor cooking areas.

Take the opportunity to sketch out the ideal beam angles, knowing that direct lighting can cause glare! Thus, whether it is for a swimming pool terrace spotlight, a recessed spotlight for concrete terrace or even a recessed spotlight for wooden terrace, your outdoor spotlight will have to deliver a diffuse or ambient light.

The different types of recessed spotlights

The floor spot is actually divided into three main "categories": for concrete floors, for wooden floors, for earth floors.

In the case of concrete floor, prefer the terrace recessed spotlight, equipped with a removable pot.

In the case of a wooden floor, you can buy any type of terrace spotlight. Here, the pot can either be fixed with a drill or require a hole to be drilled with a hole saw.

In the case of dirt floor, we advise you to choose a terrace LED spotlight equipped with a recessed pot so that your light will be protected from gravel or sand that might get under or around the spotlight.

Your questions? Our answers!

What style of outdoor lighting?

Choose your outdoor lighting fixtures with the same care as those inside your home! Why not match the styles? You can also use your outdoor spotlights to highlight the original architecture of your home or play the register of minimalism thanks to the underground spotlight.

The last few years have given designers and manufacturers the opportunity to give free rein to their creativity. As a result, Côté Lumière offers you to find the spotlight that suits you, a decorative and practical outdoor LED spotlight.

Is it possible to vary the intensity of outdoor recessed spots?

Choose an outdoor spot equipped with a dimmer! Our filter system allows you to use the "Advanced Search" option to select only "dimmable" models!

How to properly install an outdoor spotlight?

Your future terrace spotlight can be installed high up or recessed into the ground. In either case, for a successful installation, prepare your work meticulously by finding the answer to all your questions.

Recessed light IP65

Three essential factors

Important: in the first two cases, in the absence of the necessary technical knowledge, we strongly advise you to contact a licensed electrician for work carried out according to all safety standards.

Adequacy of the electrical supply

Of course, the mounting area, whether it is on the floor or ceiling, should be equipped with an electrical outlet, which will allow you to plug in and use your outdoor recessed LED spotlight. Therefore, you can use the existing power supply or install it so that your outdoor terrace downlight can be used.

Solid or hollow floor and ceiling?

If your ceiling or floor is hollow, simply cut out the area in which you will fix your outdoor recessed LED spotlight. Be sure to respect the diameter of your fixture so that it can be fixed without moving.

In the absence of a false ceiling or hollow floor, you will have to use a hole saw to dig a housing whose diameter and depth will correspond to those of your spotlight. Finally, you will have to assemble the electric wires of the spotlight to the electric power supply of your housing, and insert the spotlight in its housing.

The importance of the level of protection of your outdoor spotlight

Intended to equip the outside of your accommodation, each spot will have to scrupulously respect the official safety standards. It is therefore important to check the Protection Index (IP) of this type of material, which must be impervious to solid and liquid bodies, as you will do for the lights in your bathroom. Discover our complete article on the Index of Protection (IP)!

What is the installation depth of an outdoor spotlight?

Now, the outdoor recessed LED spotlight is more and more compact. Please take care to observe the distances specified in the installation instructions of your product, whether it is a wood deck spotlight or a garden spotlight.

To help you choose the right light fixture, each product presented on our online store is detailed with its measurements (length, width and installation depth).

What about outdoor recessed spotlights with a low installation depth?

Just check the "embedding depth" indicated on the sheet of each product. This depth may vary from one model to another, but with LED technology, it tends to decrease more and more. Again, use our "Advanced Search" system to select your spotlight based on its recessed depth!

How to change a floor recessed spotlight?

You want to replace your terrace light, your directional outdoor spotlight, but you don't know how to go about it? Preferably entrust this task to a certified electrician.

If you have some technical knowledge, here is the procedure to apply:

- Turn off the power at the zone switch ;

- Turn off power to the zone at the main fuse or circuit breaker. You can also choose to turn off the general power to your home;

- Unscrew the spot that you want to change and with the help of a tester, make sure there is no electricity flowing through the wires ;

- Once you are sure that there is no more electrical current, untie the wires that connect your luminaire to the general power supply, observing the color coding;

- Connect the wires of your new waterproof outdoor spotlight to those of the general power supply by respecting the color codes ;

- Screw it back on ;

- Turn the power back on ;

- Test

What type of outdoor recessed spotlight to stage a garden and a plot of land?

The answer is yes, you can use an outdoor recessed spotlight, for example a round one, to highlight your garden trellis, a statue, a part of your house, a tree, etc... Feel free to vary the distances to produce an interesting play of light.

Are recessed spots waterproof?

We recommend IP67 outdoor recessed LED spotlight. Specially manufactured for outdoor use, it is dustproof and protected against temporary submersion.

Can a car drive over outdoor recessed spotlights?

Before installing recessed spotlights in your driveway, you may wonder if you can drive over these outdoor fixtures. Choose a stainless steel and tempered glass model to proceed without worrying!

Where can I find recessed spotlights with integrated motion detector?

Type "outdoor motion spot" on the search engine of Côté Lumière's online store to discover our external motion detectors, to be coupled with your recessed spotlights, for example, with an outdoor under-roof recessed spotlight!

Check out our outdoor products, side light offers many spots tailored to your environment and needs, with lights sometimes warm to a cosy atmosphere and friendly, sometimes neutral white for optimum brightness. Similarly, the color of the spot itself may influence your outdoor decoration, so feel free to explore our entire list of colours available: black, white, gray, blue,...

Make your choice with ease among all the models presented. To facilitate your navigation on side light, we installed a module to search by sorting on the right side of the page. It is possible to refine your selection according to specific characteristics: colour, material, type of fixture,...

If, however, you do not find the product you are looking, please contact one of our staff and we'll help you in your search.