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Moree: a wide range of luminaires and bright furniture design

For an innovative brand like Moree, the lighting isn't to single luminaires. Indeed, systems can be broken down into many items including furniture and decoration elements. So, it is quite possible to have a light coffee table that increasingly serve to place some objects, can also broadcast a functional or decorative lighting. The German brand has a wide experience in the sector and currently positions itself as being one of the major references in the manufacture of light furniture. The creations of the brand are recognized for the quality of their finish and robustness of their structure.

Lighting systems functional and robust

If the light equipment Moree interest as consumers, it's mostly because they actually meet their expectations in terms of functionality. Of course, this characteristic has always been essential when it comes to lighting. However, with bright furniture and decorative lamps Moree, this aspect takes a whole new meaning. The light should be used to eliminate all the grey areas in a determined space as well indoors as outdoors.

Furthermore, systems must be adapted to the conditions that are needed. Moisture, weather, shocks or other light products must have a solid and appropriate structure. The German brand professionals take into account all these points in order to ensure the quality of each of their creations.

Society for example preferred better than the usual models blisters. Regarding materials, teaching focused significantly on the polyethylene. Thanks to specific treatments, specialists were able to improve the quality of this material by making it resistant to UV and the intensive uses. Of course, the company also uses other materials such as aluminum, stainless or glass in some cases. Furthermore, in addition to the functional side, the designers also take account of the design by offering luminous style classic, whimsical, Scandinavian or even disparate objects. Shark Shark Moree lamps and hanging lamps felt Alice are part of models that appear well these characteristics.

Modern lamps designed in compliance with the standards of excellence in German

German know-how is acknowledged all over the world in various fields. In the luminaires and lighting facilities, from signs that European countries are known to be effective and concerned about the quality of their products. At Moree, professionals were able to adopt good practices allowing them to largely apart from the competition.

Thus, creators have exploited, very early, LED technology in order to offer modern and innovative systems. That luminaires are intended for residential use or for the professional sector, developers know associate innovation and design. The recent models of Moree bright furniture, for example, can be controlled via a smartphone. The user has the possibility to change the color and intensity of light through a program installed on his mobile device.

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