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List of products by manufacturer Moree

Moree: a wide range of designer lighting and lighting furniture

For an innovative brand such as Moree, lighting is more than just luminaires. The systems can, in fact, be broken down into many different elements, including furniture and decorative elements. For example, it is entirely possible to have a luminous coffee table which, in addition to serving to place certain objects, can also provide functional or decorative lighting. The German company has extensive experience in the sector and is currently positioned as one of the biggest references in the manufacture of illuminated furniture. The brand's creations are recognised for the quality of their finish and the robustness of their structure.

Functional and robust lighting systems

The main reason why Moree lighting equipment is so attractive to consumers is that it meets their expectations in terms of functionality. Of course, this characteristic has always been essential when it comes to lighting. However, with Moree light furniture and decorative lamps, this aspect takes on a completely different meaning. Light should be used to eliminate all shadowy areas in a given space, both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, the systems must be adapted to the relevant conditions. Humidity, bad weather, shocks or other conditions, light products must have a solid and appropriate structure. The German brand professionals take all these points into account in order to ensure the quality of each of their creations.

For example, the company prefers to opt for bulbs that are more efficient than the usual models. As far as materials are concerned, the brand has clearly focused on polyethylene. Thanks to specific treatments, the specialists have been able to improve the quality of this material by making it resistant to UV and intensive use. Of course, the company also uses other materials such as stainless aluminium or glass in some cases. In addition to the functional side, the designers also take design into account by proposing luminous objects in a classic, fanciful, Scandinavian or even heterogeneous style. Shark Moree shark lamps and Alice felt hanging lamps are among the models that display these characteristics well.

Modern lamps designed to the standards of German excellence.

German know-how is recognised worldwide in various fields. In the field of lighting fixtures and equipment, the signs originating from this European country are known to be efficient and concerned about the quality of their products. At Moree, professionals have adopted good practices that enable them to stand out from the competition.

For example, the designers were able to use LED technology very early on to offer modern and innovative systems. Whether the luminaires are intended for residential or professional use, the designers know how to combine innovation and design. The latest Moree illuminated furniture models can, for example, be controlled via a smartphone. The user can change the colour and intensity of the light using a programme installed on his mobile device.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items