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How to choose a lamp shade for a floor lamp?

lampshadeIt is reasonable to say that the floor lamp shade is the subject of much heated debate. Between the shapes, sizes, styles, materials found on the market, it can be difficult to find a model that fits perfectly. How do you go about buying that shade online that will fit perfectly with your home decor while matching the base of the floor lamp that will wear it? What is the best material to get the right lighting power? As you can see, the perfect lampshade is a tricky question, but important enough not to be taken lightly. Our ultimate guide to choosing the right lamp shade!

How to choose the size of a lampshade?

In short, the aim of the operation is to match the size of the shadow cast by the lampshade to the size of the base of your table lamp, whether it is a designer floor lamp or other.

In fact, just like the hats, the lampshade on a stand must be neither bigger nor smaller than the lamp that will carry it, at the risk of giving a visually unbalanced result, but especially inefficient for the lighting.

As a general rule :

- The standard diameter is 45 cm for lamp shades;

- The height of the lampshade should be about three quarters of the height of the base of the lamp;

- The width of the base of the shade should be approximately equal to the height of the lamp, measured from the base of the shade to the base of the bulb;

- Ideally, a lampshade should extend at least 1.5 cm beyond the base on each side;

- If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the larger one in the case of a medium-sized floor lamp. On the other hand, the longer the floor lamp, the smaller the shade.

Should I choose a lampshade according to the size of the room?

Indeed, a lampshade will do its job effectively if it is the right size for the room. Specifically, we recommend choosing a large lampshade for a large room and vice versa. This will avoid creating a feeling of clutter and hinder the passage of people.

For a table lamp, also consider the size of the table and the objects that will be near your light.

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How to get the right light with the lampshade?

How much light do you want to have in the room? Perhaps you are looking to create mood lighting with your floor lamp, to get enough light for reading or to rest your eyes and mind in the evening after a long day at the office?

- Choose a translucent shade for mood lighting or reading.

- Choose an opaque, dark-coloured model to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Don't forget that dimmers also allow you to modulate the lighting, which can be made louder or softer with the turn of a knob.

What are the different shapes of lampshades?

As always, designers are not short of creativity and imagination, so you can choose your lampshade according to your desires. To simplify your task, lighting professionals classify this accessory into two main categories:

- Those designed for stretched fabrics and which come in rectangular, square, conical, tulip, oval, flame, etc. shapes.

- The rigid ones, available in cylindrical, square, drum, empirical, etc.

Choose the shape of your floor lamp shade according to the base of the lamp, the size and decoration of the room and finally the position of the lamp. The aim is to achieve a balanced and coherent result.

The most popular models are still the empire and the straight empire, the classic round shapes, the square, which can be stuck to a wall, the drum and the oval.

What are the different materials used for lampshades?

Silk, cotton, linen, velvet, parchment and paper are the most common materials for lampshades.

Depending on your desires and your interior decoration, you will obtain a pure, contemporary, modern, minimalist result.

You will have understood, the floor lamp is an essential subject, this accessory being able to transform a room. Play with shapes, colors, materials and get an aesthetic result that looks like you!

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