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All of our exteriors for your lamps Accessories

To sublimate your exteriors with functional lighting, the Côté lumière site has a few accessories that correspond to your outdoor lighting installations. They are transformers, wall supports, accessories for the portable lamp, extension cords, floor standing structures for the lamp to be put down, design shelves which are in line with the current trend, and many others.

With their pure design, the glass plates offered on Côté lumière are decorative objects in their own right that act as a counter. The integrated lighting makes it a unique accessory that guarantees an exceptional atmosphere for your outdoor spaces. The stainless steel Snack Bar tablet is a distinctive feature that is sure to embellish your garden for an evening event. This illuminated countertop is also available in tempered glass to complete your outdoor decorations with a touch of subtlety. With the Break bar top coating, refinement is at its peak. Its tempered glass coating is sure to impress your guests. It is also available in a client-side version for greater user-friendliness. In any case, our luminous glass panels will be at the centre of all the attention in your outside arrangements.

If you wish to take your lamp to the terrace or balcony, the Contre-P structure is the accessory you need. This magnificent steel complement will save you the trouble of laying your lamp directly on the ground. Otherwise, the accessory for the Cat portable lamp is available in three colors to transform the portable lamp into a wall light. Made of die-cast aluminium, it is particularly easy to install.

To compensate for the lack of brightness at the entrance to your home or on the facades, opt for the OutdoorBeam/Milox Anthracite projector wall mount. This accessory allows you to fix the luminaire at the desired location to enjoy an additional point of light in your home. If you are planning to install a powerful projector for safety reasons, the Terminal Projector Wall Mount would be more suitable. Depending on the configuration of the space, other models are available in our section dedicated to outdoor accessories.

Most of the time, homes do not have a socket to power their outdoor lights. Thanks to the My Garden solar lamp cable extension, you will be able to extend your lighting system more easily. This extension has been shaped with a synthetic material and is perfectly waterproof to suit the outdoor environment.

These outdoor accessories will enhance the lighting of your garden, chalet, balcony or terrace.

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