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Vibia: the art of channelling the creative power of light

Available in more than 60 countries, Vibia luminaires are currently among the most widely used lighting equipment. The creations of the Spanish brand are distinguished by their very aesthetic appearance and performance. The success has been dazzling for this Barcelona-based brand. But in order to quickly stand out from the competition, the company had to adopt an original approach. Thus, the designers decided to highlight the creative power of light on the assumption that lighting is at the heart of all the different types of interiors. This approach has enabled professionals to offer innovative and original systems. Whether it's outdoor or indoor lamps, the result is always out of the ordinary.

Design luminaires to create an unusual atmosphere indoors and outdoors

Vibia sums up her approach to the art of lighting well with her famous slogan: "Light is creation". By closely analysing the principles that govern the world of design, the Spanish brand's professionals have found that light is an essential contribution to every space. Luminaires can indeed influence the atmosphere and decoration in a room. By putting lighting at the centre of attention, it is easy to create a personalized atmosphere while enhancing the style adopted.

This is how many collections of original lamps were born without the creators having had to be inspired by the achievements of their competitors. The pieces in the Wind collection designed by the great Jordi Vilardell illustrate this reality. The interior suspensions are made of a beautiful and very original filamentary structure adapted to all types of interiors, but especially to contemporary and Scandinavian designs.

For consumers who are looking for even more unusual models to illuminate their outdoor spaces (terraces, gardens, balconies or others), Halley collection luminaires are a preferred option. Lighting systems made up of stretched LED light arcs cannot go unnoticed. Elegant and undoubtedly functional, the light has been designed to create a magnificent atmosphere.

Vibia: lighting, an art that evolves

At Vibia, professionals are aware that needs are constantly changing in the market. To be able to adapt to this trend, lighting will also have to evolve. The Spanish brand has therefore chosen to focus on creativity and innovation in all its projects in order to offer solutions that truly meet consumer expectations. To achieve this, designers work with craftsmen and designers from all walks of life.

The objective is not simply to surprise the audience, but above all to offer them new "luminous" experiences. For years, collaborations with architects and interior designers have enabled the company to break conventions and thus generate new trends. The arrival of the Lectura Alpha wall lamp, for example, pushed through all the pre-established rules. This reading light designed by the great Ramos and Bassols has a foldable and pivoting head, a real innovation in terms of lighting systems.

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