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Why is the LED bulb a good investment?

If you are still hesitating to exchange your incandescent or halogen bulbs for an LED bulb, here are the good reasons to make such an investment. Indeed, this technology has continued to evolve over the past few years to the point where it is much easier to find an e27 LED bulb or an e14 LED bulb than a traditional model. Follow the guide to discover a world much richer than it seems!

What are the advantages of the LED bulb?

LED bulb

The LED bulb is taking over from the incandescent and halogen models, for good reason. As the latter two are very energy intensive, particularly polluting and impossible to recycle, designers have developed a technology that responds quickly and clearly to these problems.

Comparison between LED and incandescent bulb


  • Light comes from electrons;
  • The LED generates a very small amount of heat, which is practical for indoor lighting;
  • It is much less energy consuming without losing lighting quality;
  • It is much more resistant to shocks and vibrations;
  • It is available in different colours;
  • The A+ or A++ rated one is much more durable, 50 times longer than traditional bulbs: an LED can last for about 10 years, or 100,000 hours of continuous use;
  • It saves up to 75% of energy, or 11 to 12 watts for the same brightness as a 50-watt incandescent bulb;
  • It does not contain mercury.

The incandescent bulb :

  • It glows thanks to tungsten filaments;
  • It is filled with gas (argon or a mixture of argon and nitrogen);
  • When electricity is passed through them, these filaments glow and produce a large amount of heat.

Where can I find a halogen LED bulb?

Specifically, halogen is a different technology from LED, so we recommend that you replace your existing halogen bulb with an LED. To obtain the same lighting, you must take into consideration the amount of lumens delivered by your LED bulb. To better understand, here is the Lumens-Watts equivalence:

  • 1300 - 1400 lumens equivalent to a 100 W bulb

  • 920 - 1060 lumens equivalent to a 75 W bulb

  • 700 - 810 lumens equivalent to a 60 W bulb

  • 410 - 470 lumens equivalent to a 40 W bulb

  • 220 - 250 lumens equivalent to a 25 W bulb

  • < 150 lumens equivalent to a 15 W bulb

Also to recreate the atmosphere delivered by your old halogen bulb, you should consider the amount of Kelvins in your new LED. This is called the colour temperature and it allows you to get a warmer or cooler brightness. For example, 3000K will give you a warm white light, while 4500K will give you a cool blue light:

  • 5500 to 6000 Kelvins - Cool White

  • 4000 to 4500 Kelvins - Neutral white

  • 2500 to 3000 Kelvin - Warm White

  • +/- 2200 Kelvin - White tending to yellow

How to differentiate between the different LED bulb models?

Today, LEDs are available in enough models to equip all indoor and outdoor lights on the market.

Please feel free to purchase each type of LED light bulb from our online store, including :

LED bulbs

What are the features of e27 LED bulb?

The e27 LED bulb is the most common on the French market. Also known as the Edison screw base bulb, it has a threaded base, so it can be screwed onto fixtures equipped with a suitable system. The base of this LED bulb is 27 mm wide.

What are the features of e14 LED bulb?

The e14 LED bulb has a small screw socket, which measures 14 millimetres in diameter.

What are the features of G9 LED light bulb?

The G9 LED bulb is frequently used for small lighting fixtures such as desk lamps, under-cabinet lighting, shelf lighting and cabinet lighting. It can be recognized by the two loop pins protruding from its base.

What are the features of GU10 LED light bulb?

The GU10 LED bulb is commonly used for spotlights, track lights, kitchen lights and more generally downward directional lighting. It can be recognized by its rotating and locking base and has two pins 10 mm apart.

What are the features of G4 LED bulb?

The capsule-shaped G4 LED bulb is low voltage, with two pins spaced 4mm apart. It is used for decorative lighting and is now available in a wide range of colour temperatures for maximum customisation.

What are the features of GU5 3 LED light bulb?

The GU5.3 or MR16 LED bulb is equipped with a multi-faceted reflector measuring 51mm. With its "pin bayonet" type bulb base, it operates with a 12 V power transformer.

How to recognize a dimmable LED bulb?

Many LED bulbs are dimmable, but not all. Be sure to check the "dimmable" label on the packaging of your LED!