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Verpan: re-edit the Verner Panton creations for rendering modern and elegant

Consumers are perhaps already many to know. The Verpan Word is a contraction of the first two syllables of the name Verner Panton. The mark must, indeed, its creation at this renowned designer who was best known in the 60s and 70s. The company was founded to perpetuate the works of this artist who was known for his bold creations stand out for their strong originality and their aesthetic. Since 2003, the Danish brand reissues luminaires and lighting of the great pioneer systems taking into account respect the values passed. But also trying to adapt them to contemporary styles for a result certainly trendy and modern.

Lamps that feature contemporary design by excellence

To understand how Verpan sees the light, it is important to get back on the course and the profile of its creator. Verner Panton is before all a designer that can be considered an innovator and trendsetter in his time. After his studies in architecture and his training in the field of fine arts of Copenhagen, the artist began to produce design and functional furniture in his small studio.

Very quickly, the passionate started designing lamps that gave off a great originality and a certain elegance. These two features combined were the basis for the Foundation of contemporary design. The Danish brand chose to adopt the same approach in republishing the accomplishments of its founder, but especially in reminding the public features of the contemporary style by excellence: colors and unique shapes and a light that highlights the spaces.

All materials can be requested. However, they prefer especially subjects like steel, metal, aluminum, plastic and glass. Currently, Verpan lighting differ essentially in their maritime inclinations offering a fascinating lighting. Include, for example, the magnificent lozenges Fun appliques. The lamps are characterized by their classic look and the elegant silvery they broadcast through the many silver pads attached by small rings.

Innovative unique lamps

Since innovation is essential to the expansion of a brand, Verpan held to adopt modern visions while making sure to stay true to the principles of its founder. Designers know their classics as can be seen with Fun Verpan lighting systems. But to offer unique solutions always more surprising, the creators did not hesitate to play the card of glamour and originality.

Imposing suspensions at three levels consist of cells with mother-of-Pearl scales attest to this beautiful approach. The luminaires have been designed to enhance the décor in the most stylish salons and living rooms, but they will also find their place in the ballroom of a hotel. For consumers seeking models that combine perfectly modern and classic style, the lamps to ask Pantop brass and silver chandeliers Fun are highly recommended.

Verner Panton:

Is a Danish designer who has significantly influenced the field of furniture with an innovative and avant-garde design. After receiving training in architecture and studied at the Academy of fine arts of Copenhagen, Verner Panton began his career by working with the famous designer Arne Jacobsen.

As of 1955, he creates his own design studio to develop design and functional, but also innovative furniture by their manufacturing process. 

In his burst of creativity, Verner Panton will also decline a wide range of luminaires that are still marketed by the Verpan brand.

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