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List of products by manufacturer Verpan

Verpan: re-release Verner Panton creations for a modern and elegant look

Many consumers may already be aware of this. The word Verpan is a contraction of the first two syllables of the name Verner Panton. Indeed, the brand owes its creation to this renowned designer who was best known in the 1960s and 1970s. The company was founded to perpetuate the works of this artist who was renowned for his daring creations that stand out for their strong originality and aesthetic appeal. Since 2003, the Danish company has been reissuing the luminaires and lighting systems of the great pioneer with a view to respecting the values he transmitted. But also trying to adapt them to contemporary styles for a modern and trendy result.

Luminaires with contemporary design par excellence.

To understand how Verpan perceives lighting, it is important to look back at the path and profile of its creator. Verner Panton is above all a designer who can be described as innovative and avant-garde in his day. After studying architecture and training in the fine arts in Copenhagen, the artist began to make designer and functional furniture in his small studio.

Soon the enthusiast started designing lighting fixtures that exuded a great originality and elegance. These two characteristics combined were the foundation of contemporary design. The Danish brand chose to adopt the same approach by replicating the achievements of its founder, but above all by reminding the public of the traits of contemporary style par excellence: unique colours and shapes and light that enhances spaces.

All materials can be used. However, preference will be given to classic materials such as steel, metal, aluminium, plastic and glass. At present, Verpan luminaires are mainly distinguished by their maritime inclinations offering fascinating lighting. One example is the beautiful Fun wall lights. The lamps are characterised by their classic look and elegant silver reflections, which are diffused by the many silver pellets attached by small rings.

Innovative lamps with a unique character

Since innovation is an essential aspect of brand expansion, Verpan has made a point of adopting modern visions while ensuring that it remains true to the principles of its founder. Designers know their classics inside out, as can be seen with Verpan Fun lighting systems. However, in order to offer unique and ever more surprising solutions, designers do not hesitate to play the glamour and originality card.

The impressive three-level suspension systems with mother-of-pearl scale elements are a testament to this beautiful approach. The luminaires have been designed to enhance the decor in the most stylish lounges and living rooms, but they will also find their place in the reception room of a large hotel. For consumers looking for models that perfectly combine modernity and classic style, Pantop brass table lamps and Fun silver chandeliers are highly recommended.

Verner Panton:

Is a Danish designer who has had a major influence on the furniture industry with his innovative and avant-garde design. After training in architecture and studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Verner Panton began his career by working with the famous designer Arne Jacobsen.

As early as 1955, he established his own design studio to develop designer and functional furniture, which is also innovative in its manufacturing process.

In his creative drive, Verner Panton also developed a wide range of lighting fixtures which are still marketed under the Verpan brand.

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