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LED G9 Bulb 3.5W/40W 4000K 350lm


Length5 cm
Diameter1.5 cm
Weight0.01 kg
Number of bulb(s)1
Energy classA ++
Power3, 5W
Color temperature4000K - Neutral white
Comparative value (W)40W
Luminous flow350lm
Life time amp.25,000 hours

Availability: 8 to 10 days

7,68 € tax incl.

6,35 € tax excl.


The world of lighting is a vast one and has recently seen many innovations. Our old bulbs have also been upgraded and quickly replaced by innovative LED-type products.
The first precaution to take is when replacing the lamp is to check its compatibility, i.e., its connection system or its base. This is the part that is connected between the luminaire and its light source. The proposed bulb is of type G9 also called small capsule bulb.
The size is a measure to be taken into account, this source Faro Barcelona at a height of 5 cm, a width of 1.5 cm for 1.5 cm in diameter. Depending on its power, its dimensions may differ. For the desired effect and rendering, we will distinguish on the one hand its color temperature, it will be expressed in Kelvin and is 4000K - Neutral White and on the other hand its light power of 350lm which represents a comparative value at 40W. It is also possible for some types of bulbs to choose their beam, which is 360° and represents the degree of light diffusion for a colour temperature of 4000K - Neutral white. Finally, the appearance of the product will come about, thanks to its transparent colour and its material made of aluminium and polycarbonate. Depending on the desired light intensity, a dimmable source may or may not be preferred. This product does not allow us to be large.
Let's think about reducing our impact on the environment! This product does not contain mercury or other products that are dangerous to our body. By replacing your old halogen or CFL (economical) lamp, you will save up to 90% energy. This product has an A++ energy certificate that corresponds to its degree of performance and a lifetime of 25,000 hours to provide you with a durable and long-lasting product.
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