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How to choose a lampshade ?

Lamp shadeThe lampshade is far from being a simple accessory. Without it, the light from the bare bulb tends to go in all directions, not to mention the glare, and therefore the discomfort it automatically causes. How to choose the perfect model to dress a suspension? Our advice!

How to recognize a suspension?

As it is a single light source, the suspension comes with a cable that can be adjusted in height and fixed to the ceiling.

What is the purpose of the suspension lampshade?

Of course, some lights, such as those specific to the industrial style, are to be used without a shade, but generally, it is important to control the lighting of a room and protect the eyes. In short, its function is to regulate the spread of light and protect the health of the eyes. In addition, it is a decorative piece that we do not always think about.

How many shapes of ceiling lampshades are there?

Play with the different shapes to create a unique decor with your bedroom pendant, but also in all rooms of the house equipped with a suspension:

  • Conical;
  • Empire;
  • Drum;
  • Cylindrical ;
  • Rectangular

How to choose a ceiling shade ?

Whatever the type of lamp you want to dress up, before choosing the one you like from the range of lampshades on our store, take stock:

- Will the shade be used on a wooden suspension or on a different model?

- What mood are you trying to create in the room? Dynamic, soft, practical?

- In which room are you going to install the suspension equipped with a lampshade? Indeed, the answer will depend on several criteria such as the shape of the room and the style of decoration. Why choose the same model for the living room and the bathroom?

- What kind of covering material do you want? For example, if the shade is going to be in the kitchen, where grease settles over time, prefer a material such as glass, plastic or metal, which is easier to clean than fabric or paper!

- What colors are most present in the room?

Practical tip

Use our integrated search engine. For example, type glass shade for hanging to find the model that suits you!

Which fabric lampshade to choose to light a room ?

A beige or white coating will naturally diffuse a brighter light, while a darker model will dim the light. Find the most beautiful models to equip your interior lighting on our online store!

The bulb also plays an important role in the lighting and good news, LED technology allows you to vary the pleasures provided you choose the right color temperature. This is expressed in degrees Kelvin and in the following way:

- 5500 to 6000 Kelvin - Cool white

- 4000 to 4500 Kelvin - Neutral white

- 2500 to 3000 Kelvin - Warm White

- +/ - 2200 Kelvin - White tending to yellow

Discover an article specially dedicated to Color Temperatures on our blog!

What is the right size of industrial suspension lampshade?

In fact, whether it is to equip an industrial suspension or another model, the choice of the lampshade will depend on the volume of your light source. The objective is to obtain a harmonious result. What to remember:

- A diameter of 30 cm is perfect if your suspension is of average size.

- Choose a diameter of 40 cm if you want to dress a suspension of quite imposing size and fixed in a large room.

- Ideally, you should leave a space of about 2 meters between the bottom of the accessory and the floor, if the height of the ceiling allows it.

- Over a table (for example, in the dining room), the shade will need to be about one to two-thirds of the total width of the table.

How to fix the lampshade of a kitchen suspension?

Whether it's a kitchen pendant or a living room ceiling pendant, the principle is the same: attach your shade to the pendant using the metal brackets of the accessory. However, be sure to check the size of the bulb before buying your product:

  • Lampholder E27 (big screw base), so lampshade with a wide ring of 40 mm diameter.
  • E14 socket (small base), with a narrow ring of 27 mm diameter.

Did you know that?

You can also opt for a hook shade, which as its name suggests, literally hangs the light from the ceiling!

Côté Lumière accompanies you and answers all your questions about the lampshade for suspension!

light shadeThe suspension is a light that we notice instantly when we enter a room, so it is important to choose the lampshade that will highlight it. Whether you are looking for a 3 lampshade suspension, whether you do not know which lampshade suspension to choose, whether you hesitate between a wicker suspension lampshade or a fabric ceiling lampshade or even a bedroom suspension lampshade, our team will accompany you before, during and after your purchase on our online store. By phone or by contact form, Côté Lumière is there for you !