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Philips: a luminaire brand is globally recognized

The adventure begins in 1891 for the Philips brand. The company was born from the initiative of the Dutch entrepreneur Gerard Philips and, later, his brother Anton Philips, who became co-founder of the company in 1894. Activities began slowly with the launch of a collection of incandescent light bulbs and various electric products. In a few years, teaching facilities were quickly solicited by the public both at the national and international levels. A success that hoisted the manufacturer to the rank of world-class brands in the consumer electronics market sector. Today, Philips is a key player, employing hundreds of thousands of employees around the world.

Systems and modern lighting equipment adapted to the needs of consumers

In the field of lighting, the Dutch sign is known for his technical and decorative designs intended to meet the expectations of individuals than those of professionals as well. To achieve this result, the Philips designers have adopted modern manufacturing techniques. High-performance LED bulbs and two-way appliques are some of the results achieved through these advanced techniques.

Furthermore, brand spends more than 25% of its budget to research and development of new solutions. It's what enabled him to create models of luminaire meets the changing needs of the market. TLED lamps that can provide up to 200 lumens per watt (better than conventional LEDs) and the flat bulb are among the recent discoveries of the company.

Of course, the Philips equipment are primarily media designed to spread a very functional lighting. They are adapted to all styles of interiors and can be installed in every room. However, since the design is an important aspect to keep in mind, the sign held to work the structure, shape, and color of his creations. Certainly, consumers will be able to see through the various parts of the collections of outdoor lights.

Increasingly innovative lighting solutions

Innovation is the spearhead of the activities of the Dutch brand. The goal of the company is to offer more innovative solutions, she continues to concoct new systems. Thus, with the rise of digital, Philips decided to design lighting equipment connected. Media can be monitored and managed via applications or remote controls.

The first prototype has been installed in Amsterdam. This first device is intended for professional use since it is a model for office building. Broadcast by lighting brightness and temperature can be adjusted via a dedicated platform. This new creation immediately caught the attention of the public, including that of techies.

So, the brand decided to popularize it in order to allow consumers to bring a touch of home automation to their homes. Lighting systems are now available in versions adapted to the needs of individuals. The wireless solution works thanks to a Wi - Fi connection. The core can easily be connected to a router or a modem (internet box) local.


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