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List of products by manufacturer Philips

Philips: a world-renowned lighting brand

The adventure began in 1891 for the Philips brand. The company was founded on the initiative of the Dutch entrepreneur Gerard Philips and, later, his brother Anton Philips who became co-founder of the company in 1894. The business started off slowly with the launch of a collection of incandescent light bulbs and various electrical products. Within a few years, the company's equipment was soon in demand by the public both nationally and internationally. A success that made the manufacturer one of the world's leading brands in the consumer electronics market. Today, Philips is a major player in the consumer electronics market, employing around 100,000 people worldwide.

Modern lighting systems and equipment adapted to consumer needs

In the field of lighting, the Dutch company is renowned for its technical and decorative creations designed to meet the expectations of both private individuals and professionals. To achieve this, Philips designers have had to adopt modern manufacturing techniques. High performance LED bulbs and bi-directional wall lights are just some of the results of these advanced techniques.

The brand also spends more than 25% of its budget on research and development of new solutions. This has enabled it to create luminaire models that meet the changing needs of the market. TLED lamps that can deliver up to 200 lumens per watt (better than traditional LEDs) and the flat bulb are among the company's recent discoveries.

Of course, Philips equipment is first and foremost a support designed to provide highly functional lighting. They are suitable for all interior styles and can be installed in any room. However, since design is an important aspect not to be forgotten, the company was keen to work on the structure, shape and colours of its creations. Consumers will certainly be able to see this through the various pieces in the outdoor wall lamp collections.

Increasingly innovative lighting solutions

Innovation is the spearhead of the Dutch brand's activities. The company's aim is to offer ever more innovative solutions and it is constantly developing new systems. For example, with the rise of digital technology, Philips has decided to design connected lighting equipment. The media can be controlled and managed via applications or remote controls.

The first prototype was installed in Amsterdam. This first device is intended for professional use as it is a model for office buildings. The brightness and temperature of the luminaires can be adjusted via a dedicated platform. This new creation immediately caught the attention of the public, especially technophiles.

The brand therefore decided to popularise it to enable consumers to add a touch of home automation to their homes. The lighting systems are now available in versions adapted to the needs of individuals. The wireless solution works thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. The central core can easily be connected to a router or a local modem (internet box).

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Showing 1 - 60 of 333 items