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GU10 LED Light Bulb: Tips and Tricks

Are you planning to buy your GU10 light bulb, especially a GU10 LED light bulb from our online store? Here's what to remember about this light source.

G10 LED Light Bulb

What is GU10 LED?

GU10 is a reference to describe the bayonet base of the 220V halogen bulb, LED and other small decorative lamp. Concretely GU describes the type of base while 10 represents the spacing between the pins, which here is 10 mm.

Anyway, any incandescent or halogen light bulb replaced by GU10 LED light bulb will result in great savings on electricity bills!

What are the advantages with the GU10 lamp?

Although more expensive to purchase, the LED spotlight bulb has a longer life than your old bulbs: optimal lighting for 30,000 hours of operation.

The GU10 base is also recommended for its energy consumption, about 10 times less than a standard bulb without losing luminous efficacy.

In general, LED light bulb is much less polluting and has a lower environmental impact than fluorescent bulb, due to the absence of mercury.

In addition, LED is appreciated for its low heat output, unlike conventional halogen bulbs.

Need a LED light bulb to illuminate your paintings and photographs while preserving their quality? The good news is that GU10 LED light bulbs do not emit any UV output.

What color temperature for my LED light bulb?

The lighting provided by GU10 LED bulbs belongs to the "white" range of the color temperature scale (expressed in degrees Kelvin). You can choose from neutral white (for example, for a bathroom or kitchen) to warm white (for example, for the living room).

How to know the wattage of GU10 LED light bulb?

The power of LED light bulbs is expressed in lumens, but it is always more convenient to know the equivalent in watts. Don't worry, on our online store, each product in this category is described so that you know clearly what power your bulb will deliver once installed!

Read without further delay our article on the equivalence between lumens and watts: "Lumens and watts: understanding the difference to choose the right luminaires".

G10 LED Base

Where can I find GU10 LED dimmable light bulb?

We offer several models of GU10 LED dimmable! By choosing not only LED technology, but also the possibility of dimmable lighting, you can enjoy many advantages:

  • You will use less electricity for indoor lighting ;
  • You will invest in a durable GU10 bulb thanks to the cooling of the electronic components;
  • You will be able to quickly and easily create dynamic and functional atmospheres;
  • You will get more flexibility in lighting at any time of the day,
  • You will reduce the risk of eye fatigue, increase your ability to concentrate, etc., depending on the chosen light intensity.

If you have decided to change your old halogen bulbs for a modern and more energy efficient version, the GU10 lamp is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice. Discover our category entirely dedicated to this model and buy the one that suits you in a few clicks!

The Côté Lumière team is at your disposal to answer your questions before, during and after your purchase on our online store! Pick up your phone or write an email and we will answer you as soon as possible for a successful and fast lighting shopping.