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LED GU10 bulb

Type GU10 LED bulbs

We are entering the era of energy saving, in this philosophy, wouldn't it be interesting to replace your old halogen bulbs by type for spots GU10 LED bulbs?

What are the benefits that you have to replace:

Certainly more expensive to purchase, this type of light bulb high performance have a life longer than your old bulbs. It was only after 30,000 hours of operation that your LED bulbs will experience a gradual decline in performance of less than 30%.

The other aspect and not negligible is the low electrical demand for this type of bulb that consumes nearly 10 times less energy while keeping a good luminous efficiency.
LED bulbs are also much cleaner and they lower than fluorescent light bulbs environmental impact because they contain mercury.

Low heat to the front of the bulb development. Unlike conventional halogen bulbs, LED bulbs produce only low heat output and provides better comfort of use.

More fear to illuminate your paintings or photos because the LED emits no UV production, so it is now quite possible and without nuisance to enlighten your executives.

Adjust the desired color depending on the use you want to make. The GU10 LED bulb is available in different colours (colour temperature). This wide choice of temperature allows to have shades from white neutral (ideal for a bathroom) to white hot (more comfortable for living rooms).