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E14 LED bulb: tips and tricks

Our E14 LED light bulb practical guide, also known as Edison small screw light bulb, will help you to purchase the right product to equip lighting fixtures in your home, office or other professional structure. E14 LED light bulb has become the perfect alternative to traditional incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps. Make room for LED technology and help preserve the environment while lowering your energy consumption!

E14 LED Light Bulb

What is an E14 LED light bulb?

E14 is the international reference to describe a small-base bulb, which is called "E14 base" and has a diameter of 14 mm. Not to be confused with the E27 LED bulb, which hasa large screw base. It works in 220v.

The screw bulb small base mainly equips chandeliers, bedside or desk lamps! Find the E14 flame LED bulb you need, but also a wide choice of bulb from the same range on our online store and in a few clicks!

The E14 base bulb : our models

Find different models of E14 bulb on our online store. Some suggestions :

- The candle model, for your suspensions ;

- The flame model, for example, for your chandelier ;

- The drop model, for example, for your table lamp ;

- The cylindrical model, for example, for your ceiling light ;

How much lighting power for my home?

The power of your small base LED light bulb is expressed in lumens. For example, the 300-350 lumen LED light bulb can be compared to a 40W halogen or incandescent bulb. Please read carefully the product description of our E14 LED light bulbs to know their power in lumens and their wattage equivalence.

Note that the power of LED light bulbs in general is also expressed in lumens, as you can see in our online store. Learn how to differentiate between the two units of measurement with our article "Lumens and Watts: Understanding the Difference for Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures".

What color of light to brighten each room?

By choosing LED technology, you can finally choose between different colors of light, thus, create a customized atmosphere for every room of the house! Here we talk about color temperature, which is expressed in degrees Kelvin :

- Less than 2000K: low brightness ;

- Warm white: 2200°K - 3200°K - dining room, living room, bedrooms ;

- Cool white: 3200°K - 5000°K - kitchen, bathroom, garage, outside ;

- Neutral and natural white: >5000°K - daylight - for outdoor use, parking lots, transit areas

LED Flame E14

Distribute the lighting to create the right atmosphere

Less than 3300 K: warm white, similar to the color temperature of a traditional incandescent bulb and perfect for a warm atmosphere.

Between 3,300 and 5,300 K: neutral and natural white, ideal as task lighting, for work areas and offices.

Above 5300 K: daylight, bright light perfect if you have a laundry room or basement.

How do I change a bulb with an E14 base?

Just unscrew the bulb to be replaced and then screw your E14 LED base!

Côté Lumière's team will help you choose the right E14 base bulb and much more!

If you are unfamiliar with the world of lighting fixtures or need assistance in choosing the right bulb among flame shapes, E14 LED lamp, light intensity, we are here! By phone or email, we will answer your questions and guide you to make a purchase with peace of mind in our online store!