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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

G9 LED bulb

Very small and capsule shaped, the G9 LED bulb operates on 220 volts.
It will be easy for you to replace your old G9 halogen bulb in your wall light or chandelier with this bulb.

Much less energy consuming, this G9 LED bulb will offer the same amount of light, but with a much longer lifespan which can be estimated at five times or more than 30,000 hours of use.
It will therefore be entirely possible for you to use this type of product for intensive and powerful use.

No warm-up time.
G9 bulbs have no warm-up time. Indeed, the luminosity is instantaneous and can withstand frequent switching on and off without any risk of premature wear.

Some bulbs are not designed to withstand light variations, so it is important to know if the bulb you choose can meet your requirements.

Colour temperature.
Depending on the room where you will place the bulb, the colour temperature you choose will be important.

For a living room such as the living room or dining room, prefer a warm or 3000K.
For a wall light that is placed in a bathroom, prefer a white temperature of 4000K, in order to give you a white and natural light.

Which power to choose?
In the past, we used to know the power of a bulb by its consumption. The Watt was therefore the measurement indicator to know the desired brightness.
Today, we talk about lumen to indicate the quantity, power or luminous flux of a LED bulb.

To help you, here are some useful conversions for choosing your bulb.

200 lm for a 20 W
350 lm for a 30 W
500 lm for a 45 W