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G9 LED Light Bulb: Tips and Tricks

The G9 bulb is recognizable by its very small size and its capsule or bulb shape. It is generally used in wall lights and chandeliers, but also in bedside lamps, pendant lamps and ceiling lights. Its halogen version operates at 220 volts, but by opting for a G9 LED bulb, you will make significant savings on your electricity bill. Indeed, its power varies from 3 to 7 watts. Here is a series of frequently asked questions about this type of bulb and our answers!

G9 LED Light Bulb

Why buy G9 LED light bulb?

Much less energy consuming, this LED light bulb delivers the same amount of light but with a much longer life. In fact, it is estimated to have more than 30,000 hours of use. If you are looking for a light source for intensive use and good lighting power, capable of lighting over a 360 degree angle, discover our wide choice in just a few clicks!

How to recognize a G9 pellet?

The G9 base is equipped with two flat pins that form a loop. These pins are spaced 9 millimeters apart and are of course compatible with the G9 socket.

Good to know

Once screwed onto their G9 sockets, G9 LED bulbs can be plugged into a 220V or 230V power outlet without any problem.

What is the warm-up time for a LED light bulb?

LED technology is appreciated for the absence of warm-up time. If you used to wait a few minutes to get optimal lighting with your compact fluorescent lamp, this problem no longer applies with the G9 lamp! Indeed, the LED is synonymous with instant brightness. In addition, it can withstand frequent switching on and off without any risk of premature wear and tear.

Can the light intensity of G9 LED light bulbs be dimmed?

Yes, some models of bulbs in this category can be coupled with a dimmer switch. Buy the product that suits you on our online store by marking the mention "dimmable" in the description.

What color temperature for the G9 lamp?

If you're interested in the temperature issue, note that G9 bulbs deliver light that ranges from warm white, ivory white, neutral white to cool white. In the jargon, this color temperature is expressed in degrees Kelvin.

As for the ideal color temperature for each room in the house, here are a few tips:

  • Approx. 3000K - warm temperature - for the living room or dining room ;
  • Approx. 4000K - white and natural temperature - for the bathroom and the kitchen

G9 LED Wall Light

How to choose the right wattage for a G9 LED lamp?

Some habits have a hard life, so it's quite normal to wonder how many watts it takes to light your home with G9 LED bulbs. However, with this technology, the electrical power is rather expressed in lumens.

We come back to the Watts and Lumens equivalences in the article "Lumens and watts: understanding the difference to choose the right luminaires"!

If you are planning to change your small, energy-consuming halogen bulbs for G9 LED bulbs, you've come to the right place! Quickly and easily buy the right product for you with just a few clicks and take the time to discover our wide selection of LED light bulbs. Don't hesitate to ask our team your questions by email or by phone for a successful purchase from start to finish!