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12V LED bulb: our tips and tricks for GU5.3 bulb

If you are looking for 12V LED light bulb and GU5.3 bulb specifically to switch from halogen lighting to energy saving lighting, you are at the right place. Côté Lumière's online store will guide you to quickly purchase this product for spotlights and small lighting equipment. Here are our tips and tricks!

GR5.3 LED Light Bulb

Description of 12V LED Light Bulb

GU 5.3 LED light bulb is recognizable by its small size: it is compact, with a diameter of 50mm. Simple to direct, with a wider lighting angle than conventional light bulb, MR16 GU5.3 is versatile and low voltage! LED ceiling lights, inside or outside of closets, display cases, bedrooms, offices, choose the right color temperature and lighting intensity to achieve the desired effect.

Small note about color temperature, which is expressed in degrees Kelvin, and lighting intensity, which is expressed in lumen. If we are still used to expressing ourselves in Watts, when it comes to LEDs, including your 12 volt LED light bulb, we will have to focus on lumens. Here's a cross-reference table to enlighten you:

Correspondence table

Consumption in Watt (filament bulbs)

Luminous Flux in Lumens

25 W

200 lm

40 W

400 lm

60 W

700 lm

75 W

800 lm

100 W

1200 lm


Better understand these two units of measurement for choosing your GU5.3 LED light bulb with our article "Lumens and Watts: Understanding the Difference for Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures".

The GU5.3 base

The GU5.3 base is recognizable by its 2 metallic plugs separated from each other by 5.3 mm and electrically conductive. These two plugs are also known as two-pin, bi-pin or bipin connectors.

What are the differences between MR16 light bulb, 12V GU 5.3 light bulb and 12V LED light bulb?

If during your research on the internet you came across the name "MR16 light bulb" good news, it is the same light bulb! Indeed, its official name is "MR16 GU5.3 bulb". In detail :

  • MR is the acronym for Multifaced Reflector.
  • The 16 is the equivalent in Anglo-Saxon units of measurement of the 5.3 mm that separate the two metal plugs mentioned above ;
  • GU5.3 designates the type of base equipped with two pins.
  • Finally, the 12 Volts simply explain that the GU5.3 bulb requires the use of a remote 12V DC transformer.

To sum up, MR16 is a box while GU is the base!

GR5.3 base

Good to know

While some shops still offer halogen lamps, the manufacture of these light sources is gradually being phased out.

For each halogen lamp exchanged for a MR16 LED light bulb, you will multiply the lighting time by 10! Specifically, a 12v LED spotlight bulb can work up to 40,000 hours, compared to 4,000 hours for a standard halogen floodlight!

How to install or change MR16 LED light bulb?

You want to exchange your halogen bulb for a GU5.3 LED lamp, but don't know how to fix it? MR16 LED MR16 is snap-on, which means that to install or change it, just insert it into the light fixture. No need to unscrew and screw again!

GU5.3 LED lamp: what color?

At home as well as in professional spaces, the MR16 GU5.3 meets many needs. Thanks to LED technology, it delivers a soft and warm beam of light, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Available in three white temperatures, find on our store the MR16 LED that suits you in neutral white, warm white, very warm white. A question about the MR16 lamp? Need help choosing your GU 5.3 LED light bulb? Contact Côté Lumière team by phone or email!