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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

GU5.3 LED bulb

Bulbs MR16 - GU5.3 

GU5.3 LED bulbs are so-called bulbs low voltage 12 volts. They are recognizable by the two pins (metal sheets).
This type of bulb requires the use of a transformer to power them, because the current must be transformed by running low voltage or 12V.
The bulbs we offer can be directly replaced in your spots, because our bulbs are compatible with most electronic or conventional transformers.

Formerly, GU5.3 bulbs were in 50 watts halogen, it is now possible to replace them with same bright power LED bulbs, but with much lower power consumption, this gain is estimated to 6 times less.
LED 12 volt bulbs have an exceptional life span between 15000 to 25000 hours representing a longevity estimated at 20 times longer.

It is also possible to select light temperature that best suit the room to light.

For a living room, we recommend to use with a temperature in warm white bulbs ranging from 2500 ° K and 3500 ° K.
For a bath and in order to have the most natural light rendering, it will be advisable to use a color temperature in neutral white of 4000 ° K to 5000 ° K.
The bulbs with a cold white color temperature will be mainly used for the outside of your home.

We are at your service to give you useful tips to create the atmosphere you want in your home.