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G4 LED Bulb - GU4: tips and tricks

The G4 bulb and the GU4 bulb are low-voltage with pin bases, but with some small differences. If you are looking for information about either of them, for example, to switch your halogen lighting fixtures to LED technology, here is our guide to choose from the products available in this category in our online store.

G4 LED Light Bulb

What is the difference between G4 LED light bulb and GU4 light bulb?

Here the difference is quite small, but to be taken into account all the same! First thing to know however, the G4 and GU4 bases are both equipped with pimples.

Differences to consider when buying your light bulb:

  • The GU4, a spot style bulb, is equipped with two pins spaced 2 mm apart, one of which is slightly thicker, measuring between 0.95 and 1.05 mm in diameter. It is also equipped with a MR11 reflector, giving it a total diameter of 33 mm. Operating at 12 volts, it requires a transformer.
  • The G4 is equipped with two spindles spaced 4 mm apart, one of which is thinner, measuring between 0.65 and 0.75 mm in diameter. Moreover, due to the absence of a reflector, it is small in size.

Brief aside about MR11 reflector: this device enables any small size LED light bulb equipped with it to provide very good brightness.

Good to know

Be careful not to confuse GU4 LED or G4 bulbs with G9 bulb, which is also very small in size and capsule or bulb shape.

How to change or install a GU4 lamp or a G4 lamp?

You don't need to have any DIY or electrical knowledge to install or change a G4 LED or GU4 light bulb. For a change, simply pull out the existing bulb to fit the new one. Same thing if you have just bought a new light fixture, just push the bulb into the slot provided!

How to use G4 LED and GU4 LED light bulb?

The G4 bulb is small and compact. It is used to equip floor lamps, tables, lamps, wall lights, hangers, kitchen hoods or shelves. It can also be used for accent (decorative) lighting in the living room or bedroom.

The GU4 bulb is bigger and equipped with a MR11 reflector. It is used to equip recessed ceiling spotlights and interior cabinet lighting.

G4 base

G4 LED Bulb and GU4 Bulb: Power in Watts

When it comes to LEDs, we no longer talk about power in watts, but about color temperature, which is expressed in degrees Kelvin. As for lighting intensity, it is expressed in lumen. Generally speaking, G4 LEDs and GU4s deliver cool white, warm white or daylight luminosity, to be adapted to the room to be illuminated.

Watts and lumens: matches

Here is a Watts and Lumens correspondence table to help you:

Correspondence table

Consumption in Watt (filament bulbs)

Luminous Flux in Lumens

25 W

200 lm

40 W

400 lm

60 W

700 lm

75 W

800 lm

100 W

1200 lm


Our "Lumens and watts: understanding the difference to choose the right luminaires" explains the ins and outs of the subject!

Buy your G4 or GU4 LED light bulb in just a few clicks on Côté Lumière's online store! Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and give you advice by phone or email!