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List of products by manufacturer Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon: "Rock style" lighting

The Tom Dixon brand takes its name from that of its founder. It was founded in 2002 by craftsman, artist and designer Tom Dixon in collaboration with his friend and business partner David Begg. The brand specialises in the manufacture of furniture and lighting systems. Its creations are characterised by their sober and hyper class. Tom Dixon has made the most of his many years of experience in sculpture, but also his passion for music to create unique lighting designs. Above all, he is the precursor of the "rock style" in the world of light. An original concept that has amazed the British public, but also many consumers around the world. Currently, Tom Dixon lamps are available in more than 60 countries.

Luminaires with an unclassifiable design

It is no coincidence that Tom Dixon was awarded the prestigious title of "Designer of the Year". The designer is regarded as one of the few profiles that can combine talent and business so well. Like him, the luminaires of the brand he founded have an unclassifiable character. This mix of pure design and a touch of retro has always been a hit with consumers.

The style exudes a great simplicity and a rare originality that sums up the designers' personality. Each piece is like a work of art, reflecting the sensitivity that drives the designers. Moreover, the fact that the company's headquarters are located in the heart of London in the grounds of The Dock Kitchen restaurant is a well-considered choice. Tom Dixon loves contact with the public. This allows him to interact with the world around him and find new ideas to surprise consumers.

That's how, for example, the idea of creating the design deco wall lamps of the Melt collection came to him. The structure of the luminaires was crushed, twisted and moulded for a unique metallic finish, the signature of "rock style". The lampshades are designed to diffuse a soft, functional and certainly versatile light.

Originality based on the choice of materials and geometric shapes

Tom Dixon is a self-taught designer. In a way, it is this character that makes his creations more original. The craftsman-artist has discovered the world of design and lighting in a rather special way. It must be said that it is a long way from the profile of a bass player (Polish pop-rock band Funka) to that of a designer.

However, the mix of passions has had an explosive effect for this artist. The result is revealed through the choice of materials and geometric shapes that dress Tom Dixon's lighting fixtures. Consumers certainly notice this great preference for copper, a material that combines robustness, aesthetics and functionality. And then there's also the highly graphic aspect that is recognisable among a thousand other things. Characteristics that can be found in particular in the Felt Shade Tripod Stand luminaires.

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Showing 1 - 44 of 44 items