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LED bulbs: focus on R7S - GX53 - AR111 models

In view of the long list of existing LED light bulbs, let's focus on three models in particular: R7S light bulb, GX53 LED light bulb and AR111 LED light bulb. When to buy them, how to optimize their use in your indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, how to change them: we answer your most frequently asked questions.

Description of R7S LED Light Bulb

R7S LED Light Bulb

R7S LED is one of the light bulbs that you can easily buy online from us. So it will easily replace the R7S halogen bulb!

Benefiting from LED technology, this R7S model lamp is equipped with light-emitting diodes. Categorized as "LED pencil bulb" and its R7S base, it is ideal for lighting without increasing its electricity bill, on the contrary. Regarding its service life, as is the case with any LED light source, it is much longer than traditional, incandescent, halogen or even compact fluorescent products.

How to use R7S LED?

Use the R7S LED for your living room spotlights, to illuminate your garden or driveway.

Depending on the model you choose, you will benefit from a luminous power of :

  • 115 W for a power consumption of less than 10 watts ;
  • 120W with 180° beam angle for similar power consumption, if you choose a 60 LED pencil bulb.
  • 72 W for a power consumption of 7 watts, if you choose a 36 LED pencil bulb.

What lighting power for your LED light bulbs? The article " Lumens and watts: understanding the difference to choose your lights " tells you about it!

How to change R7S LED light bulb?

Do you want to change your halogen light bulb to LED version?

  • Unplug your light fixture from the wall outlet;
  • Push the bulb to be replaced towards the spring and press until it can be removed;
  • Then insert the new LED bulb by pressing the spring side and inserting the opposite end into the notch.

Description of GX53 LED Light Bulb

GX53 LED Light Bulb

Like all LED light bulbs, the GX53 is equipped with one or more light-emitting diodes. As this high-speed light bulb is circular, it is mainly used in spotlights installed in closets, wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, and so on. Concerning the GX53 base, it has two pins separated by 53 mm.

How do I use a GX53 lamp?

If you want to switch from halogen to LED in your small spaces and especially save energy, the GX53 LED light bulb is the answer! For outdoor use, please make sure to choose a model with a minimum IP 44 class. Why should you choose this light bulb? The answer in our article "IP Protection Class in Detail".

Perfect for providing accent lighting, it operates on 230 volts and illuminates at an angle of 150°, which is not optimal for large spaces.

How do I change a GX53 base bulb?

With no external power supply, the GX53 base bulb plugs directly into the power supply. To change it, simply connect the two wires it is equipped with!

Description of AR111 LED Light Bulb

AR111 LED Light Bulb

The AR111 LED operates at 12 V and measures 111 mm in diameter. Generally used in professional spaces (stores, halls, hotels, stores, shopping malls), it delivers very high quality lighting. As for its base, it is the G53 model.

How to use an AR111 LED?

AR111 LED light bulb can be used in track lighting, recessed spotlight or accent lighting.

How to change a bulb with AR111 base?

AR111 G53 LED light bulbs are quite easy to change.

  • Unscrew the two push screws located at the base with a screwdriver.
  • Take off the old bulb, push the new AR111 bulb into the socket and screw it back in firmly.

Need help to choose the right LED light bulb? Côté Lumière's team will answer your questions by phone and email!