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Are you looking for a bulb to replace the defective one in your light fixture?
Today it is possible to find all types of LED bulbs to replace your old halogen bulbs or CFL economic.
On Côté Lumière we offer a wide range of LED bulbs to meet your needs and expectations in terms of quality and price.
Whether it's a large screw E27 or small screw E14 or bayonet GU10 bulb we also offer all variants of LED bulbs.
The light output of LED bulbs varies between 15 and 20 lumens per watt, which represents a higher performance compared to conventional bulbs.

Advantages of LED lamps:

Environmentally friendly:
Much less energy consuming than halogen bulbs, LED bulbs consume up to 6 times less electricity for an equally powerful output.
It is also worth noting that LED bulbs are also fully recyclable!

Instant start:
Unlike CFL-type bulbs, LED bulbs do not require any time to light up. LED bulbs give their light output directly.

LED bulbs have a much longer lifetime than our old bulbs, it is possible to have bulbs that can last up to 50,000 hours.
The price of a LED bulb may be twice as expensive, but can last 20 times longer.

No forward heat:
As much as it was strongly discouraged to change a halogen bulb that is switched on due to the risk of burns, compared to LED bulbs that hardly heat up at all. Indeed the heat release of a LED bulb is not towards the front, but towards the back of the bulb.

The arrival of new solutions in terms of bulb:
With the arrival of the LED, new solutions are proposed to us.
The LED is a small diode, placed in series on a ribbon, it is now possible to illuminate narrow spaces that were previously impossible or difficult to illuminate with conventional bulbs.
Creating a thin luminous cornice, lighting the bottom of a piece of furniture or the top of a kitchen cabinet, creating a luminous atmosphere behind a TV cabinet

An infinity of luminous colours:
LED bulbs are available in all colour temperatures from warm white to cool white. It is also possible with the same RGB bulb to diffuse all the colours alternatively

Discover our online assortment:

R7S LED bulbs are tubular bulbs with connections at both ends. Also known as a pencil bulb, this type of bulb operates on 230 volts and does not require a transformer.
R7S LED bulbs replace our old halogen R7S bulbs, they have a much higher energy efficiency for a slightly lower light output.
Usually used in a floor standing lamp, however, you will need to check whether the thickness of the bulb (+- 55mm) will find its place in your lamp.
There are several sizes, the first one of 78mm for a light output of 450 lumens and 118mm for an output of 600 lumens.

Recognisable by their round shape and small thickness, GX53 bulbs are connected with a two-pin bayonet-type bulb system. This bulb does not require a transformer and can be directly connected to 230 volts.

LED bulb AR111 G53
The AR111 bulbs are low voltage round bulbs requiring the use of a transformer. Offering a powerful and scenic light, AR111 lamps are mainly used in directional ceiling spotlights.
The advantage of this bulb is the varied choice of light beam angles to offer a wide range of possible effects.
We can consider the AR111 LED bulb to bring a real advantage to the old AR111 halogen bulb, as the LED technology makes it possible not to have a strong forward heat release, which could bring at the time an inconvenience when the bulb was directed towards a painting or directly over a head.