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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Other LED bulbs

You are looking for a light bulb to replace the faulty of your lamp?
It is now possible to find all types of LED bulbs to replace your old halogen or economic CFL bulbs.
On light side we offer a wide range of LED bulbs according to your needs and your expectations for quality and price.
Whether it's a big light bulb screw small screw E14 or E27 or bayonet GU10 we offer also all variations of LED bulbs.
The light output of the LED bulbs varies between 15 and 20 lumens per watt, which is a greater performance compared to conventional bulbs.

Benefits of LED light bulbs:

Much less energy-intensive halogen light bulbs LED bulbs consume up to 6 times less electricity for an equally powerful performance.
It is also interesting to note that the LED bulbs are also fully recyclable!

Instant ignition:
Unlike types CFL bulbs, LED bulbs do not ask for ignition time. LED bulbs directly give their light rendering.

Life expectancy:
LED bulbs have a much longer life than our old light bulbs, it is possible to have blisters that can last up to 50,000 hours.
The price of an LED bulb is perhaps twice as much, but can last 20 times longer.

No heat to the front:
As it was strongly recommended to change a halogen light bulb lit under risk of burns from the LED light bulbs it heats almost not. Indeed the heat of an LED bulb development does not forward, but toward the back of the bulb.

The arrival of new solutions for bulb:
With the arrival of the LED, new solutions are available to us.
The LED is a small diode placed in series on a Ribbon, it is now possible to illuminate narrow areas which were formerly impossible or difficult to eclairable with conventional bulbs.
Make a thin ledge light, lighting in a kitchen cabinet or a down of furniture, create a light atmosphere behind a TV stand...

An infinite number of bright colours:
LED bulbs are available in all temperatures ranging from warm white to cold white color. It is also possible with a same bulb RGB to disseminate alternative colours.

Check out our assortment online:

R7S LED bulbs are tubular bulbs with connectors at both ends. Also called bulb pencil, this type of bulb running 230 volts and does not ask for transformer.
LED R7S LED bulbs reposition our old R7S halogen bulbs, they have a much higher energy efficiency for a slightly lower light rendering.
Usually used in a lamppost on foot, however it will check if the thickness of the bulb (+ - 55mm) will find its place in the level of congestion in your lamp.
There are several sizes, the first of 78mm for a light of 450 lumens output and 118 mm for a performance of 600 lumens.

Recognizable by their shape rondeet their small thickness, GX53 light bulbs connect with a system of two pin bulb bayonet type. This bulb requires no transformer and can be directly connected to the current 230 volts.

G53 AR111 LED bulb
AR111 light bulbs are the round bulbs low voltage requiring the use of a transformer. Offering a powerful, stage light, AR111 light bulbs are used in ceiling adjustable spots.
The advantage of this bulb is by the varied choice of beam angles to provide a wide range of possible effect.
We can consider the bulb AR111 LED to provide a real advantage to the old bulb AR111 halogen, as LED technology allows not having strong heat forward release, which could bring an inconvenience at the time when the bulb was headed toward a painting or directly above a head.