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Showing 1 - 60 of 223 items

Floor lamps

To illuminate a large area, opt for the intense light from a lamp post. Home side light, discover a wide choice of design lamps that will bring brightness while beautifying your decoration, with steerable models, with Lampshade, or bright lights.

Side light offers a selection of design lamps suitable for all type of lighting. Looking for a light to Interior, metal, modern style or in the form of arc, we are able to offer you the luminaire suitable for your needs regardless of the color, style, or the decoration of your home. These lamps on foot more attract more customers, and therefore, we are obliged to present our best range of design lamps. On this, professionals in the field as our team, are best placed to provide recommendations on the choice of your foot, for your living room or just one lamppost floor lamps and floor reading lamps for your home.

How successful the choice of his floor lamp

The choice of a lamppost is not a banal Act. Several factors should account to make you happy. A lamppost design is paramount in the lighting of the House or of a particular piece. If you have difficulties to associate your taste with ideal decoration, don't hesitate to contact us. Since choose the lamppost that suits you best is not a feat for the amateurs of decorations, consult catalogues of decorations is ideal. On the other hand, you don't have to copy exactly the model or proposed style but be inspired to achieve the best decorative lighting.

You buy a lamppost initially to light a room or a part more or less specific to a given home. The choice of a lamppost design salon must be subjected to several checks to be sure on the right element. A floor lamp halogen suits it perfectly to your room or do you want it to be installed to satisfy your taste? Is a floor lamp ideal for a result of optimal lighting? There were many questions to ask to ensure the selection of a design lamp.

Our street lights:

We offer many varieties of lamppost design to meet the decorative style of each room in your home. Our recommendations are as follows: lamp tripod, Scandinavian lamp, floor lamp wood, on foot, living room lamp, floor lamp halogen lamp.

Scandinavian lamp:

As mentioned previously, we have several models of street lights. On the other hand, allow us to introduce you to this beautiful copper lamp. This splendid light show drew all eyes of assistance directly when exposed. This floor lamp stands out above all by its light color with its coppery hue. The slender foot and directed bell shape floor is decorative art typical of Scandinavia. Its modern style does not agree perfectly with a nostalgic and former environment. This floor lamp is highlighted in a light color House with former prosecutors for example. Placed in your living room, this Scandinavian lamp post will find its Museum exhibition by excellence.

Living room lamp:

To choose a lamppost design, it is important to choose living room lamp. We all know the impact of having good lighting in our living room. The living room lamp is perfect to impress your guests on the beauty of your room, decorated with a few lamps in lounge. On the other hand, choose the good living room lamp is not feat. Indeed, he does not need to choose a nice model but especially to well sync it with the living room to make a warm atmosphere. With the plurality of models available on the market, it is never easy to determine a perfect model for your living room. Before you choose the precise model designed by the manufacturer, it is important to determine the type of lamp you want to install.


-Ceiling light that mounts near the ceiling and is able to illuminate a very large surface.
-The suspension which is most used for lighting main piece, the suspension casts light evenly to illuminate every corner of the room.
-The lamp post which is already explained previously for his bearer of warm atmosphere.
-The table lamp to shed further light on a specific corner of the room.
-The wall which gives a directed lighting effect.
-Spots that bring a peaceful atmosphere in the room.

Currently, no longer to choose lamps according to your tastes, but above all to provide them with the piece. There are various types of lamps on the market to satisfy the style of each piece and each person. Install a floor lamp to show significant impact on the image to your guests on your taste.

floor lamp tripod:

As its name suggests, the lamp is mounted 3 feet in treated wood. This lamp gives a focus of authenticity to your decoration. The style of the lamp post is boosted to a white Lampshade. Everything is adjustable according to the desired height to illuminate all or a part of the room. The design of this floor lamp makes its particularity to give effect "flashy" assistance. This design floor lamp brings some assurance as to the décor of your home. Designers have been able to give that feeling to the future owners of the tripod floor lamp.

Wood floor lamp:

Wooden objects remain an extremely important area for the decorators. Wooden lamppost offers you an air of freshness and nostalgia to your home. Therefore, to question the style of decorating your home must certainly include objects such as a lamp post lighting wooden wooden. The wood is part of the basic of excellence in terms of decoration materials.

Street lights for all:

We offer fixtures for all budgets and all tastes that are suitable for different types of interior decorations and architecture. See for example, the floor lamp with Lampshade James wooden and wooden tripod. His sobriety and his beautiful gray color to fit perfectly in any decoration. For a little more originality, opt for the floor lamp arch Arco that handset cleverly marble and steel. with his light bulb with a dimmer, you can adjust the brightness of his intensely white light. Adjustable stem arch to adjust the lighting according to your wishes. If you prefer the more classic models, check out the floor lamp with Lampshade Led that, with its beautiful beige color will blend elegantly into any style of décor. He can give the room a feeling of warmth and friendliness. Finally, if you want a little more originality, Pure light is the model for you; composed of black metal, it surprises by its design full of finesse and elegance.

That you are looking for a black floor lamp, a floor lamp living room, a white lamppost or a lamppost design in an arc, we are at your disposal to offer you the models available to meet your needs. If nevertheless you do not your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us, we will put everything in place to find the lamp need you.

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