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How to choose a floor lamp?

Floor lamp, standing lamp, this luminaire is definitely a must to light the house, at least, small spaces such as hallways and entrances, small bedrooms and dining rooms. Given the wide range of styles, designs, models, how to choose the one that suits you? Whether you are in the mood for a modern design floor lamp, industrial metal floor lamp, or even a cheap lamp, here are our expert tips to get you started!

Why buy a floor lamp?

A well-lit home is welcoming and warm: it makes you want to spend time there, allows you to relax, leave the worries of work outside, etc. What does this light source have to do with this equation? Quite simply because this luminaire can quickly become an important part of the home's general lighting system. If you're hesitating to buy a standing lamp, here are some good reasons to get started:

This luminaire is versatile yet easy to move according to your desires and needs. Whether it is a wood floor lamp, an arched floor lamp, or a tripod lamp, its primary advantage is unquestionably its versatility! It is flexible and mobile while adding height to the furniture.

Imagine a beautiful driftwood floor lamp, placed in a corner of your living room. You get a unique artistic piece that will capture the eye without overpowering other architectural or decorative details of the room.

If you feel that your interior decoration lacks a little something, bet on this category of luminaire to make the difference. The range of shapes, sizes and colors is wide enough to inspire you. Simply changing the shade can quickly improve the look of your room.

The floor standing luminaire can be placed in a too dark corner of your living room, next to your sofa and why not, on either side, if you decide to add a chic note to your interior design.

The floor lamp complements the other lights in the room. Thus, it will naturally complement, for example, your table lamp or ceiling lamp to make the space warm and welcoming. It can also create additional work lighting.

The floor lamp, including LED street lamp, can also soften the lighting of the room. This kind of lighting is perfect for watching TV, spending a romantic evening, and so on.

Floor lamp for the living room

Our professional advice

Invest in a good quality, solid table lamp. With a heavy base, you will be able to move your free-standing living room lamp as many times as you wish, without altering it!

Which floor lamp to choose for the living room?

For lighting your living room or dining room, find a plethora of designs and styles of lighting fixtures on our online store. In addition to the famous retro floor lamp or arch lamp, here are some examples to inspire you:

Want to surprise? Think about the industrial style that will break the code of your interior decoration with its recovered materials. Why not bet on a cinema floor lamp?

Balloon Floor Lamp: In recent years, the indoor balloon floor lamp has gained popularity, especially since it is a perfect match for the living room or dining room, where it brings a touch of "arty" far from conventions.

Wooden Floor Lamp: If your interior decoration is rather neutral, the rustic wooden floor lamp will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Also think about the driftwood lamp, which is very aesthetic!

Halogen Street Lamp: This model is popular for the duration of its bulbs, more than 2500 hours. You will get a color temperature close to that of the sun, whiter than the orange color temperature of incandescent bulbs.

The tripod lamp: it has the advantage of being both stylish and casual, so it can be placed in different rooms of the house.

The Scandinavian floor lamp: a clever mix of wood and metal, this style seduces by its simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

The vintage floor lamp: bring a chic touch to your interior decoration with a retro light! The vintage model does not necessarily belong to the most expensive categories!

Reading lamp: Add functional lighting with the reading light function of your light fixture! Illuminate a small and precise area using only the reading lamp if you feel like it.

Bedroom lamp: it gives off a soft light, perfect, for example, for a child's bedroom. The living room lamp creates a warm and comforting atmosphere in the room.

The black floor lamp: adaptable to almost any interior decoration, this model is discreet yet chic and minimalist.

The white floor lamp: this option is similar to its black version, for its discretion as well as its chic and minimalist look.

Desk Lamp: Add an extra light fixture to your desk lamp with this model. It is an indispensable lighting fixture, which allows you to work comfortably without crushing the space.

Rustic floor lamp: Practical and aesthetic, the rustic style can complement your interior decoration by adding an interesting decorative touch, for example, due to the presence of solid wood in its design.

Fabric Floor Lamp: give way to efficiency and simplicity with this light source whose shade is made of fabric. This light fixture is generally appreciated for its lack of embellishment.

Our advice from the pros

Before purchasing your pedestal lamp, please consider the shape and space available in the room as well as the style delivered by the decoration. For example, a balloon floor lamp will not look good in a small living room or dining room, while a modern floor lamp will work wonders!

If you opt for a modern, upright standing lamp with a lampshade, you will get a direct luminous flux towards the ceiling, but above all a soft glow in the surrounding area. Moreover, its style will bring elegance.

Floor lamp for the bedroom

How to choose a lamp shade for floor lamp?

Shades are a bit like hats: they must match the size of the head that will wear them for a harmonious and beautiful result. It is advisable to choose a lampshade with the same diameter as the base of the lamp post. However, in front of the different existing models (wide, narrow, square, rustic, vintage), you will make sure to match it to the base of your lamp, but also to the decoration of the room.

The dimensions

Some rules to choose the right size lampshade for your floor lamp:

- If its base is round, prefer a round lampshade, but the world of lighting loves fantasy, so there are also models that mix shapes!

- If its base is square or rectangular, prefer a square lampshade. Again, this ruler is not engraved in marble.

For a floor lamp, the shade size should start from 45cm and ideally exceed each side of the lamp base by 1.5cm. If you have to choose between two diameters, please choose the larger one.

The textures

Translucent shades are perfect for reading and adding ambient light. As for the opaque options, they will generate defined light beams, from top to bottom, perfect for highlighting objects and creating ambiance.

Our advice from the pros

If you opt for minimalist or modern decoration, forget the antique lamp, such as Victorian style, in favor of an indoor lamp equipped with an oval or rectangular shade that can fit into the wall and save you space.

Equip your light fixtures with led bulbs to save on your electricity bills!