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Eglo: fixtures that meet the real needs of consumers

Strong of its Austrian roots, the Eglo brand was able to move forward to position themselves now as being one of the major references in the world of lighting. Since its launch in 1969, the company was destined to a bright future. The passion that drove its founder, Ludwig Obwieser, was of rare intensity. In a few years, the luminaires of the brand Eglo quickly evolved to allow him to impose itself on the European market and, thus, to expand internationally. Today, the brand is present in more than 130 countries around the world and is constantly developing new markets to better connect to the public.

Lighting systems manufactured according to the evolution of the market

Whether in the sector of the residential or professional lighting, the expectations of consumers are forced to constantly evolve. To better meet, leading lighting brands must adopt new technology to their products, and always show great ingenuity in each of their creations. The best, as in the case of Eglo brand, must even be able to create new trends, to influence the market.

The company has been working with renowned designers accompanying him in each of his projects in order to suggest still more original lighting systems. Ideas for new products are collected at the level of the market. They are then evaluated and studied by experts who confieront them then the craftsmen. The latter will ensure to make happen them.

This creative process result unique pieces like appliques series Almeida Lampshade. The luminaires have been designed to adapt to any room whether it's the private rooms or spaces to live. In the case of children's bedrooms in the collection Quixi applied, designers focused on the needs of families. These friendly design fancy lamps will bring more cheerfulness and heat in the rooms of young people.

Fixtures combining tradition, modernity and design

The success of the Group Eglo is certainly not the result of chance. It is especially the ability of the company to stay true to its roots while knowing a modern vision that enabled him to stand fast competition. Indeed, through each of the creations of the brand, the consumer will not fail to observe this small mix of simplicity, traditions, cultural influences and innovation that characterizes the sign.

The record is original, certainly decorative and design. And although the range is very wide (more), the passion and expertise of the designers are revealed through each lamp on the market. Eglo commitment goes well beyond that of a simple lamp since the creators give personal attention to each of their projects. It is thanks to all these values that luminaires, such as rectangular external wall of the collection Alamonte, have immediately reached the attention of the public since its launch.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 346 items