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Faro Barcelona: Spanish excellence in lighting

For Faro Barcelona, the adventure in the world of lighting began in 1945. Initially, the company was specialized in the manufacturing of desk lamps. But activities gradually diversified as consumer needs change in the sector. For more than 60 years, the brand has come to stand out from the competition through its original creations and exemplary quality. Today, the luminaires Faro Barcelona lighting systems are available in more than 90 countries and themselves as part of the best references on the market.

Fixtures born from a passion for light

If Faro Barcelona has managed to get a reputation globally, especially through the growing passion that animates its designers. This enthusiasm, tinted of good will, drives them to always propose solutions meeting the expectations of the public. Everything is implemented to create, every year, new collections of lamps and lighting designs and modern media. What distinguishes the Spanish brand of competition, it is especially his dimension e-company consisting of a single dropshipping section and an innovative internal laboratory. These facilities allowed them to produce original pieces designed in compliance with standards in terms of quality.

Illustrated, for example, through the characteristics of the luminaires of the Essential line. Hanging lampshades imagined by the designers combine elegance and simplicity for rendering outstanding timeless. The Interior lamps are, each formed a beautiful metal structure, a Lampshade in white textile and a bulb certainly functional. For owners who wish to complete the lighting in rooms with food as the living room, the living room or kitchen, the cubes collection Karmen cement appliques are highly recommended. Light items don't go unnoticed with their design form and their two-way warm and pleasant lighting system. Also, parts are available in various colors for a more decorative.

Lighting designed by experts

The expertise has always been an asset in an evolving area as lighting. It is for this reason that the Catalan sign continues to demonstrate innovation and a great sense of know-how in all its activities. Besides designers who are there to imagine each room collections Faro Barcelona, the company has a team of experts that verifies the different aspects of the products. Resistance to use, lighting power, energy and other consumer level, all the features are passed to sift through various tests, studies and simulations.

This approach has allowed the brand to create fixtures and custom lighting solutions always meet the expectations of the public. Consumers are, for example, many have expressed their satisfaction after seeing the performance characteristics of wall sconces and ceiling lights outdoor round Noray. Lamps frame is made of brass and highly resistant transparent glass (index IP65) perfectly adapted to external conditions. The color and the power of the diffuse lighting were selected to create a pleasant atmosphere.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 472 items