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List of products by manufacturer Nordlux

Nordlux: quality lamps that combine simplicity and elegance

The founding of Nordlux in 1977 was a significant event in the world of lighting. The Scandinavian brand redefined the art of making lighting fixtures by opting for a fairly simple approach, but still achieving a very aesthetic result. The brand is renowned for the elegance of its designs, but also for its offers that offer the best value for money on the market. Nordlux lamps are currently sold in more than 35 countries. The company is planning to expand its activities to other regions to get closer to the public. In addition, it diversifies its product ranges every year to better meet consumer expectations.

Functional and design lighting that improves people's daily lives

Improving people's quality of life is the motto of Nordlux. For this brand, which has many years of experience in its field, lighting is above all a useful element that should have a positive impact on consumers' daily lives. Whether in the residential or professional lighting sector, systems must above all be functional and practical. This approach leads designers to design models that are simple but of exceptional quality.

Designers are always proud of their work. Their sense of reality seems to be a real asset. Consumers, on the other hand, appreciate the result in large numbers. The satisfaction of the public encourages artists to become more ambitious and to look for ever more interesting solutions such as the famous Cult Nordlux articulated wall lights. These interior lighting fixtures have been designed to illuminate rooms and will easily find their place next to a sofa or at the head of the bed. The height of the bracket is adjustable, allowing the lamp to be tilted and swivelled. As far as the design is concerned, the designers have opted for a modern look that suits all types of interiors.

A light that inspires and provides well-being and comfort both indoors and outdoors.

At Nordlux, designers perceive the light from their systems as sunlight. Light should inspire those who see and feel it. And it is also important that it makes users feel good in their living spaces. The Scandinavian brand sums up these principles well in its famous manifesto. And this vision can be seen in every one of its creations.

A model, such as the Slope ceiling lamp shade suspension, has practically been designed to bring comfort and well-being to a living room, lounge or dining room. This lamp, with its sober and refined design and soft light, will create a cosy atmosphere in the room. For owners or tenants with a zen attitude, for example, the beautiful IP S4 aesthetic adjustable spotlights are first choice versions. The luminaires have been designed to create a harmonious, relaxing and attractive image. In addition, the structure of the wall lamps is adapted to wet areas (bathroom, indoor garden and others).

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