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Showing 1 - 60 of 318 items

Where to put... The table lamp?

The table lamp is one of those lights whose importance in interior lighting is too often underestimated. Unlike the desk lamp, whose light is more concentrated when it acts as a task light, the table lamp is perfect for reading, doing homework, working on the computer. Get to know this light source that can create atmosphere and mood and that plays as important a role as furniture.

What is the purpose of the living room lamp?

Table lamp

The table lamp is the perfect interior light to define the functional areas of a room and to accentuate their visibility, thus their impact in the space. We advise you to take all the time you need to select the lamp that suits you, whether it is a designer table lamp, an industrial table lamp, etc.: many models are available in our online shop. There are many models available in our online shop. After all, it's not just about buying an accent lamp, you're about to choose a fully-fledged interior design element!

How to choose a table lamp ?

Here are our tips for choosing the perfect table lamp, whether it's actually meant to light your living room, office, bedroom, etc.

What is the right height for a designer table lamp?

Generally, table lamps measure between 60 cm and 80 cm in height, however, in the case of a designer lamp, it will all depend on the creativity of its designer. In the meantime, note that the low table lamp is ideal for bedroom lighting, for example, as a children's bedside lamp, while the higher one is better suited to the living room.

Anyway, keep in mind the basic rule: the bottom of the shade of your black table lamp or even designer table lamp should be at eye level when you are sitting, so as not to be dazzled.

How to replace the shade of a designer living room lamp?

The designer living room lamp is special enough that you should replace its shade with a model from the same designer. However, this rule does not necessarily apply to other models of table lamps!

If you need to replace the shade on your table lamp, make sure you select a model that fits the base of the fixture and will enhance its aesthetics. Specifically, the width of the shade should be twice the widest diameter of the base. It should cover the switch while slightly revealing the upper part of the base of the luminaire.

Indeed, this is a game full of nuance...

Bedside lamp

What is the right width for an industrial table lamp?

For the sake of aesthetic balance, whether it is an industrial model or even an outdoor table lamp, the shade of your table lamp should not be wider than the table on which you are going to place your light. As for the base of the lamp, it should be able, if you wish, to leave enough space on the surface to coexist with other objects (photo frame, knick-knacks, coffee cup, etc.).

What colour shade for a bamboo table lamp?

If your bamboo table lamp is intended to provide ambient lighting in a room and to be used as a reading lamp, you should preferably choose a shade made of very light fabric, even white.

For a more subdued, intimate atmosphere, the opaque lampshade is perfect to fulfill this mission.

Can different table lamps be placed in the same room?

If you have a large room and want to equip it with several table lamps, express your creativity by taking care to match the shades.

In the same spirit, if you want to place two lamps, for example, an original table lamp and an industrial table lamp, on the same surface, separate each luminaire by 60 to 90 cm. This arrangement will optimize the distribution of light in the room while creating an interesting aesthetic effect.

How to use the table lamp as an element of interior decoration?

The table lamp is not a simple source of light, so play the role of interior designer by matching the colours of the elements in the room with the shade or even the colour of the base of your lamp. In a word: dare!

Can a table lamp be used as an outdoor table lamp?

Yes, you can use a table lamp as an outdoor table lamp  as long as you protect your fixture from moisture, solids and wind! Luminaires intended for outdoor use must meet strict safety standards, called Protection Index (PI). Read our full article on the subject!

The table lamp in brief

The table lamp has many more resources than you might think, so you shouldn't be afraid to choose a model that is out of the ordinary. By following our tips, you'll be able to create a pleasing, but also brightly efficient result!