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Luminaire design Grok by LEDS C4

Grok is part of the Group of Leds-C4, one of the largest manufacturers of Spanish fixtures. It offers both technical and decorative quality lamps. This brand seduces with its varied styles fixtures. Indeed, whether pure design, architectural or classic style, there are for everyone at Grok.

In 2016, Grok lighting has received the German Design Award for its Invisible collection. It won an award in the Excellence category for the design of the product.

LEDS - C4, on the other hand, exists for more than 40 years during which she has experimented a lot. From design to production, through the development of lamps, Leds-C4 is a complete and experienced company. It offers its services in 140 countries follows everywhere in the world. The great brand offers indoor and varied outdoor lighting and is distinguished by its flexibility, allowing custom solutions.

The will of Leds-C4 is to make comfortable living spaces. Through the influence of light, it is possible to change the perception of different places. Experience and knowledge that are put to use for the final consumer.

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Showing 1 - 34 of 34 items